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Boost your firepower big-time with the Double Cherry power-up, which creates a clone of your character.
The annual Spike Video Game Awards are under way now and you can participate online by voting for your favorite video games this year. Usualy for me, my favorite games are ones that I can play through over and over and get addicted to like crazy. I haven’t played Zombi U after I had my second game breaking bug, only played it through once. It will never win on Spike, but I like how two of the Nintendo games aren’t made by Nintendo. Clip of a gamer playing his first game ever on the NES as a young child and falling in game love. BioShock Infinite gave us an in depth world with challenging enemies and unique gameplay that really makes it stand out as a FPS. Last of Us took the zombie horror genre and put focus on the connections that people form when they all need to survive together. However, if the gameplay is made up of lousy gameplay, then no amount of good graphics, interesting story or lively music are gonna turn that cake into anything but a cow sh#t cake.
So, yes, gameplay is king, but the artistic and narrative aspect are what drive the player when the gameplay itself falls short.
That’s why I think that Bioshock Infine and The Last of Us should not be on that list. What about if there was another Nintendo game in the list that you like even more than super Mario 3d world. Because I already know Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is not coming out till February. There will always be great Nintendo games, this has made me even more excited for Smash Bros, Zelda and everything else coming in 2014.
Wii Music ring a bell?(63% Metacritic score) Either you’re too young to remember or fail to acknowledge it as a 1st party title. Yeah i know it was a stupid statement, but it does have the best lineup so far, comapared to the PS4 and Xbox one but i am sure there will come some great games like Halo 5.

I guess i was just going in to Nintendo fanboy excitment mode, because of the great reviews..
Wii Music… I forgot about that, never played it, but i am 14 (15 tomorrow) and was alive when the game released.
GTA V was a disappointment in my opinion, the campaign mode was way to short, like beat it in a few hours short.
Actually I think it’s more around 1981 since Donkey Kong was in arcades in the States.
The Internet, providing us with an endless supply of all caps typing, poor grammar utilizing, awful at spelling 15 year old trolls since 1995. I know that your user name is racist and that you’re trying to do everything possible to get your IP banned. Players can jump in at any time to lend a hand or help find hidden stars—or compete for the most coins and win the crown at the end of each level. Wii, consisting of six levels, a fortress, a castle and a boss, three special stages - accessible by entering the Mushroom Houses - as well as housing Princess Peach's Castle. Your conscience probably tells you that you should wait to play a game to vote it for Game of the Year, but you’re not gonna do that, are you? Nintendo did not have Bioshock, GTA, and Tomb Raider so either way it would come down to 1st party titles.
The game world itself is beautiful and the characters and storyline are really detailed themselves and are what gives this game life. It puts an interesting concept of somebody who was born into an apocalyptic world relationship with someone who lost all he had left when it all began. The game has silly and violent moments where it realizes that it’s a game but it also tells an interesting story about 3 men who commit crimes and their values.
But I feel like the other titles enhance gameplay by intertwining the story with the play experience. The graphics and story on both are awesome, but they seemed like interactive movies than actual video games.
Before GTA Online came out I would of given it to GTA hands down without a thought of any other game getting a chance.

Scamper up walls to find secrets, pounce from above, and attack enemies with your claws—while looking pawsitively adorable. There are three special stages, two reds and one gold; the two reds occurring upon completion of World's 1-2 and 1-4, and the Gold Mushroom House occurring upon completion of World 1-3. Either way, this is a solid line up of titles and I suspect Grand Theft Auto V will probably win on sheer size alone.
Hopefully, this will change as install base increases and we will get better 3rd party games like Watch Dogs, AC4, COD Ghosts etc. Pan to the right to him as a twenty-something man playing SMB 3D World with a young lad and that lad falling in game love just as the twenty something man did in the past. Not to mention the game world is full of interesting NPC dialogue, radio news, songs written specifically for the game, and mock websites.
The games that stand out most are those that make us question ourselves and the world around us. I look at games somewhat artistically, so the narrative and the environments (both graphically and story) are what make them interesting to play. With the Complete failure of GTA Online I am definatly more inclined to want to give it to Mario. I was hyped up for the game loved the Original Tomb Raiders, was hoping it could bring back the glory that tomb raider once held.
The satiric world makes an amazing in depth game environment that makes players think about our own world. I can see it being nominated for Game of the year, but I doubt it’ll win due to the AAA big time hitters, especially if GTA V around.
Which is whatever cause they mix up the formula very frequently and every level is different, but there’s no incentive to keep playing after a few levels. Mario typically has a beginning, a bunch of levels that move you toward the ending, and then the ending, without any plot twists in between.

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