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Who can relate to feeling busy, overwhelmed, and like you need a holiday from this holiday season already? So, after reviewing the website and getting into the message behind the campaign, instead of letting my participation add one more thing to my plate, I decided to refocus and re-evaluate what was on my plate in an effort to reduce, declutter, and re-prioritize so I could more fully and truly enjoy my holiday season this year.
What I walked away with was 10 tips I found to help me in my effort to more fully enjoy my holiday season. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, or Kwanza, this is a busy time of year. An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related. In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies.
We all get stressed out sometimes, but if it feels like stress seems to rule your days, it’s time to do something about it. To calm those nerves in an instant, try inhaling aromas from bergamot, lavender or peppermint oils. Since ancient times, hydrotherapy has been practiced for its healing and restorative powers. When you feel tension throughout your body, calm those nerves by closing your eyes and picturing the most peaceful place you can imagine.
Empowering New Network Marketers With Motivation, Inspiration, & Personal Development To Help Them In Their Journey To Success! Active meditation will nourish your spirit, improve your mood and help you find peace within yourself. If you are a religious person than you should be in constant prayer as studies show this reduces stress. The holiday season should be a fun, warm and relaxing time to spend with friends and family, but as stated at the beginning of this article, the holidays can be an extra stressful time. Learn How To Create Professional Pictures For Your Social Media Websites WITHOUT Hiring A Pro…. Dentistry is a profession that seems to be uniquely afflicted with a great deal of stress and anxiety. As a clinician you are performing your duties in an extremely intimate area on clients who, in most cases, are not totally excited about the whole situation of sitting in the treatment room. This clinical situation would be enough to elevate the stress chemicals of any normal person. I have been hearing about the stress dental practice owners have been experiencing for about 4 years.
I have had the honor of being coached by many different leaders, so when I offer thanks it comes from a very discerning place.
SAN DIEGO (AP) — A consumer advocacy group has filed a class-action lawsuit against Aetna Inc.
Join Susan Bradfield in this introductory class, focussed on meditation and the tools and techniques for one to be in present time comfortably. If you're nodding your head in agreement then these 10 tips for a stress free holiday season are for you.
I immediately envisioned my overly full plate giving way due to the weight of everything on it. But, when I read through Ritz' encouragement for people to slow down, enjoy the season, and focus on what matters most, I knew the campaign was for me. Attending a Christmas choir concert, visiting a live nativity, participating in a service project may add time to an already full holiday calendar, but they are all things that lift your spirit.
Instead of focusing the majority of your gift giving on things (products, toys, etc.), give the gift of time.
Often, we spend so much time buying gifts that it takes away the time we could have spent with our loved ones. Choose to enjoy it stress free by making meaningful moments with those that matter most, including yourself.
Under a cloud of worry, many people hold their breath or have shallow breath, or tense up so much that it’s actually difficult to inhale adequate oxygen. A piece of dark chocolate might be just the nibble you need to brighten your outlook and reduce stress.

