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Sheila’s poem Our Success is a glimpse of what is to come from Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya once the school is built. This project aims at overall development of a child as it is dealing with creative art, creative writing, techno skills, public speaking and stage presentation and standing for social cause.
This is a small book done by Grade 6 pupils expressing their big concern about their environment and let other schools know simple steps in preserving the world environment.. We have been following the work on display in the group and are eager to add some of our work. This presentation could be used to support Sonal's latest suggestion that we poll our pupils to see what signifies success to them.

It’s funny because in looking back on my career it was nothing what I thought it would be. Some of us grumble all day long.But somehow, in spite of the care and doubt,It seems at last that things work out. Some of us whimper along life's way.But somehow, as day always follows the night,Most of our troubles work out all right. Twenty-five talented, industrious young women are being chosen from across the country to open the doors of the high school in 2014 and pioneer its mission to improve quality of life, strengthen the family structure, and develop communities by educating girls. These are bright, driven girls who wouldn’t otherwise have the means of attending high school.

The kids between 5-7yrs can share their dreams through paintings and creative work related to the topic. Children between 13- 15 yrs can write a poem on the topic or they can prepare a play or participate in debate competition or they can share the success stories of famous personalities.
Teacher can also organize any activity which can inspire the students to contribute for social cause (like spending time with the people in old age home etc.) and can include in a success story.

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