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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The National Qualifications Framework is also the tool through which National Qualifications can be compared with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which is also based on an 8-level qualifications system. Interpersonal competences cover forms of behaviour that equip individuals to participate in an effective and constructive way in social and working life in an increasingly diverse society, and to resolve conflict where necessary.
The competencies in Interpersonal and civic skills are presented in five strands: Communication, Working with Others, Problem Solving, Self-Management and civic skills.
Assessment at Level 1 shall be by oral-guided questionnaires, informal interviews, guided structured self and peer assessments, simple oral presentations, role-plays, guided structured portfolios. At Level 2 assessment will take the form of questionnaires, formal interviews, semi- structured self and peer assessments, simple presentations, role-plays, semi- structured portfolios, simple projects. The overriding imperative of MCAST is to ensure that the set mission is accomplished and that resources put at MCAST's disposal are used in the most efficient and effective way to support the government's policies and direction, whereby learning is considered as an indispensable key for an evolving and dynamic economy. Since April 1, Soldiers reporting to the Warrior Leader Course were required to have completed Structured Self-Development 1. Soldiers are introduced to squad drills in Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training, but aren’t required to lead them. Last November, four hours of map reading were added to SSD-1 to give Soldiers experience in land navigation, Bailey said. Soldiers who have already graduated from WLC are not required to take SSD-1 but are encouraged to familiarize themselves with it. Soldiers will be automatically enrolled in Structured Self-Development at various stages in their Army careers.

Soldiers are automatically enrolled in SSD-1 after completing Advanced Individual Training or One-Station Unit Training. Click the ALMS (Army Learning Management System) logo in the box in the upper left corner of the page.
I know personally that you do get promo points for finishing each of the SSD levels I, III, IV in the distance learning category of the military education.
There has been a memo posted that soldiers will get paid for SSD, but it will not start until 2015.
I just spoke with the SSD course manager and he said that all Soldiers have up to 3 years to complete SSD. Got this from HRC website “Each eight hours of successfully completed EBDL course work will earn a Soldier credit for completion of one paid ATA and one IDT Duty retirement point. On November 25th MILPER message 14-016 changed it so that there are no points awarded for the SSD courses. Achieving Leader Development through Strategic Broadening Seminars: The Red Team NCO Education Experience. Civil competences in a VET context equip individuals to fully participate in civic life, based on the knowledge of social and political concepts and the commitment to active and democratic participation in society and the world of work. They also explore the need to work for the environment in particular in their place of work.
10, 2010, Soldiers have been automatically enrolled in SSD-1 after they complete Advanced Individual Training or One-Station Unit Training. They will be required to lead those drills at WLC, Bailey said, and the online SSD-1 course helps them learn what they need to know before arriving at WLC. The various levels are meant to guide Soldiers throughout their entire Army career, Bailey said.

NCOs who want to help their Soldiers through SSD-1 should sit with their Soldiers as they complete the work, Bailey said. Instead, Human Resources Command will enroll Soldiers in the Advanced Leader Course-Common Core when they complete WLC and are promoted to sergeant. Some soldiers will get paid this year with IDT money, but there needs to be a memo signed prior to enrollment to get paid.
Seems like they want SSD done NOW even though people have about three years from when the Graduated BCT. They then have 2?  years to complete SSD-1; they will need to re-register if they haven’t completed it during that time.
Army Human Resources Command notifying them, Soldiers can check their enrollment status on the Army Learning Management System (details are below). However, because there is currently a backlog of around 6,000 students who need to take the course, prospective students are being added to an order of merit list. Past and future SMC (resident and non-resident) graduates will be required to complete SSD-5.
Mike Clowser, Army University Command Sergeant Major, provide updates on Army University during the Association of the United States Army Symposium Oct.

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