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There might come a point in life where you may feel like the wind has been knocked out of your sails. It might be that you’ve headed down a particular path and realised that your heart lies somewhere else.
Or it could just be that stage in your life, where school or work, has come to a natural end.
Life’s too short to spend your valuable time, money and energy chasing something that’s lost it’s sparkle… but yet, so many of us do! Consider ‘wrong turn’ in a new light and perhaps consider it as ‘a shortcut to the right one’ instead. The key to taking a new direction is to not see it as a new direction at all… but simply as an opportunity to take a better one. It’s easy to simply accept that you’re heading in the wrong direction and it’s easy to believe that you’re not worthy or ready to re-adjust your life. If you know that the journey you’re currently taking won’t get you what you want then stop blaming your compass and start exploring. The key to taking a new direction is to seize the opportunities that your wrong turn has given to you. So before you abandon your path, your job, your lifestyle, make sure that it’s not just because it’s getting tough for you; because there are no short cuts when it comes to being the best that you can be, but make sure that it’s because you know that what you’re aiming for is not and never will be in that same direction. Remember there is no point in reaching for something, aiming to do something, if that something means nothing to you.
So when you get this, when you finally achieve what you worked so hard to achieve, when the people you want to impress are impressed, relish the moment, notice the results and enjoy your shiny rewards.
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Entrepreneurial failure and other grievances can often make us feel like the world is falling down around us. Doing something creative, can help us to express the thoughts and feelings we naturally bury away. Picking up a pen takes seconds and it’s the easiest way to take an active step within the healing process. By spending time alone, expressing our unconscious, we can gather up the pieces of ourselves that we lost to trauma. Having a purpose will help us to put aside our feelings for a while, build our confidence and a sense of worth within ourselves. Failure can strip away all the distractions and excuses that we have for not taking a certain opportunity or spending time on a certain area, and this is mostly because if we lose everything we have nothing left to lose.
So remember, when you have nothing else that your creations are something that will stay with you when nobody else will and that you are fully in control of how you use them. What makes a novel a best seller, a painting a work of art and an idea a revolution is people. How was I supposed to write about dialogue, character and getting an agent when the most pressing thing in my world was how long until the next dose of Percocet? In 1999, Stephen King went out in the afternoon for a walk around the area and was hit by a van.

He was confined to a wheelchair, aching all over and completely dependent on his wife Annie. But writing took his mind off the trauma for a while, and again gave him a purpose to get better. When J.K Rowling wrote Harry Potter she was broke, depressed and grieving for the loss of her marriage and mother. And the lesson to be learnt here is that pain is an excuse to create; not an excuse to give up.
But what I am saying is that a great way to recover from trauma and find yourself again is to use creative and beneficial methods because if we use our pain economically it can also be turned into art. For more information about Stephen King, J.K Rowling or Failure, visit our blog history or click the links above.
So many of us allow each day to melt into the next and loose their own spark, chasing someone else’s.  But you don’t have to keep on this way! But if life is down to survival of the fittest, then this is where most of your competitors will fall down! A person can never stop developing, once you have achieved then reset and achieve a new set of goals again!
Ernst & Young Global Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients. Why not use what you learnt the hard way to improve yourself or share your ideas with people that share the same struggles?
It is the area in which we express our true desires and greatest fears and that’s why some of the best creations were made as product of depression or loss or anger because it’s at these times that our desires are much more prominent. We may wonder what the point of carrying on is, or lose confidence in the person we once were. You may not have money, a girlfriend or a job anymore… but you still have the talents that you were born with. This means that we can admit to ourselves we feel a certain way about a certain trauma without the guilt and worry that the direct and unwanted involvement of the people around us can bring. Self-awareness is extremely important in the process of creation because it helps us to understand what and why we want to bring to the world.
And there are no other factors that are more important for the healing and recovery process. But your ideas don’t come from the world they come from your world and in your world there are no boundaries and this is why creative people often talk about their work as being relaxing.
If you’ve lost your job, don’t think about it as one door shutting… but another opening. And if people are what make a creation loved and a product a success then surely, as self-developers, we should be looking at what attracts the people. Both of these characters used their creative talents to make something out of their trauma and it added so much more depth to their work and fuel to their worker’s ethic in return. Being hit by a van is, in itself, quite the traumatic experience; but the after math was perhaps the most knocking for the best-selling fiction author. It hurt for the author to even sit at a desk, let alone to continue writing ‘On Writing’ an autobiography that he had begun before his accident.

Being close to death reminded the author that he had a purpose to fulfil and that he was still the same person that he was before the accident. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain without being homeless.
Everywhere she turned; the world demanded something from her and the only escape she could find was through her writing.
If you have the ability to recognise that you’ve hit a dead end, then you have the ability to change it. Every moment that you spend working on something that isn’t playing to your strengths, is a moment that will stunt your inner growth and a moment that you’ll wish you could have back on your death bed. Whatever it might be, it’s important that you think about your future with a mindset that’s both clear and practical. Everything has an impact on the opportunities we are provided with and the people we will meet. Or it might mean being able to call yourself published, or well respected in your field of work.
De-risking the value chain along with expanding credit is a key challenge for treasuries to address. We may be at our most vulnerable and sensitive, but part of being human is feeling emotion and feeling emotion plays a big role in the creative process. All these feelings are painful, but it’s these painful feelings that separate us from robots and will breathe life and meaning into your ideas and creative work.
And it maybe that this is the only area of your life that you feel in control of right now, but that’s okay.
And if people can relate to your desires, and aims and sadness then people will love what you do. The fears that my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew. I’m not saying it’s a tool to use, or something that we should take lightly because it can really knock our confidence as self-developers and make us feel lost. Then start thinking of ways that you can get there and the skills you can develop to make your way. So if your feeling like you could be reaching for more, then don’t neglect that feeling. It doesn’t care who you are, where you are or what mistakes you’ve made in the past; innovation doesn’t even care if you neglect it for a while. But that’s okay, because failure is one of the greatest human motivations and to be successful you must realise that the easy path to take is never the one that leads to fulfilment.

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