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Author of Three Simple Steps, Trevor Blake wants to help you redefine your life and find success.
Happy Monday morning to all, Lots of emails recently about how after being disciplined with Three Simple Steps for a while life changed dramatically on many fronts such as financially, career wise, personally and spiritually. Your book has given me awareness and some wonderful new tools to step effortlessly around myself.
The way you break it down so simply, & how you have applied it to your own experiences.
Once I realized that it isn’t just the self help hoopla most other books have been I was immersed into it. Our lives are not meant to be a struggle, but a joyful trip, and I hope this book can help you realize that. On the other hand, you also hear that unless you set a proper and major goal, how on Earth will you ever get anywhere. Quentin Pain is an advanced marketing specialist, former Small Business Mentor of the Year and founder of multi-million pound British software company Accountz. Bruno LoGreco is the creator of the Tri-Commitment Success (TCS), a complete ‘How to’ SYSTEM for achieving happiness, fulfillment, and personal potential, and is a master life coach and mentor to professional men, women, and introverts. If you want to be successful with your business or career, you will have to buckle down and get ready to pay a steep price in your personal life. During the last seven years, my co-founders and I have built start-ups that currently employ over 200 people.
The big problem is that deep down most of us don’t believe we can be both successful and balanced.
It’s amazing how much we all get trapped by the idea that everything is equally important and needs to be done right now.
Flow is the state where time and place ceases to exist because you are fully present and excited about the task in front of you.
Then we need a break, like for instance a 10-minute meditation, a 30-minute run, or a walk around the block. Before checking your mail, before the first meeting, and before anything else that will suck you into the daily abyss of activities.

Honestly, this book is so wonderful and I am inspired by the changes I’m making in my life already. In the UK, smoking was becoming increasingly difficult due to new anti-smoking laws being introduced. Going cold turkey like this for who knows how long (3 years in reality), would be impossible. Fear suffocates hope and stops us from doing those things that add value and fulfillment to our lives.
Let’s shift our perception on what it means to fail and build doorways to happy fulfilled lives. Yet there’s a minority of people, let’s call them role models, who have found a way to end this age-old and unforgiving compromise.
We’ve had a couple of really nice exits, created Europe’s leading accelerator, Startupbootcamp, and my co-author Jordan Milne and I have authored the afore mentioned book, Winning Without Losing –an international bestseller translated into 11 languages, and winner of the “Management Book of the Year” award by Chartered Management Institute and The British Library.
Ask that question, and many of us are quick to answer our health, loved ones, and well-being. You can almost say that “non-balance” was built into the DNA of this particular firm, and there was no way a junior consultant could change that.
In reality, one or two things are absolutely critical to our progress while the rest of our tasks might only be of marginal relevance. In this state it is not unusual that we are up to 10 times more efficient then when we semi-distractedly slave through our to do list. If it’s something that needs to be done, and you dread it, there’s really only one strategy that is sufficiently effective: do it first. If you are hungry for more, join the thousands of other readers from around the world who are taking their lives into their own hands.
On top of that I was seeking investment in the new company, travelling by train, loads of meetings, and all were smoking unfriendly. Quentin has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Daily Express, The Financial Times, MoneyWeek, Metro, BBC and recently received the Enterprise Nation 2015 Top 10 Business Advisers in the UK Award. Failing is part of the human condition that helps us learn what we don’t already know.

It sabotages the hope that would otherwise encourage us to beat any challenge and overcome any roadblock. Or do you always fail at those things you think you should do because everyone else is doing them? Or is your mind on something else you’re passionate over but believe you can’t earn a living from it?
When Richard Branson is running a multi-billion dollar empire, it’s not because he has found a way to do thousands of more actions a day than you can. Tony Schwartz explains in “The Power of Full Engagement” how we can only be the flow state for 90-120 minutes at a time. Massive associations with drinking down the pub, and therefore the fear of not enjoying a pint of beer without a smoke. For every week I stayed off the fags, I would be able to spend the money I had saved from not buying smokes on WHATEVER I wanted. I wrote a book about what they can teach us – and this is how I have chosen to live my own life. Most people are much more inclined to cancel their work out or the trip to the zoo with the family, than to miss a deadline. That’s why we need inspiration from those brave few that are already living this new paradigm—those who are enjoying balance while being immensely successful. It’s because Sir Branson knows what truly matters, and that’s where he allocates his attention. I am not saying you need to quit your job, I am only stating that some circumstances are impossible for balance, and if you are stuck in such a scenario, you might want to re-evaluate your options.

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