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Senior meditation teacher and author of 'True Refuge' and 'Radical Acceptance' A heartfelt and insightful presentation on mindfulness and self compassion Taras guided meditation will reconnect you with your deepest sense of self.
Tara Brach is a leading Western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. About Us The summit is a not-for-profit project with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream. Shrink Rap Radio Psychology Interviews: Exploring brain, body, mind, spirit, intuition, leadership, research, psychotherapy and more! Tara has offered numerous keynote speeches and accredited workshops for mental health practitioners interested in integrating meditative practices into psychotherapy. Tens of thousands of people around the world listen daily to Tara’s free podcasts –meditations and teachings that serve emotional healing and spiritual awakening.
Hi David, Well as you know from the fact that I immediately volunteered to transcribe this episode and got it done post haste, I was completely enamoured with it. During the transcription process, as often happens when I do a transcript, I had an epiphany and it was that I realised how much I lack self compassion. I’m sure this is something many others struggle with, whether they are professionals in the business of helping others, or individuals simply struggling with their own healing and transformation. What I realised for myself is that I still equate self compassion with a form of weakness, self pity and self indulgence, narcissism even. She mentioned a practice that a man who had trouble forgiving his aged and sick father used It is a traditional Hawaiian technique called Ho?oponopono and the version I am familiar with is “I love you.
I have often used a method that I developed myself when working with certain people who showed up in my dreams which is similar and very powerful. When Tara talked about finding compassion for oneself through accepting it from trusted others, I immediately found myself in resistance to the idea that anyone who is in a very dark place would be capable of doing that and realised that for myself when I was in that dark place, it was mostly through my cats and nature that I found the sustenance to keep me going. David, this is such an important topic and so relevant to the type of audience who listens to Shrink Rap Radio that I’m sure there would be many more like me who would love for you to try and get Tara back to go into it in more depth. Are you likely to go to my Shrink Rap Radio Youtube site to see full-length videos of some of my interviews? Let’s take as a sample, the feeling of simple general anxiety – we’ve all had it, it’s easy to feel, and when it gets bad, it can cause panic and illness.  Resolving anxiety is always good. To me, the Karate Chop feels very steadying, and I’m glad this is where we repeat our self-affirmation. Now we can just flat out say what hurts.   Next, I tap on the top of my head, then my eyebrow, then the side of my eye, going through the rest of the 9 acupressure points to the underarm.
If the number has risen or skyrocketed because we really “got in touch” with the feeling, that’s called spiking. If you can handle it, you’ll learn over time that spiking is a great result, as horrible as it feels in the moment – because in the next few rounds you’re going to feel that nasty feeling so thoroughly that you’ll get rid of it pretty much completely. What very often happens to me is I do Round 1 and then Round 2, and it seems like no change, to where I start to feel like a jerk for wasting my time with this nonsense.  But I persevere. Dan gave Stewart a series of exercises which only the right brain could handle, so the neurons in Stewart’s spectacularly developed logical left brain would have to just stop firing awhile.  His right brain would have to step up.
First, Siegel said, the right hemisphere specializes in non-verbal responses, facial recognition and imitation, and other mammal to mammal relational expressions and body language – as distinct from verbal language and logic which are left brain actions. Then Dan reversed it, having Stewart mime something without words, while Dan tried to imitate him. Dan thought Stewart didn’t have that right brain function of assembling a map of how his body felt — which was why he didn’t have emotions. Dan taught Stewart to do “body scans,” in which attention is focused strongly and willfully (“mindfully”) on what is going on first in our head, then our face,  neck, chest, belly, legs, and so on, for prolonged periods of time — something Stewart had never spent 10 minutes on in 92 years.

