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Some have proclaimed the show a subtle form of Disney advertising their alliance with organizations like the Illuminati, but in reality, the show is a rare dabbling in the horror and science fiction genre for the network that just happens to have a good time giving fans hidden messages to tinker with when the show is over. If you catch it in time, the opening credits reveals a page of the book and alchemy symbols, as well as symbols obviously representing the characters of the show – but who is the Triangle Man in the center of this world? Every time something odd happens in the episodes, the lone goat is shown outside the Mystery Shack eating or lurking around innocently. We’re learning over the course of Gravity Falls that the Mystery Shack is not just some run down tourist trap in the town. There is the fact you may have overlooked that the Pines twins are in possession of the third and final journal.
For those who have seen “Gidians Rise” at the end when stan has all three books, have you noticed that there was half circles or incomplete circles?
1- wkhuh lv d vhfuhw vrfLhwb lq judylwb idoov…….1- there is a secret socIety in gravity falls…….
Take all the capitalized letters from Idoufos decoded messages together and you get: MY NAME IS BILL. What if the giant machine that Gruncle Stan is revealed to have is a modified form of the shag carpet? I’m just saying that Stanford might be plotting to go back in time and swap places with his brother. Disclaimer The views expressed by individual writers are not necessarily those of the site owner or the entire Strange Kids Club staff. Occult arts and sciences (alchemy, astrology, numerology, the tarot, spirit forces, witchcraft, magic and others) were practiced openly in ancient society. In Secret Symbolism in Occult Art, Fred Gettings leads a tour of occult art and its symbolism from prehistoric times, through the turbulence of the Inquisition and up to the present, where it has once again become a part of everyday life. The Egyptian ankh, which protects its wearer from harm, the six-rayed star known as the seal of Solomon and the evil eye are well known and part of many occult teachings-perhaps part of the collective unconscious as well. In Secret Symbolism in Occult Art, artists including Piero della Vecchia, Albrecht Dürer, William Blake and Arthur Rackham, clairvoyant C. Dal Mondo Antico al Rinascimento, Le Religioni e le Mistiche, L'Ermetismo e l'Alchimia, L'Esoterismo, la Massoneria, l'Astrologia e la Magia, Le Medicine Naturali ed Alternative, L'Orientalistica, La Meditazione. Questo sito utilizza cookie, anche di terze parti, per migliorare la tua esperienza di navigazione. There they discover that the seemingly boring town of Gravity Falls houses numerous secrets based around the supernatural, the occult, and otherworldly.

That said, Disney does have a long history of subliminal messages – just take their proclivity for including mouse-shaped clouds in most of their films or their infamous SFX dust cloud in The Lion King. Disney is famous for implanting hidden messages in most of their animated and live action films, and it would seem they continue to revel in subliminal imagery and Easter Eggs. Dipper is represented by a tree, Mabel is stars, Soos is a question mark, and Grunkle Stan is a half moon. The goat with its beady eyes and one and a half horn seems innocuous, but there’s a lot more to the goat than the series may be letting on. There are many hidden elements to the shack that reveal it is much larger and complex than anyone realizes. Gideon aka chibi Shirley Ghostman is in possession of the second…who’s in possession of the first?
But If the theories of Stanley’s existence are true, when we do see him he is comparatively more attractive that Stanford. Ok you see well you see dipper said UNFORTUNATELY MY SUSPICIOUS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED I’VE BEEN WATCHED and you see again in book 3 that dipper holds that on bill ciphers page in book 3 above it,it say that IS HE WATCHING ME?
This time, Strange and his pals are transported across the universe (and reality) to help their Saturday morning hero, Bronarr: Space Barbarian fight the evil forces of Lord Gammax!
Occult wisdom was a part of everyday existence until the Middle Ages when Christianity renounced it as anti-Christ. But it must be remembered that these circuitous images were not part of the original doctrine. Many of our words, letters and sounds are occult in origin and contain hidden energies in their symbolism. Other more esoteric symbols such as the bellringer and the salamander in the flame will be recognized by initiates. W Leadbeater, Rosicrucian Jacob Boehme and many others convey the secrets of the hidden realm.
The series has thankfully become a welcomed hit, and that’s good news since its set up a series of mysteries and hidden messages within every episode of the show for fans to decode and decipher.
So, for the fun of it here are five mysteries of Gravity Falls that are leaving us scratching our heads. For Gravity Falls, though, the symbolism and easter eggs are much more menacing and intriguing. If you look in the opening credits, there’s a page in the book with their symbols in a circle.

Over the course of two seasons, two big rooms have been discovered behind wallpaper and in corners setting the stage for wax figures that take on a life of their own, and a carpet that can cause objects to switch personas thanks to static electricity. He's a lover of all things horror, admires Superman, loves to listen to classic rock, drowns himself in nineties nostalgia on his free time, and has been writing for almost twenty years. Erudite scientists and enlightened practitioners were forced into hiding and their teachings were perpetuated by loyal artists and visionaires. Hiding the secret teachings behind painted veils became the best way to prevent a repetition of the disaster that befell the Knights Templar, who were falsely accused of hideous crimes, tortured and murdered by those who opposed their beliefs.
These symbols preserve the records of numerous enlightened persons, living in different times and places.
Fred Gettings in turn studies their fascinating symbols, putting each work of art in its historic and spiritual context for a full appreciation ofits meaning. The pair go back and forth in time creating paradoxes, and Blendin is sentenced to prison and is forced to go back and correct the holes left by the brother and sister. His writing can be found on various online outlets including Crave, Joblo, and Beyond Hollywood; He's also currently running his own movie review website, Cinema Crazed.
In Dreamscapers when stan is getting beaten up you notice in the top right corner a kid with the same hair as stan. Plus, there are many more symbols to watch for – Mabel is fond of wearing shirts that garner odd imagery. And why doesn’t she ever stumble on the supernatural, while Dipper and Mabel walk in to them time and time again? Who knows how severe Dipper and Mabel’s paradoxes were and how they decided the future of Gravity Falls.
In Carpet Diem when stan enters the room he takes a pair of glasses and puts him in his shirt.
It says in dreamscapers if you look closely in book 2 when Gideon summons Bill cuz it says he is in my wallet.

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