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Ludwig von Koopa, or simply just Ludwig or Kooky is the confirmed eldest and leader of the Koopalings whose name and hairstyle are derived from the famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The game’s official player’s guide claims that he is Bowser’s “second-in-command,” and he has all the powers of his siblings, including multiple blasts from his wand and ground-shaking stomps. He went through no major changes, except now his shell is dark blue with orange rings surrounding his multiple spikes.
Ludwig reappears in the direct sequel of New Super Mario Bros., as the main antagonist alongside Bowser, and as the true final Koopaling to be fought.
Ludwig returned in Mario Kart 8 as a playable character along with the rest of his siblings. In the Nintendo Adventure Book “Pipe Down!”, Ludwig kidnapped Princess Toadstool to be in his dance recital, but she was saved by the Mario Bros.
In the cartoon series, he was named Kooky von Koopa and was the typical mad scientist character, inventing wicked devices for his father, Bowser, to use. Magic Wand: like many other koopalings, Ludwig can shoot magical blue flames out of his wand however the flames can home on Mario. Madame Flurrie, one of Mario's partners from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, has a hairstyle similar to Ludwig von Koopa. Ludwig looks younger than Roy Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr., but he is older to them has a low pitched voice which sounds like a man.

Super Mushroom • Fire Flower • Cape Feather • Star • 1-up Mushroom • 3-Up Moon • Key • Coin • P-Balloon • Dragon Coin • P-Switch • Berry • Yoshi's Wings• Jumping Board • ? Get an Instant Coupon TODAY by email and you willalso receive news, deals, and exclusive offers. He and his siblings kidnap Peach at beginning of the game in Bowser's Koopa Clown Car, which is controlled by Ludwig. Until Mario and Luigi caused an explosion that "shook something loose in his brain", he was deaf and couldn’t hear his own music.
The only major physical differences between Ludwig and Kooky is that Kooky has untamed hair, bigger eyes, laughs his "Kooky-Laugh", and is significantly smaller, girth-wise.
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I wish NSMBU would have supported classic controller, instead of forcing other players to use the worst controller configurations known to man (sideways wiimote). The Mario Bros U Micro Figure 3 Pack comes with three signature characters, each standing 1" tall. However, the player must once again jump on his head three times to finish his final composition. Ludwig's attacks are different than the others, plus the battle arena has more space to jump.

At his fortress, he will snicker, and then he shoots dark blue fire at an incredibly fast rate that homes at Mario and his allies. In the boss fight against him, he Flutter Jumps to grab on to a chain to shoot magic fireballs from his wand while holding on to a chain. Mario • Wario • Yoshi • Donkey Kong • Diddy Kong • Koopalings (Iggy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Wendy O.
In Super Mario 3D World, The player using the Gamepad can actually play as a character alongside 1-3 other player(s). After that the arms of the mech will become legs and arms and the head will be the new body.
Mario must enter a cannon below whichever chain Ludwig is holding on to launch himself at the Koopaling to stun him, so that he can jump him. As the battle progress, Ludwig will shuffle himself and the clones making trying to find the real one a little more difficult. After 2 hits, Ludwig will start swinging on the chain he's on, making it harder for Mario to hit him.

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