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The Circle guides you with practice sessions building core meditation skills such as concentration, focus and awareness training.Taoist Meditation isn't well known in the West.
Help support a living spiritual tradition by providing clothing, shelter, food and education.
Taoist Meditation - Ocean MeditationMeditation is the only practice used by virtually every genuine spiritual tradition throughout the ages to look inside and discover our innate nature. If you're going to practice meditation at this level, you'll follow a more traditional path.
I recently returned from a three week instructor training in a chi gung practice called “Gods Playing in the Clouds”. Select the link to your desktop resolution then right click the image and save to your disk, now find where you have saved the file, open it, then right click the image and choose 'set as desktop background'. Acupuncture meridians are the most widely recognised symbol which is unique to traditional Taoist Chinese medicine.
The seahorse is the symbol for the Lee style of Taoist Arts, it is the only example of the male incubating and giving birth to it's young.
Every Qi gong & meditation product will empower you to be more relaxed, smiling, joyful, and flowing in harmony with the Life Force.
Use our Qi Gong products for one whole year — we guarantee you'll be 100% delighted and satisfied with the great Qi results. In addition to my Medical and Spiritiual Qigong Fundamentals course, we have in Week 1 a new rising star, Kazzrie Jaxen, who takes qigong, music, and healing to new heights with her Earth Beauty Qigong. In week 3 Zhongxian Wu is introducing a new course, Shamanic 8 Trigram taiji Qigong and Yijing Prediction. Moving brush, moving Qi: Zhongxian Wu's Calligraphy as Qigong is amazing way to cultivate yourself.
Week 3 also premieres Minke de Vos new Medical Qigong Intensive, designed for those who was to do energy healing professionally or to learn more about healing yourself personally.
Week 4 has Judith Poole offering her unique integration of enregy psychology and energy healing from a broad spectrum of cutting-edge methodologies. Tina Zhang is also offering a powerful medical qigong form in week 4, called Three Treasures Medical Qigong. Frank Allen has his usual triple whammy series of bagua and I Ching, Cheng style bagua, and this year Xing Yi (Five Elements Fist), which is one of the most powerful fighting forms to come out of China.
In week 5 we have a totally new and exciting offering by long time Taoist adept Lisa Sarasohn. You must register or login and become a member in order to post messages, and view any private posts.
Most of the books related to Taoism, such as the I Ching and Tao Te Ching, are known more for their philosophy rather than teaching Taoist meditation techniques. Many people think that if you sit and focus on your breath for 5-10 minutes that you're meditating. We are not talking about meditation as an antidote for dealing with the stresses of the world, but using meditation as a way to overcome the instability of the mind that is intrinsic to the human condition.Socrates proclaimed that the unexamined life is not worth living.
You may use them as desktop backgrounds but if you want to use them for any other purpose you need to contact Seahorse Arts for permission. The background image courtesy of NASA taken from the International Space Station above the South China Sea represents the 'Karman line' or the boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and outer space.
These white naped cranes are threatened by extinction in China so this particular pair have become part of a conservation program in England. The Crane presses it's leg into it's abdomen to increase pressure and help it to stimulate digestion and live longer.
They engage in a courtship dance with their partners changing colour and swimming side by side. This is exactly what qigong and Taoist inner alchemy meditation, sexual energy cultivation, and the fighting and healing arts of China are based upon. We have, as usual, a fabulous list of low-cost retreats with plenty of new exciting listings as well as our famous core curriculum. Each room is equipped with ethernet internet and air conditioning that is room-controlled, although the cool temperatures in the Blue Ridge Mountains are usually just perfect. Minke has 25 years experience and has gone through major healing crises herself, including a heart transplant. This year she has a second week followup for those who want to go even deeper in their healing process. Frank has definitely earned grandmaster status with his 37 years experience, and he is still going to China to refresh his skills every year. Her retreat is for women only, and has a hot title, Sex and the Sacred Girl: Opening the Mysterious Gate of the Female. Unlike the Buddhist, Zen, or Indian meditation; Taoist meditation has never been mainstream. This is a foundation program and leads to the more advanced Taoist meditation practices such as Inner Dissolving. So it follows that to arrive at peace of mind, you must gain the ability to examine that which prevents you from having peace of mind from within.If you wish to refurbish a table, you start by taking off all the varnish until you get right down to the wood.
