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Sanctuary Work Party Sunday, May  8th 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Come see the new grounds configuration and enjoy  some spring weather! Hun Yuan Tai Chi Simplified 24 Intensive Workshop Instructor : Harrison Moretz This intensive is designed to improve and deepen the foundation of its participants. Sanctuary Work Party Sunday, July 3rd 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Come see the new grounds and enjoy  the summer weather! Taoist Walking Intensive Instructor: Harrison Moretz This intensive will present both foundation gong methods and walking methods. Deepening Practice Summer Retreat The Deepening Practice Retreat is an opportunity to immerse oneself in dedicated practice, which results in accelerated progress. With Elements similar to Ba Gua and Chen Tai Chi, this form is excellent at increasing internal and external coordination, and extending the tai chi energies through the staff. Everyone is welcome and there are a lot of things to do since the regrading and re-configuration of the grounds. Long ago it was discovered that the most effective way to observe the subtle workings of the Tao and the inner nature of men and women was through quieting the mind in sitting meditation. The novice in the Universal Tao System begins with a wide range of exercises which develop the physical body into an efficient and healthy organism, capable of living peacefully in the world, and yet free of the tensions and stresses of ordinary daily life. The first level of Taoist practice is accomplished by utilizing the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, Fusion of the Five Elements, Tai Chi Chi Kung, Five Elements Nutrition, and Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Giving birth to the self, the goal of Taoist meditation, is awakening that part of oneself which perceives and acts free of the boundaries of environmental education and karmic conditioning. If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big. Unlike any other system taught in human history: Taoism accepts no final definition other than the Tao. As a Taoist teacher I have a collection of methods that I find helps students quickly discover their own personal truth. The other reason for seemingly a large difference in learning times is: for a Taoist time is literally immaterial.
Why limit how to discover truth: when it is already present, wrapped around your very nature and is related to how you accept yourself? The whole point about practices and learning secret techniques, is that they are tools used to create challenge and provide the opportunity to have some fun while we live. Religion and philosophy are structures people place on teachings, to limit and control thought.
I will use language from many religions and philosophies because being human, those are references we have in our life to use.
As far as the universe is concerned this is a man made issue and it always will depend on the men and woman that you reflect against for the answer.

There isn’t a single answer, merely countless human stories on how Taoism should look like. Hi Casey, by reading books from other modern mentors I was introduced to Taoism and Buddhism.
Immersive daily practice routine will include; Taoist meditation, study and recitation of Taoist scriptures within the context of Taoist etiquette and customs.
It was the practice of sitting meditation that revealed the existence of Chi as a subtle electromagnetic force flowing within the body The pathways the Chi followed revealed the meridian system of the human body. Unlike other meditative traditions of Asia, which cultivate the soul and spirit at the expense of the physical body, the ancient Taoists considered all three bodies important.
The aim of the first level is to develop self-awareness of the physical body and its energy relationship with the environment and other people. As the awareness of the physical body is developed, increased levels of energy are made available by controlling and transforming sexual energy through Seminal Kung Fu and Ovarian Kung Fu practices. Human nature seeks answers and embraces truth towards our place in a seemingly larger universe. In our attitude it doesn’t make a difference if we spend 5 seconds or 30 years to learn a single truth.
We learn it as we learn it, or often more aptly the case, we unlearn it as we slowly release into it.
Think about this for a moment: How can anyone expect that a proscribed (restricted and constrained) manner of learning could actually define the indefinable any faster than any other method? As a result to a Taoist it’s again immaterial if we take an instant or explore an intricate system of practices to learn Taoism within. As a Taoist Teacher I never limit myself, instead as a Taoist I show the potential of being human and then go beyond that statement.
I was curious to know if virtues from other cultures have anything at all to do with Taoism? While Taoism tries to limit this with its relative teaching, the practice of Taoism for any person is not immune to cultural influences. I can think of all sorts of ways people hold life that they may think is Taoist in nature yet really isn’t. Although I may still follow some of the buddhist teachings (some overlap with Taoist teachings), Taoism seems to have the flow and balance that I’m looking for in a philosophy for life.
I have encountered all too many people trapped by their judgement and yet claim to be free.
Using our mind-intent, we then direct the qi through the movements of Qigong or Taiji form practice.
The Taoists found a way to climb consciously into the spiritual realms, and equally important, to climb back into the physical world to be creatively active here.

At this level one learns to heal oneself by learning to sense and direct the circulation of Chi within the meridian system of the body (the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation). This is an important distinction since as a person releases into Taoist practice, the heart connects to their truth of being one with the larger universe. I wish to understand as much as I can before I allow myself to reflect on what it is that i am accumulating within and around myself.
A perfect example is watching the catholic tradition change into Lutheran variation as it moved from Italy into Germany or into Protestantism in England.
That’s why I acquired the Tao Te Ching (Gia fu-feng and Jane English translation), I may get other translations later. The practice of loving selfawareness generates a positive energy condition in which greater respect and love for others radiates constantly without conscious effort. To learn Taoism, what it entails and the truth Taoist Teachers impart to students actually varies for each person.
The human heart leads this journey towards completeness, as each person uniquely finds meaning for their life. Some seekers take a moment to accept themselves others spend a lifetime finding personal acceptance. This is the rub, and why people work through so many practices in order to get to a place where it is possible to accept release. The two historically are connected only because historically Taoism was mainly practiced in China. I already started reading it and it is my first impression that this is a book to be read slowly and read it repeatedly in order to absorb its knowledge throughout life. As a result if a person accepts what they have already experienced in life then it helps speed up the process of learning Taoism. As Taoism expands around the world we see Taoist practices evolve to match newer practitioner cultures also. However, I was wondering if there’s other literature about Taoism that you recommend. By practicing in this life to transfer Chi energy into spiritual energy, we give birth to ourselves, raise our souls and spirits, and educate them.

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