Seeing my calendar for today, I take as many deep breaths as needed until I can relax the rising stress about all those calls and emails. What’s really amazing is that I have this tofu between my ears known as a human mind which can perceive all that. By Saturday I’m exhausted and not feeling so mahvelous dahling anymore.  I walk to the beach listening to that same Tara class again on my mp3, dejected that I’m so tired and by the way, walking to the beach alone. Just as she says this I emerge from the trees onto the beach at my favorite picnic bench.  I’m looking at a 180-degree view of the ocean about 70 feet away, tropical foliage with huge birds of paradise flowers, the seagulls, the sun on the water, the most gorgeous weather possible, and it hits me smack in the chest:  Do I have a question about whether I intrinsically belong to this world?!
Oh, nuts to reasoning why!  Tara says I belong.  Tara says I belong, and I want to believe her, in fact I long deeply to believe her – No damnit, I DO believe her.  Tara says I belong! And then I remember the Mendelssohn.  I remember Thanksgiving 2012 after singing Handel’s “Messiah” when I had to drive home alone in despair in a ballgown, hairdo and jewels, singing “I Know that My Redeemer Liveth” at the top of my lungs down Interstate 5 for an hour. At that point my body just took off down that beach running for the ocean like there was no tomorrow; I almost was not in control of it.
I hit the water and then I was dancing all over the beach sobbing for about an hour, playing the third movement a dozen times, running the length of the entire two mile strand, dancing and singing and skipping and jogging. Eventually I crawl off the beach to my bench with a huge grin across my face.  Gosh, this Presence thing sure is time consuming!  Who’d believe that just spending a week practicing being Present With What Is for every little ordinary thing, could lead to such a wave of physical emotion of belonging and being loved? And yet as a kid I had this physical experience over and over, every time I saw trees or stars or the ocean.
Suppose all of the above is claptrap.  Perhaps we humans are in charge of all that we see?  Not only did we make my bed and my floor and the toothpaste, but we’re pretty much responsible for everything?  Well then, obviously we don’t have time to sit back! Yikes again, did she just put meditation together with attachment love from a good mom, as if it were the same thing?  This shrink’s crazy.  She doesn’t bother to say we need someone else to do it, or specifically with us. But Tara’s just getting started, and she sees a way out.  If we study this need-fear mess we make of love and see how we’re creating the mess, she says, we can use Dogen’s “intimacy with all things” to stop messing, heal our bad conditioning, and find the love we need.
Then she makes another gigantic leap and says:  “I’ll name the basic principles at the root of any inquiry into waking up in relationships, and one of them is that love is intrinsic to what we are. Love is intrinsic, it’s already inside me?  This shrink’s crazy!!  Now even my cells are blowing a raspberry, all in unison.
Hmmm… Wait a minute, dear cells, I say, now perhaps that’s circular reasoning?  Why all the cortisol?  Maybe it’s our bad conditioning?
Maybe our brain stem received bum programming from conception to 36 months, when nobody remembers anything?
The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study reports that 17,421 patients with damaging childhood incidents showed correlation to serious medical conditions as adults.
She has practiced and taught meditation for over 35 years, with an emphasis on mindfulness meditation.
D., is a clinical psychologist, founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, and an internationally known teacher of Buddhist meditation.
She has also been active in bringing meditation into prisons and into the curriculum in DC metro area schools. Coe Leave a CommentWashington Post Reporter, Michelle Boorstein, profiles Buddhist meditation guru, Tara Brach, in this Washington Post report, that includes a photo gallery. Write down the intensity of your feeling on a scale of 0 (doesn’t bug me) to 10 (could jump out of my skin over it).  This “Subjective Units of Discomfort Scale” (SUDS) is useful because often we feel so much better after tapping that we simply can not remember how bad it felt beforehand. Create a one-sentence “set-up statement” which says: I’m going to accept myself and practice self-compassion. When I feel really bad, I might repeat my set-up affirmation while tapping three times on each hand, alternating hands. So he taught Stewart to create in his mind, an integrated map of his body, which only the right brain can do.

There was even one time Stewart came in and told me that I wasn’t going to believe what happened. Instead, I delight that my bed is supporting me as I stretch, that the floor is supporting my bed, and the Earth is supporting us all, as Peter Levine points out (these hints have a reason). And “all that” is organized, oddly enough, so that it supports my back and my body (if I just take a moment to feel into them). People were staring at me, I didn’t give a damn, I never felt so much flat out joy in my life. Why should that be?”  The question has no tangible answer, none; in fact at times it seemed downright impossible to me.
After you click the Play arrow, watch the moving bar because that may show how long it will take to load.   Or better, forget the electronics, close your eyes, lean back and just imagine.
Can you begin to sense the quality of openness, of awake-ness, of tenderness, that unconditionally makes room?  The “heart space” where Everything That Is, is welcome?  Intimacy is our potential to realize, and trust, and live from, Loving Presence. Perry also says the baby is designed to feel stress chemicals when this shock hits, so that it cries until the mother holds it, because if it didn’t and she didn’t, the baby would die.  And when she does, the stress chemicals stop and they both get a flood of reward (feel-good) chemicals like oxytocin. We’re breathing in this world, we’re breathing out into it; everything effects everything else. For one day, or as big a part of a day as we can hack, we will put 100% of our effort into being Present with What Is.  Come what may. Tara is the senior teacher and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and author several books on meditation and spiritual awakening.
I’m deciding to fully accept me as I am, the emotions troubling me, even my worst feelings.  Because, as Dr. A few months later, he was saying something about his grandchildren going skiing, and I thought there was something related to his brother, so I brought it up and he started to get tearful. He said they were saying goodbye to some people, and his wife put her hand on his shoulder, and he told her it felt good. All without my doing anything except paying the el cheapo movers $150 to move the bed up the stairs back in 2010 when I was suicidal and got this place thinking it would be my mausoleum.
To her it’s the most natural transition in the world – but to me it’s like jumping over the Grand Canyon.
Plus Bruce Perry says that the brain stem gives rise to the rest of the brain and nervous system, which drives the development of our viscera – so if our brain stem got fried, significant parts of our insides got fried in development. There is an old saying that if you stop seeing others’ faults, then naturally seniors are venerated and juniors are revered. I said ‘Let’s back that up, which foot got out of the bed first?’  He had to go from factual memory, to having a sense-of-self in time. Then she asked him if he wanted a back massage because in 65 years of marriage, he never let her do that. Some Buddhists critics think that she secularizes meditation too much in an effort to appeal to a broader audience. Buddha prohibited unwholesome actions, but did not tell us to hate those who practice unwholesome actions.”   Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher born in Kyoto (1200 – 1253). Obviously your sense of self, if you don’t have an autobiographical sense of self, is pretty thin.

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