The Pine tree stays evergreen even in the winter snow, and the willow bends with the harsh North wind.
Kazzrie's speciality is putting people under her baby grand piano and then channelling in the exact musical healing they need.
Her Northern Wu Taijiquan retreat is also an opportunity to study with a nationally high-ranked competition champion teacher.
Frank is one of the sweetest guys I know, who is as interested in health and meditation as he is in fighting. What is my purpose here on Earth?How can I be of greatest service?Meditation is a means for discovering for yourself the answers to these deep questions through your own direct inner experience.

Many people say they meditate, which sounds really cool, but what is it that they're actually doing?
He is someone I definitely would not want to miss if I wanted to master the internal martial arts.
When I asked him why he didn't teach meditation he responsed that there were very few who wanted to learn. Taoism is the specific branch of meditation I teach to help my students delve inside themselves. Metaphorically, it may take you many hours each day of practicing meditation to arrive at this point, which is the beginning of the journey for those in monasteries--whether Christian, Thai, Burmese, Tibetan or Taoist. I feel this is changing in the West as more and more people are turning to meditation for stress relief, peace of mind and for spirituality. The ancient meditation methods of Taoism have been used for thousands of years to help people cope with stress and the challenging issues of the times.For more than 50 years, Taoist meditation has helped me flow with change and brought me to a higher state of awareness and being. They spend many, many, many years learning how to create a mind that is completely calm and stable.Even in the modern era, you can't expect to devote less than an hour or two a day and gain such abilities. More are also resonating with Taoist values of balance, peace and connection to nature.What is the Taoist Meditation Circle?The Taoist Meditation Circle is for those who already understand the importance of meditation and would like guidance in doing a practice. If you wish to become enlightened in this life, then frankly speaking, practicing five minutes a day won't cut it. It is an online group to learn the preliminary practices required to be successful with any meditation system, but mainly my focus will be to teach you the techniques within Taoist meditation.Every month you will receive meditation practice sessions.
Likewise, if you meditate to relieve stress and use an esoteric meditation technique, well you just might be able to get the job done with less fuss.So let's look at each of the three reasons for meditating in more detail to see what is required for each and how you can have the best chance of success whatever your goal!Meditation for Stress ReliefContrary to messages from magazine articles and advertisements, the idea that you can meditate for 30 seconds or three minutes a day and make a huge difference in your life is nothing more than a dream. You have the option of either listening to them on your computer or downloading them onto your MP3 player. Although meditation is often sold as a quick fix to your problems, it's just not realistic because it takes a certain amount of time for your mind to release the stress lodged inside you.Meditation takes time and space whatever your goal.
This wise man explained that the path of spiritual evolution was far more difficult to undertake than Taoist martial arts and qigong tui na (energetic healing). Open the Macro Orbit: 8 Extraordinary Vessels Open the Macro-Cosmic Orbit by linking chi flow in the Eight Extraordinary ("psychic") channels. Because it was a deeply important matter, Liu explained the process in detail and offered me the choice of whether to aspire to this journey. So although it may seem as though not much is happening, meditating regularly can have a profound impact on your life and the unfolding of your spiritual path.The first stage of meditation is all about releasing stress. After serious consideration, I made the decision to follow in my teacher's path knowing full well that I would have to summon all of my courage. As this phase of my teachings is coming to completion, I'll now be offering and integrating meditation topics into everything I teach.The Taoist Meditation Circle is also a preparatory program for those who eventually want to teach meditation. For most people, they must spend somewhere between 15-30 minutes a day (or at least 15-30 minutes as many days a week as possible) to release accumulated stress in the body and mind. True to Liu's word, Taoist meditation is the most formidable yet most fulfilling chi work I have ever encountered in my life. Energy Arts is planning on offering an in-depth (3-4 weeks) Taoist meditation training in 2012 for those who are interested.For beginners or advanced meditators?The Taoist Meditation Circle is for those who want to start, or continue, your meditation practice on a regular basis. It takes a certain amount of time to begin releasing the nervous tension bound inside the body alone. My teacher Liu's assumption was that the genuine reason for learning meditation was to become what in the West is commonly call "enlightened." Other traditions call it becoming one with God or understanding what lies at the root of the universe. The Circle will start with basic material to make sure you have all the core meditation skills required. That includes intimacy or sex with a loving partner, which is a major source of human pleasure. If you want to have some sense of the type of work involved and what it takes, read about the Tibetan mystic Milarepa.
