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Mario (Japanese: ??? Mario) is a Nintendo video game character and icon who stars in the Mario series. Donkey Kong gave way to the platforming genre, a plot and multiple levels, while Super Mario Bros. His overalls were included in order to show Mario's movements more fluidly, while his famed mustache is there because the developers at the time didn't want to draw something as small as a mouth. He also appeared in the Japanese commercial of the New Nintendo 3DS.Most of his attire were the same but changed in color like when he picks a fire flower powerup.
While Donkey Kong's villainous acts in the original game may seem to suggest that he's the true enemy, Miyamoto revealed that it was due to mistreatment by Mario that he acted in such a way. While the game's biggest introduction was undeniably Luigi, it also featured turtles for the first time, whose involvement in the Mario universe would be more expanded as more games were released. Atari, the industry's biggest name, was not only financially stable but was raking in millions of dollars annually with their home consoles, first party titles and strong third party support. It was called the Famicom, and a game starring the carpenter turned plumber from Nintendo's past arcade titles would not only become one of the most successful games of all time, but would be credited for saving video games.
Nintendo would release the NES two years after the Famicom, but in order to get people's attention, they would need the help of an industry saver. In Super Mario Bros., an evil character named Bowser, the leader of the Koopa, used his black magic to transform all of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom into inanimate objects. It should be noted, however, that this was due to the game being packed in with every NES for some time. After the success of both titles, a movie named The Wizard was released by Universal Studios, who had previously sued Nintendo due to copyright infringement based on the similarities between King Kong and Donkey Kong, but ultimately lost. Many argue the game to be the best that the series has to offer, though fans are split on the decision. There were a variety of other powerups as well such as the Hammer Suit, the Tanooki Suit, the Frog Suit, and some from the original Super Mario Bros.
Sega, a new competitor, had released a console and proclaimed to the American audience that "[they] do what Nintendon't". So, in order to do this, they brought back the all-star team that made the previous console Mario games while Gunpei Yokoi and his team focused on the handheld titles. While Nintendo was releasing Super Mario World, Sega had a game of their own that would compete heavily with the title.
Meanwhile back on the Game Boy, the developers who made the original Super Mario Land were hard at work on a sequel.
In 1995 Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka were tasked with creating yet another Mario game, though their choice in characters that would star in the game and when it would take place might have surprised many when it was first announced.
Sensing that Mario was searching from someone, he used the map that the stork was using that fell down with Mario in order to reunite the two brothers with the help of the various Yoshies on the island. He and his younger brother Luigi are Nintendo's most renowned characters; his games have sold over 262 million units worldwide.
Video and then Jumpman during the early 1980s, Nintendo felt that in order for him to become successful, his name would have to be changed to something more approachable and memorable.
Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii sent Mario soaring through space and incorporated a fantastic gravitational system.
Ever since Mario's FUNdamentals, Mario is currently voiced by Charles Martinet, who also does the voices of various other Mario characters such as Mario's younger brother Luigi, nemesis Wario, Waluigi, and others.
He wears his trademark red hat with the letter M' on the front, white gloves, red shirt, blue overalls with two gold buttons and brown shoes.
He was at first known simply as "Jumpman", though Nintendo changed his name to Mario after Nintendo of America's landlord in 1981, Mario Segale. It introduced characters background and was the pioneering platforming game and was the first title with a "damsel in distress". Oddly, Nintendo left Mario out of Donkey Kong 3, which became the least successful game in the series.
They even managed to get licenses to release Nintendo's popular arcade games on their consoles. Nintendo releasing the Famicom in Japan wasn't too much of a shock, as entering the business didn't really ensure a failure in that country.
The game took place in Mario's dream, and in it he imagines that he opens a door to a world called Subcon. The movie is best described as an hour and a half advertisement of Nintendo and Universal Studios' theme parks. The game took the basic concept of the original Super Mario Bros., and expanded upon it in marvelous ways.

