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Just like many other music trends in Bollywood, the recent hit among filmmakers is Sufi songs. Conde Nast Traveller India is a travel magazine which gives information about comfortable and stylish travel options to the readers. April-May issue of Conde Nast Traveller will be featuring Istanbul and to celebrate this next stop of Around The World initiative, they have organized a workshop on the traditional Turkish Dance form of Sufi Whirling.
Sufi Whirling is a sacred art which combines movement, beauty and mysticism is known to have both physical and spiritual benefits. The Mumbai Blogazine: Discovering amazing people,inspiring stories & awesome places in Mumbai.
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More than 2,000 Kurdish Sufis gathered Saturday at religious shrines in Barzanchi, a village 37 miles east of Sulaymaniya in Kurdistan. Khalid Abed Alaa Konafarosh, 24, has practiced Sufism since he was 10-years-old and joined in practicing the religious rituals which celebrate God.
This mystical dance founded by Rumi is both a spiritual search and prayers a longing for a relationship between the self and the divine. Sufi dance is universal driving both body and soul toward the spiritual light of the heart.
By checking this box, I agree to write this comment without spelling errors, otherwise it will not be accepted. Assalamu Alaikkum (Wrwb)I am Mohamed Abdullah living in Singapore and would like to enquire about the pronounciation in sura Yasin Verse mumber 9 (Pronounciation as "Suththan" and "Saththan". Assalamu Alaikkum,huno sitheir tahay you have a very believable voice i really enjoy learning the quran i am only 10 years old and i learned the holy quran alhamdulilahi also want to express my appreciation to shaikh Abdul Rashid Sufi for these wonderful recitations and may Allah reward him with jannat tul firfaus.but i will like to know from the shaikh when is the other style of recitation going to be available because we only have these three (Hafs,Soosi and Khalaf an hamza) thank you and salamu alaikum! As-salamu Alykum Warhamtullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatu,I see several comments regarding Shaykh Sufi's recitation and how it's 'different'. Assalamu Alaikkum,the pronounciation in sura Yasin Verse mumber 9 (Pronounciation as "Suththan" and "Saththan" both are correct. Assalam O Alaikum, Brothers & Sisters, My Brother Kamal Shifow, there is a masjid called Sheikh Ali Sufi Mosque in Somalia but that was long time ago.
Every second movie nowadays has at least one Sufi song in it; which of course are about love and romance. From travel news, new hotel openings and 5 star packages, to unique travel stories and experiences, the magazine is a one-stop shop for all these. She took up sacred dances after she attented the 40 day silent, intensive training program of Gurdjieff Sacred Dances in Pune.

