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The following article contains broken links.The broken links on the page will be created soon. World 4 is a thick forest with toxic water seeping through the ground in New Super Mario Bros.
A recent article placed images of Super Mario 3D World along side of shots from Super Mario Galaxy 2, clearly showing how much further advanced the differences are between SD (standard definition, or 480p) and HD Mario gaming! It is a bonus world that is only unlockable if the boss of World 2 is defeated while Mario or Luigi is in Mini Mario mode. I know a lot of people have this fond memory of the Wii Galaxy games, as do I, but DAMN is the difference just NIGHT & DAY!!! The world is largely inhabited by Koopa Troopas and Goombas, with Scuttlebugs dropping down from the boughs of the trees.

The boss of World 4 is Mega Goomba that can only be defeated by using elevators to reach its head.
If the player holds down the jump button the Yoshis pedal their feet furiously in the air to achieve a floating effect; this allows them to stay airborne for a couple of seconds and gain a little extra height. This floating maneuver may be performed multiple times if necessary.Yoshi can collect eggs during their travels. Many of the game's puzzles involve bouncing eggs around the levels or skimming them over water to hit distant enemies or objects. On a few levels, duck-like creatures (called Huffin' Puffins) can be acquired; these travel a short distance before returning to Yoshi. Up to six objects can follow Yoshi at a time, whether they are eggs, keys, or Puffins.Unlike other platform games in the Mario series, the player's character can be attacked an unlimited number of times by most enemies without harm.

Whenever Yoshi is hit by an enemy, Baby Mario flies off his back, floating around the level in a bubble and wailing loudly as a countdown timer begins. If the countdown reaches zero before Yoshi tags the bubble, Kamek's toadies capture Mario and the player loses a life.
The timer will slowly regenerate back to the original ten seconds and can be extended for up to 30 seconds.

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