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I popped down to LA to speak with Buettner at NPR West, where he was already a familiar face, promoting this book on a variety of other NPR programs. Part Two, Making An American Blue Zone, describes his efforts to use what he learned in order to create new Blue Zones in Finland and America. In Part Three, Buettner makes another extension of his science and describes steps for implementing a personal Blue Zone.
He’s spent more time than anyone in the world finding out how the longest-lived people managed to do so, and you can tell their eternal youth, or happy old age, or the combination of both is clearly making its mark on him. He’s dedicated his life to finding good places and finding the science as to why they are in fact good places. I had a little bit wider net to cast, perhaps, because I was taking in both his original book, which defined the Blue Zones, and his latest book, which takes the concept out into the world with the idea of creating new Blue Zones. As a fan of Stanislaw Lem, any time statistics gets a mention, I prick up my ears, and it certainly plays a big part here. You can explore my conversation with Dan Buettner by following this link to the MP3 audio file of our interview.

Part One re-caps some of the science of the Blue Zones, visits the each Zone (including a new Zone in Greece), and examines again the diet and lifestyles, drawing out the similarities andf i prticular honing in on specific foods from each.
The effort described here is really interesting, involving local governments, businesses, restaurants, regulators of all stripes and volunteers. He focuses in on eating habits, exercise and small lifestyle changes the science suggestion shave a big impact. Expect to find lots of vegetables and beans, which Buettner feels live up to their description as the magic fruit, at least with regards to their effect on your longevity.
That said, given the scientific bent of the first book, and indeed this book as well, it’s nice to see that Buettner has implemented in advance what he suggests we do in his book. But the interplay of hard science, social science and Buettner’s team of scientists are all very fascinating, in the background of the book and subjects I very much wanted to explore. Buettner’s method of extracting action from science is admirable, and the implementations he describes are inspiring. Most readers will already be thinking along these lines having read the first book and the first two parts of this book, but Buettner helpfully spells it out and organizes plan that seems eminently doable.

Chances are you’ll find a few you can make and enjoy right off the bat, and after that, the rest will seem even more appealing. Of all course, all this is linked to hi website and opportunities to make this happen where you might live. And for readers encountering Blue Zones for the very first time, there’s enough here to explain the background and inspire action on your home ground. You may or may not want to live to be 100 years old, but it’s pretty certain you want to healthy and active as long as you can.

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