Along with being famous for its architecture and vintage bazaars, Istanbul is also known for its mysticism. Speaking on the workshop, Zia Nath, explains, “The workshop will focus on the essentials of turning, centering balance of body mind and spirit and various Sufi Whirling techniques.
It is a turning dance in which seven main movements articulate the motion of the seven planets among the stars and the seven recommendations of the Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi, also called Molana.
He was born in 1964 to the reciter and preacher Ali Abdul Rahmane Sufi, who did a lot for the Qur’an recitation in Somalia.Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi’s father has also taught numerous theologians.
The ayat is as follows and the word is within bracket:??????????? ??? ?????? ??????????? (??????) ?????? ?????????? ??????????????????????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ?? Why there are different prounouciations by the reciter Qari Abdul Rasheed Sufi. I listened to this wonderful recitation by this sheikh and it made my heart humble and submissive in a way so spectacular. My family has confirmed this fact my grandmother Xawo Alasow from Jowhar and Yassin Yusuf Sahal my father who use to teach in jowhar said there was a most called Sufi mosque long time ago.
Read about the significance of fasting, the symbolism of the rose and the importance of prayer and meditation.Ramadan, the month when God revealed the Holy Qur’an, is a time of deep reflection and contemplation for Muslims. But if you want to experience true Sufi music and whirling, Conde Nast Traveller has organized a Sufi Whirling Workshop in Mumbai, which explores the spiritual and artistic side of Sufism. The online portal of the magazine features destination guides, interviews, weekend getaways, where to stay, eat and shop and many more sections. After that, she travelled to New Mexico, USA several times over 5 years to study the dances amongst world renowned teachers from the Bennett lineage, first generation disciples of Gurdjieff.
Thus, to pay homage to the spiritual magnificence of the city, Conde Nast Traveller, along with renowned dancer Zia Nath has organized Sufi Whirling Workshop at Tote On The Turf, Mahalaxmi on Sunday, 12th May 2013. 900 only and you will also get to savour on authentic Turkish delicacies and a year’s subscription for Conde Nast Traveller for you and your friend. Worshippers beat drums and chanted Allah (God) as dervishes swallowed swords and then cut themselves with the blades.Others ate light bulbs and swallowed fire. We decided that instead of checking with other Qari, we would like to enquire with the same Qari, Qari Abdul Rasheed Sufi who recited the sura Yasin.We appreciate your answer and we would like to hear from you soon. This is a Qira'a that mainly read in Somalia and Sudan last 13 centuries but lately because of Qirat Hafsa spreaded very strong this Qira'a is going to be forgotten, therefore learning this Qira'a for Somalis is highly recommended to keep it a life and that is one reason Sheikhana Abdirashid reads this one mostly may Allah reward him. I think this is a confirmation to me that the Qur'an is indeed the Words of Allah, subhaanahu wata alla. I heard that he knows most of the 7 ways of Quran recitation and that is one of the reasons that his recitation is differt comparing with other Sheikhs or Qari. My daughter, who has a very keen interest in different quranic recitation styles introduced me to the sheikh. Currently, she is working as Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) at Quanta Health Care Solutions.

It may sound different to you because you may be used in the Hafz recitation which is the most common. Ramadan is a good time for us to make changes for the better, an excellent opportunity to turn over a new leaf, shedding any old bad habits.Sufi meditationWalking in the footsteps of the prophets"O you who have attained to faith! Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi first learnt the Qur’an at the mosque and finished memorizing it at the age of ten. During Ramadan, I used to pray tarawiiih with him and then would come back around 3 am for tahajud. What a beautiful voice and unique style!He recites the glorious Quran at a wonderful relaxed pace.May Allah grant him Jannat-Al-Firdaws and forgive him his sins and protect him from the Hellfire. Fasting is ordained for you as it was ordained for those before you, so that you might remain concious of God" Holy Qur’an (2:183) Asad"Moses was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water.
He reads in different qira'ats therefore it tend to throw some people off if they're not familiar with qira'ats other than hafsa. First time I heard his voice from the internet, I cried because it reminded me of the good old days of Somalia.
Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi went to Egypt in 1981 where he enrolled in the Qur’an Recitations institute and earned a high certificate in the ten recitations. We spend much of our lives concerned with mundane activities, work, meals, television, fashion. In parallel, Abdul Rashid carried out studies in Al Azhar Mosque and was awarded by the late Cheikh Mohamed Ibn Ismail Al Hamdani two degrees in the ten recitations.Back to Somalia, Abdul Rashid Ali Sufi started teaching and led prayers in his father’s mosque.
Fasting helps us to regain self-discipline and self-restraint.Tayyaba MosqueRealising the difficulties of othersAn important role of fasting, is to help us realise the difficulties and suffering of others. He taught in Egypt, Qatar where he was nominated imam and preacher of the Anas Ibn Malik’s Mosque in Doha. Once we realise this, hopefully we will show more compassion for those in need, for those who have no food to break their fasts, or cannot afford to buy it.The rose blooms amid thornsSufis are people striving for an inner, personal experience of the Divine.
To allow one’s soul to grow and ascend, one needs to strive against the bad characteristics of one’s ego.
As like the development of our own souls in this world, the rose blooms amid thorns.The rose - symbolic in SufismSeeking to lose themselves in the DivineWhile all Muslims are on a quest for inner peace, Sufis seek to lose themselves in the Divine. Sufi saints perform the greatest form of fast, while others go without food, they exercise the fasting of their mind. Put another way, they do not think of anything except God.Prayers and meditationSufis consider their existence in this world as only the seed, for their existence in the next world.

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