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Using a Hammer on the rock to the left of World 4-1 will give you access to a special Toad House that gives you a free Tanooki suit. 3: After you've grabbed the power-up located at point 5, destroy the three stacked blocks with your Raccoon tail, then use the open space to fly to a secret area. 5: Collect the power-up but be careful not to run into the bouncing Koopa Troopa held back by the coin block.
Usually, if you're right next to Bullet Bill or a pipe with a Piranha Plant inside, you can't get hurt by them. 3: Cheep-Cheeps are still a danger midway though the stage, but the biggest threat comes from the Piranha Plants. Say hi to the Sledge Brothers; they are big by any standard, but they're still no match for the Mario Bros. 2: Wait until Spiny has dropped off the ceiling, stomp Buzzy, and your runway will be clear. 1: Just like Boo Diddlys, the living candle flames known as Hot Foots will chase you when you turn your back to them, and they'll stop moving towards you as soon as you face them. 1: As Frog Mario, you can swim against the current and enter a pipe that leads to a secret area (shown right) chock full of coins.
Only in the original NES version, if you don't have a Frog Suit (or don't want to use one up) there's another way to access this room. 3: When you reach the clearing, you'll be showered with Spiny Eggs from above, so move as quickly as possible to the pipe that leads to the end of the stage. You've liberated Sea Side, explored the seafloor and enjoyed a sleek swim in the Frog Suit.
Once you've slid down this pipe, you'll end up in an underwater area (shown right) with two fearsome Big Berthas. Use the repeated stomping method on the three red Giant Koopa Troopas in this area to get 1-Ups. Stand on the cloud while you wait for the Piranha Plants to recede into their pipes, then run past.

As soon as you get your hands on a Super Leaf, fly to the ceiling and collect some bonus coins. Collect it as it falls off the ledge, but be careful not to run into any enemies—Spiny's on the ceiling waiting to get the drop on you. Be careful when you try to collect the power-up down here—chances are, Boo Diddly will be coming after you. But he can display some impressive high jumping skills, and there is a rather awkward ledge in the room that restricts your own freedom to jump.
If you start on the ledge where the power-up is and drift down left from there, you can make it to this pipe without a Frog Suit. He will plop Spiny Eggs into the ocean, so swim as hard as you can to avoid them, and don't let the current to push you into them. The 11 levels include eight levels on the main path (including the Fortress and Castle), two secret levels and the rainbow course. Metete en el tubo del mundo 4 y presto estas en el mundo negativo uno.- 100 VIDAS En el mundo 3-1 al fianl de la escena, en la escalera hay 2 tortugas, deja ir a la primera tortuga, espera a la segunda, salta un poco cuando esta llegue hacia ti y la empezaras a saltar varias veces, y obtendras muchas vidas.- ? ERES CHIQUITO O GRANDE? There are plenty of Cheep-Cheeps to give you a headache though, mainly toward the end of the stage.
Ice Blocks are also useful for attacking a wide variety of enemies that are too dangerous to approach.
Either jump on the flying fish to knock them out, or run beneath them as they flop through the air.
They attack by throwing sledge hammers, and are so heavy that when they jump and land, a small earthquake occurs. This world is located on a single large cloud, with several tall pieces of land jutting out from below the cloud. One of the secret levels is the world's Ghost House, which is at first obscured by clouds and can only be seen on the map when it is unlocked.
This level contains a lot of Lakitu, where the Player must use these enemies to his advantage.

This place includes lots of slopes, and Mario can use Koopa Shells and Gold Rings to take advantage of the level's rather peculiar architecture.
The level is an auto-scrolling level that mostly takes place on a ship flying through the sky. This level is a lava level, and it centers around Fences, including a unique type of Fence that can be changed to move up or down the Wire using or or . En cualquier castillo cuando llegues a Koppa no agas que se caiga, espera antes de presionar el boton, cuando Koppa legue hacia ti lo mas cercano que puedas esperar, salta y aprieta el boton, lo apretaras y Koppa te habra tocado.
Although these characters look fearsome, they can be kicked and carried like their smaller relatives.
Alternatively, stand on low flying clouds to gain height that will help you make difficult jumps. The levels here are mainly aerial levels, although some do take place on land, which are mainly cliffs or slopes. If you're not fully powered up, you may want to consider heading left when you exit the pipe, but watch out for the Thwomp. HAY DOS FORMAS DE PASAR PASA POR ARRIBA POR DONDE ESTA LA LINEA DE FUEGO QUE GIRA YA QUE PASASTE ESA PLATAFORMA VAS A ENCONTRAR OTRAS PLATARFORMAS VE POR ENMEDIO HASTA LLEGAR A OTRA MAS ALTA VETE POR ARRIBA AVANZAS Y YA ESTA LLEGAS CON EL DRAGON- VIODA EXTRA: En el mundo 3-2 hay un lugar donde hay una tortuga, aplastala y hasla avanzar y matara muchas otras pero cuando este a punto de matarlas a todas dejala avanzar hasta que se salga de la pantalla y luego camina un poco y matara otroas y obtendras una vida. This is also an optional world as it can be bypassed by completing World Flower-Cannon instead, leading to World 6.
Cuando llegues con Bowser, tienes que llegar al hacha (tienes que estar grande para que el truco funcione) cuando Bowser se arrime al hacha tienes que saltar, tienes que tocar a Bowser y al hacha al mismo tiempo para que sirva el truco.
Si quieres saber que el truco funciono, debes llegar con el honguito grande, patinando con un pie y mario tiene que parpadear.

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