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Just like other famous food and drink establishments (most notably In-N-Out), Starbucks has a secret menu.
I purchase my syrups from target starbucks and have toffee nut (been making the salted caramel drink at home), now I’ll be tracking down caramel to make this my kids are gonna be so stinking excited! Strawberry Shortcake One of the most loved desserts, our little shortcake will stand the test of time with her positive outlook on life and cute little spunk! Devils Food Aptly named for being a little on the naughty side, this brown eyed girl is the heart of her family while still being a holy terror! Miller DogThe resident Labradoodle, Miller got his name because Mom won and got to name the baby!

For savvy customers in the know, there's a whole world of Starbucks drinks you won't find on the menu. Despite what you've heard, we've got the full secret menu for you above, complete with names and descriptions of the items. I was able to grab caramel and English toffee, it wasn’t toffee nut, but I think it was really close.
I’ve world for the company for over four years, we just don’t post it as promotions change! Follow this guide to learn about all the underground concoctions you've been missing out on and tell your barista to stop holding out on you.

In related news, continue reading to see the top five Starbucks secrets you probably never knew about. Curious to what he would spend hard earned money on I asked for a drink and was surprised at how much I liked it! He explained to me that it was on the Starbucks secret menu and that you have to ask for it, and be prepared to tell them how to make it.

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