It will mean you develop the ability to meditate for longer periods of time while still maintaining a high level of awareness. When the nerves are shot and depleted, which is common in our overwhelmed, over-scheduled, over-caffeinated and technology-driven lives, interest in sex and the ability to have it diminishes.Releasing the Nervous System with MeditationWhen the sex drive is shut down by the central nervous system, particularly those nerves that are stimulated during sexual activity, it makes people incapable of feeling and responding. The account of his life may lead you to believe that the only way you can arrive at enlightenment is to go to a cave and never come out again.Understanding this level of meditation requires that you complete the first two levels. This is especially true after long periods of excessive visual and mental stimulation with no physical outlet.
In the first level you're dealing with ordinary stress, so you just have to release some of it.
The Circle is thus perfect for the beginner meditators.If you are an intermediate or advanced meditator doing these basic practices again will be important to locate and fill in any gaps that you may have. It is the case for people who work on computers much of the day; they experience nervous rather than physical exhaustion. If you have a pile of garbage 10-feet high in your living room, removing most of it, to say a foot above the ground, might leave you with a bearable stink.When you reach the second level of meditation, the negative and destructive emotions you have inside you have to go. Meditation can help you relax your nervious system.People know that when they become overly stressed out, their relationships more likely go south. For seasoned meditators, the task will be to sit for longer periods of time, and I will be giving deepers layers of instruction.Why Meditate?To follow the path of meditation you should have a desire to know yourself at a deep level. They more easily fight with other people, become depressed or simply engage with others less. Many mysterious and chronic illnesses can be healed at the level, much faster than using acupuncture or herbs.
Anyone who has had a partner knows that extreme stress places a burden on the relationship--even if the stress has nothing to do with the relationship itself. Meditation is also something you should want to practice everyday not something you force yourself to do.

You're no longer dealing with stress from working 8-12 hours a day, but stresses that came from your childhood, relationships and everything in life, maybe what happened to you in the womb or even past lives.Discovering the Nature of Mind with MeditationThe methodology becomes important at this stage because you literally must deal with the nature of how your mind works.
Meditation can release emotions and help you build better relationships.Many people--even physical laborers who work 12-hour days--are able to have sex all night, especially when they are young.
Make no mistake, Taoist meditation (or meditation of any kind), when done correctly requires all of your Being.
Others, who might not have expended much physical energy in their workday, have no sex at all because they are stressed out.So How Much Meditation Do You Need to Relax?
How much meditation you need to relax is related to how much pressure must you release from your nervous system. You will also have access to an online forum providing a good place to turn if you get stuck anywhere along the path. In the Hindu tradition, for example, they have ideas of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, or creation, preservation and destruction.So as you start looking at what your mind is about, how it functions and why it churns and your thoughts jump around, so too must you develop a very, very, very deep focus.
However, as stress increases, people get heavier and they find dealing with others and what is inside much more difficult. You must gain the ability to take the uncontrolled mind--like a monkey jumping from tree to tree, a wild bucking bronco throwing you here and there, or a bunny rabbit hopping all over the place--and allow it to become still. We encourage you to post questions and participate in this forum each month to contribute to the meditation community.