To make your tub-time extra therapeutic, sprinkle in a handful of bath salts, turn down the lights, turn on some relaxing music and light an aromatherapy candle. Even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing at the moment, one of the quickest, most effective ways to reduce stress is to exercise. Whether it’s curling up by the fire, lying on the beach or staring at a moonlit lake with only the sounds of lapping waves and crickets, just the thought can bring you some measure of peace. To manage these physical ailments, try acupressure — a Chinese therapy in which pressure is applied to the meridians, or channels, in your body. Loves healthy food, photography, sunshine and dancing in the kitchen with her two daughters. All the cooking, cleaning, shopping, entertaining, and countless details can seem overwhelming.
This can be a great way to not only relax your body but also clear your mind of everything that might be causing you stress. Hopefully this article has given you some great tips you can apply when things start to get too stressful this season.
Without any stress you would be like a spineless jellyfish, unable to function in the real world. These are actions or events that are over and done with, yet you continually relive them and demonstrate regret. Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue.
I mean what brand has a website with both great deals (savings!), delicious recipes, AND the fun opportunity to build a float. Adding these types of activities to your schedule are just a few tips for a stress free holiday season that will help you have more joy this time of year. Reducing the amount of gifts we purchase naturally will free up the time we would have spent coming up with gift ideas, shopping, and wrapping them. Because we feel pressure to take on more than we should be doing, this change in behavior can lead to feelings of guilt. This both helps decrease the time you would have spent shopping and increase the time you can invest in building quality relationships. Instead of taking the majority of the hostessing tasks on yourself, divvy out the responsibilities by hosting pot luck style.
Assess each activity based on whether it will lead to increasing the stress you feel this holiday season or helping you enjoy a more stress-free Christmas. By planning a date with each child and taking them shopping with you, you maximize your time while investing in quality relationships. You've got to shower anyway, so why not start or end your day with a relaxing bath instead?
The more stress, the more likely you will suffer physical ailments, from migraines to belly fat. So the first way to turn your stress level down a few notches is to focus on your breathing. In fact, a daily dose of dark chocolate (70 percent cacao or higher) is a proven antidote to stress (Plus, it can lower your risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.).
It is believed these channels connect your organs, and, when one is blocked, can result in pain or illness.
This article will give you some great tips to use to help bring your stress level down a few notches this holiday season. While in this relaxed state of body and mind, you are able to release any pent up stress and return to a calm nature.
This is the concept of meditating or clearing your mind but without doing it for any specific purposes. The stress of owning your own business, of providing for your family, of serving your patients to the best of your abilities can actually be good for you. Horace, the Roman poet, wrote “happy the individual and happy they alone who can call today his or her own. After so many years of dentists calling and asking “Debbie, How can I fill all the holes in my schedule?” And I heard “Debbie, How can I increase my New Patients #s?” and also you have asked “Debbie, How can I have more patients say “YES!” to accepting my care and schedule for treatment?” I have now created a few solutions to answer these questions.

I know that it can be scary to make this time of investment but I found her strategies to increase my profits at least 20% immediately, after we began the program. Instead of feeling guilty for not cram packing your Christmas schedule and saying yes to everything, bask in the glorious moments of spending time with those that mean the most to you. Have an appetizer dinner party and have each guest bring their favorite appetizer to share.
Cocoa beans are rich in flavonoids, an antioxidant, which counteract the anxiety-producing hormone, cortisol.
To get the scent to permeate the room, add a few drops of essential oil to an unscented candle and light it. The “high” comes from the endorphins that our brains produce when we get our heart pumping.
To alleviate the discomfort of a headache, apply your index and middle finger to your wrist, at the base of your palm in line with your pinky finger and hold firmly for 30 seconds.
Many dentists today are feeling stress from the financial issues associated with today’s economic challenges. Stress really can make you stronger, more resilient and increase your ability to relate to others. Her guidance in developing my office vision is the foundation that will raise your-level of profitability immediately.
You heard me right, The Great Ritz Parade is happening now through Christmas and your float can take part. Replace every guilty feeling with a feeling of gratitude for the important relationships in your life and your ability to strengthen those by cutting back this season and you'll be amazed at how stress reducing that is. Or, have a holiday dessert party or cookie exchange, and invite friends to wow you with their mad baking skills. The holiday season offers so many fun and meaningful ways to strengthen your marriage, so don't miss out on the myriad opportunities to do so. But before you get even more anxious about the long-term effects of chronic stress, try these several tried and true stress-reduction and relaxation techniques.
Or, lie down, place a pillow under your knees, and put your hand on your belly to feel your breath rise and fall. If possible, opt for brands that offer the purest form, preferably organic and made from “single estate” or “single origin” beans. Not only will your space smell heavenly, this relaxation technique will calm your spirit in no time. Low impact exercises — walking, swimming, biking, weight lifting, yoga or Pilates — are just as effective when it comes to boosting your mood, too.
If you need your dental business to have services that enthusiastically sell then you need Debbie and you need to learn about the WOW services she can recommend to set you apart for other dental practices. You can say the words “rising” and “falling” in your head as you take in and release your breath.
Is it any wonder that dentists seem to rank extremely high in incidence of stress-related maladies? The stress you want to eliminate is the stress that always seems to create anxiety and worry. She is an entrepreneurial dental leader, a visionary, and a perfect fit to go from working in your business to working on your business.
Shutting off your brain takes practice, but each practice session is working off your stress. If you can accomplish this and live only for today by living in these day-tight compartments you can eliminate most guilt and worry.
If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety .
If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn’t happen, you have worried in vain.

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