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The Rajya Sabha approves the continuance of Presidential proclamation in Kerala for a further period of six months.
Srinidhi Chidambaram's upcoming production is called‘Chennai' Srinidhi Chidambaram's new production is called Chennai and acclaimed poet Vairamuthu has penned a verse especially for this production.
Last night, I was sketching random characters after watching the first season of “Out of Eygpt” which enlightened me on various cultures that were once major empires, most alien from other cultures which were undeveloped worldwide.
Besides, Srinidhi has included a few more of his works that lent themselves brilliantly to the concept.

All the major empires have fallen, gradually cycling into another series; the United States, United Kingdom, China, India, Russia, and others which were once at their prime, now fading.
In this tutorial; I was so inspired to draw ancient god-like figures, integraded with major religions of today, to portray a factor of imperialism. I'm not sure if you can spot it, but the figure aligns with the circles, creating the illusion of a triangle; the pendant in the middle is the “All Seeing Eye”. I used vein-like tattoos on the arms to show that this god-like figure is a puppeteer of all who are hypnotized by this entity and it's poisonous gifts.

I never went out of the city much on dance tours because it would have affected my academics. I chose a woman because in most cultures, women are mere objects; controlling those who fall into their webs.

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