In the game, Bowser was back to his old tricks and turned eight kings around the world into animals and sent his seven children to take their place. A powerful marketing campaign advertising an equally powerful console that out shined the NES in every way imaginable. Super Mario Land wasn't actually headed by Shigeru Miyamoto, but rather his late mentor Gunpei Yokoi, who created the Game Boy and various other products and software before passing away in 1997. Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, the creators of the NES Mario games, headed the new Mario title with Tezuka at the helm.
It included the basic concepts from the previous games, and expanded on some such as the map from Super Mario Bros.
That game was Sonic the Hedgehog, a game that starred Sonic, a blue hedgehog who was capable of running at speeds well over that of any other game character.
The game, titled Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, was significant for introducing the last of the major Mario characters.
The game, titled Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, revealed the origins of Mario and his brother Luigi. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was initially planned to be a 3D game in a similar vein to Donkey Kong Country. This and other key factors has led him to become the defining video game character and Nintendo's mascot.
Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System gave Mario a steed to ride upon named Yoshi, graphical advancements that used the various powers of the console, and almost 100 level exits. Initially he was just known as Mario in America, though the name would soon go into effect in Japan. The game saved Nintendo from an almost inevitable death that would've resulted had this game been a failure as their previous efforts had been. One thing worth noting is that when all levels are completed, Mario is shown falling from a large height and landing on the steel girders that make up a majority of the levels. This perhaps proved to Nintendo that, despite Donkey Kong being in the title, Mario was the true hero of the series.
But what shocked everyone is when Nintendo announced it for America under the name of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short. Rather, it was the engaging gameplay, the expansive levels, and the sense of wonderment at every turn. The next entry wouldn't actually be released in America or Europe until the release of Super Mario All-Stars years later in 1993. He later finds that this kingdom has been brought into battle with an overweight frog named Wart.
The game, for the first time in the series, featured a powerup that would give Mario the ability to fly. Mario had to go through each kingdom, thwart the Koopa Kid, and eventually take on Bowser himself when he would send him down yet another pit, this time one that was supposedly bottomless.
It was time to leave the NES behind and release a new console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES for short.
While the Game Boy and Super Mario Land were very successful, Nintendo had to focus on releasing the Super Famicom a year later in Japan, and in order to make a splash they'd have to release a new Mario game alongside it. Yoshi will use his elongated tongue to gobble up enemies and items, and has his own set of powerups such as the ability to fly, blow fire, and stomp on the ground with tremendous force. Mario, though the SNES brought on even more classics such as Super Mario Kart and Mario Paint. His name was Wario and he was initially considered the evil counterpart to Mario, a sort of doppelganger who in the game took ahold of Mario's Castle and made it his own. In the game, a stork was carrying Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their parents when Baby Bowser's mentor Kamek foresaw the future and found that the two brothers would cause nothing but trouble for his master.
Shigeru Miyamoto, however, wasn't too fond of that title and deliberately went the exact opposite way from what Nintendo wanted him to do and had the game's art style altered completely to resemble a drawing made with crayons and pastels. Super Mario 64 is perhaps one of the biggest advancements in the series since the original game.
His hat was originally added to his attire so that the developers wouldn't have to animate flowing hair on the NES, as doing so with such small sprites was not reasonable at the time. In Donkey Kong, the player would traverse a series of construction site girders in order to save his girlfriend Pauline from Donkey Kong. The significance of this is that after Mario's fall, he is shown laying on the ground with a halo above his head, the means of depicting death in the first Donkey Kong game.
Despite all three of the games Mario's starred in being incredibly successful, his career was about to make a big bang with the onslaught of the Famicom. They eventually managed to save the princess after defeating Bowser and sending him into a pit where he was submerged in lava.

Players didn't know what to expect, and would constantly find new abilities that Mario could perform, whether it be growing larger by gobbling a Super Mushroom, being able to launch fireballs with a Fire Flower, or becoming invincible with a Starman. When he wakes up, he tells Princess Peach, Toad, and Luigi of what had just happened while out on a picnic, and finds a cave strikingly similar to the one from his dream.
The power up, which made Mario resemble a raccoon, would let him access areas and would cause the screen to scroll diagonally, which wasn't present in games before it. Inevitably, however, Bowser would be back, though next time it would be in a different era of consoles. It brought back the Koopa Kids, featured exciting, vibrant graphics, an overhauled game engine and of course the introduction of a particular dinosaur.
There were four colors of Yoshi in the game (green, blue, red, yellow), each with their own abilities. A bitter relationship would eventually come to an end, however, when Sega quit the console business and teamed up with the three companies they once competed with.
Astonishingly he became so popular in that game that subsequent titles on the Game Boy dropped Mario altogether and starred Wario. So, he scurried off and attacked the stork, kidnapped Luigi, and let Mario fall down to the ocean.
Mario's games not only ensure an insurmountable level of quality, but they also guarantee to press the various genres his games are a part of forward, whether it be platformers, role-playing games or even racing games. Often called the most innovative title of all time, Super Mario 64 is one of the pioneering three dimensional video games and was the first with a camera that the player could control. He's appeared in a variety of television shows and merchandise, comic books and even a feature film. This game showed that both Mario and Donkey Kong could both be considered protagonists and antagonists, and both can be considered good guys and bad guys. Luigi was nearly identical to Mario initially save for a few alterations in clothes, though they even shared similar tastes in that department as well. The game ended with Princess Peach thanking either Mario or Luigi, telling them that a second quest is available. He then enters the cave and finds that the world is real, and Mario and his friends vow to save the world and take down Wart.
Released a year before the SNES was the Game Boy, a handheld console and the first one with interchangeable cartridges. Sonic and Mario eventually would star in many games together such as the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series and Super Smash Bros.
It introduced the world to the "kart" genre, and would eventually be followed by many sequels. He earned his own series that was completely separate to that of Mario's, and went on to become less of a villain and more of a greedy character with a need for cash, and would do anything to come in possession of it, whether it be doing something evil or doing something heroic. His expectations that Mario would submerged in water were false, as he fell directly above an island named Yoshi's Island. Despite these additional products, the franchise shines best when left to the realm of video games.
In the game, which was multiplayer enabled, the players would take control of Mario and rid the sewers of pesky enemies by going directly under the platform they're stationed on and jumping underneath it, which will cause them to tumble over (depending on the enemy, you may need to perform more acts), afterwards, your goal is to go over to the enemy and kick it away. Multiple key events brought this on,the most significant one being the rise of home computers, but they all ultimately led to the downfall of not only Atari, but the entire industry as a whole. Mario would jump farther when running, could get under tight spaces by ducking and running at the same time, and could even be maneuvered when in mid air.
Its difficulty was the reason why Nintendo never released it to Western audiences, who would instead be offered the Western version of Super Mario Bros. In fact, it is among the most successful standalone titles of all time (or rather a game not packaged with a console or an accessory). Among the launch games were Super Mario Land (a Mario platformer), and the more important Tetris.
What possessed Nintendo to release a console after this crash had occurred is anyone's guess, but they did. This game was later released in Japan as Super Mario USA, referring to the fact that it is the American version of Super Mario Bros.

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