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Well, when we got into the argument about your interview, the way you handled it was very professional and impressed me. I'll have a guess; 12, taht's based on how old you act Also considering you put your birthday as "December 17, 1234" I doubt you are older than 15. The crystals make me want to vomit, I hate them!My birthday is on December 17, but why on earth would I put the real age I was born?

Words that one hour ago would have perfectly described ShadowVisions, but now I see who you really are. Though we were not exactly friends, you seemed to be the sort of guy that met all of the words above. But no matter what you say from this minute always I shall no longer think of you as a highly respected member of Tanki, but a crazed 15 year-old who has a man's voice, that gets very hyper, is quite DKTW and is not the slightest bit helpful here.

So, who keeps checking the home page every few hours looking for something saying, "update"?

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