You must train your mind so that it does what you want it to do as opposed to allowing it to jump around from this to that.Next, you must move into the psychic realm because many people can recognize their intuition, but most aren't aware of psychic influences. Often what you are going through can help others.If you have psychological, emotional, or mental issues you should seek the help of qualified medical professional and not sign-up for this program.
From a practical point of view, you can save yourself a lot of grief by spending just 15-30 minutes a day letting go through meditation rather than allowing stress to accumulate.Many people don't like the idea of taking responsibility for their own life.
Some traditions use the term "ghost" or "ancestors" while others talk about unseen dimensions.
The truth is that although people can help you, it usually only lasts for a very short period of time.
Before you start this program or any other programs from Energy Arts you should seek advice from your medical professional.I'm from New York. You should understand that my teaching style is often very direct - sometimes I even use explicit language which may offend you.
You can affect others, but you have to live with yourself 24 hours a day.So the question is: In what sort of an environment do you wish to live? And, if you wish to live in a better environment because you don't feel your internal environment is not clean and pristine, what are you willing to do about it?If you have all sorts of agitations and stress, you're the one who must make the decision to do something about it.
If this teaching style is not for you then I strongly encourage you to find another teacher that better matches your needs.This is really going to be a lot of fun or at the least an adventure. This point has been recognized for thousands of years, which is why meditation has been practiced in the poorest and most wealthy societies on the face of the planet.A Powerful 15-Minute Meditation PracticeSit with your spine as close to being straight as possible while remaining comfortable. The nerves of your body can let go dramatically easier if you sit up straight rather than crumpling into a little ball. It's not easy to feel the hairs of your nose, but if you pay attention you can.As you sit and notice not only your breath, but also how air contacts your nose hairs, all the internal images for which you're not consciously aware will calm down.
Your attention will eventually shift from an external to an internal orientation (as your nose hairs are a part of you).Try to relax your breath so that the movement of air going in and out of your nose relaxes your body.
The erratic energy of anxiety in your body will naturally slow down as your breath slows down.
Paying attention to your nose hairs and breath requires that your nerves wake up; stress tends to deaden the nerves.
A laborer that works 12 hours in a day can have a healthier libido than an office worker because their nerves remain fairly relaxed. Tired muscles don't necessarily mean nervous exhaustion.Breathe in and out of your nose, relax your breath, feel the hairs of your nose, and let your nerves rest and regenerate. Now this is a very short meditation, but it may give you a sense of how important it is to calm down your nervous system. It's a simple process, but it can definitely help you reduce stress.Meditation for Peace of MindFinding stability is the foundation upon which genuine meditation is practiced on the path to enlightenment. So in this sense, getting rid of your stress might be immensely valuable to your life, but it takes much more commitment to meditation to truly find and maintain peace of mind.No, you don't have to live in a monastery. But you must still do the same kind of work that people who live in monasteries, on peaks of mountains or in caves do to arrive at peace of mind.In the ancient Greek world, there were people who walked around for years. Likewise, today there are many business people that, while conducting ordinary business, look at how to bring meditation practices into their daily life.My teacher had a son who was born in China just after the Communist Revolution, so he didn't have the opportunity to train in a monastery. Since my teacher's son loved engineering, he taught him how he could meditate while engineering. I personally knew many people in the Far East who learned meditation through different activities in which they were interested. You can use meditation to create works of art, run a grocery store, collect garbage--or any job of which you could possibly conceive.
Reading holy books or practicing rituals in themselves cannot take you to the depths of your being.
You must practice.--Bruce FrantzisCommitting to MeditationTo gain peace of mind, you must make a significant commitment in your life--probably as much as an hour or two each day for meditating. Others may go to meditation retreats and spend several hours a day looking for that which allows them peace of mind. Now, if you can integrate a meditative practice into what you do in your life, then anything is possible.

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