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I was recently asked about using the colour meditation script in my Calm Kids book and the significance of the colour that children choose. This video blog should help you understand and give you some useful tips for teaching kids using a colour meditation. Many of us have felt this for a long time yet society has tried to control it with drugs or labelling them as disruptive.   This research shows us that there is another way. This was an online interview I gave recently which has lots of useful tips you may wish to try? The talk costs ?10 per person and there will be the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of her book on the evening.
If you choose to take any of the Connected Kids training, your payment can be offset against course costs.
One of the issues that we face as children (and all the way through life) is recognising what we feel, when we feel it. I have been practising meditation for years, yet just the other day I felt really flat and couldn’t name my feeling.
One of our level 3 trainers told me that she’ld been into a couple of high schools recently to teach young people meditation. The way she described the experience was so interesting, I invited her to write about it (and her journey so far) – and she obliged! Someone just emailed me with a great question which I’m sure many people think about.
It is the season to by jolly (so they say) but the festive period can be quite stressful for kids as well as the adults.
This professional 2-day course provides the advanced information and skills necessary to deliver bespoke meditations and mindful activities to children of all ages (toddlers to teens) and of all abilities including those with autism or additional support needs. Pre-requisite to attend is completion of Level 1 – regardless of your experience to date. The Connected Kids course teaches you how to establish a successful practice of meditation sessions for children in your community – schools, local youth groups, privately and is ideal for those currently (or looking to work) with children in this capacity eg, school teachers, learning assistants, therapists, yoga teachers. The accredited course content also empowers you with the ability to work 121 with families and children offering a Connected Kids teaching therapy session for a child and their support group.

The course will give you powerful insights and experience of teaching meditation for the purpose of relaxation, reducing stress and empowering children  or teens with meditation techniques to help them to develop their creativity, emotional intelligence, self esteem and remain calm in moments of high stress and anxiety.
Understand how to work with children who have ADHD, on the Autistic spectrum or have additional support needs. Assessment – to complete your level 2 training to a professional standard, assessments must be completed. ILA funding can be used toward level 1 (paying for the full cost of the course) or level 2 (up to ?200).
Skills Development Funding can help pay for 50% of the course if it enhances your work skills. Hi, I am starting the online level 1 course soon and hoping to do the Level 2 course in October in Ireland. Meditation =freedom in the mind, more balanced parent & infinite creativity, it is like opening Pandora’s box to infinite possibilities. Becky has a passion & gift for inspiring, motivating, coaching and empowering teenagers to be their best version of themselves.
After finishing your talk on the practical applications of meditation it is time to move on to explain about technique.
Finish your sitting meditation with a thought or thoughts of appreciation for what is good in life. I keep my journal alongside my meditation altar and every so often pick it up and read through to see if the issues in my past are getting resolved and how I did finally find my answers and how to proceed. Developing spiritually through giving appreciation is a blessing and a very worthwhile goal of meditation practice.
When you are ready, take a deep breath in, let it out, open your eyes, stretch out and continue on with your regular activities.
More than 70 offerings, from guided meditation techniques to on-the-go stress relief and relationship meditations interspersed with verse, and a section of special occasion prayers. Sitting, walking, dance and group circle meditations, along with positive affirmations, verses and benefits of meditation for kids of all ages and abilities in a 100 page book with illustrations. And the somewhat unlikely reason that this big tent of meditation continues to grow is film director David Lynch, whose foundation teaches TM to leaders in fields ranging from business to nonprofits.

Fortune 500 folks and several medical world heavyweights spoke before a capacity crowd of 375 people about the practice—which involves sitting for 20 minutes, twice a day, repeating a mantra given to you by a TM teacher. I went for a walk and noticed where I could feel it (in my core) and eventually realised it was the energy of resentment (a form of anger). Some of her clients are within the Autistic spectrum and some that the school system has been at a lost cause for a solution. One way to dwell on a virtue is to mentally repeat it over and over, going deeper into its meaning with each repetition. By keeping a meditation journal you have an opportunity to follow your spiritual practice over time. True to their business backgrounds, most of the panelists described those 40 minutes a day as an investment that pays off big—personally and professionally.  But what does mindfulness look like when it enters the boardroom? But Barry Sommers, CEO of the Consumer Bank for JPMorgan Chase, says if he has to choose meditation versus sleep, it’s meditation all the way.
My logical brain wanted to work out what it was and why it was there, but my mindfulness experience taught me just to sit with it and let it come up to the surface.
For the parent’s witnessing the positive change in their once shut down teenager has restored their confidence and given them hope for their future.
The counts can be repeated mentally until the pattern is established, then stop the counting while continuing the pattern throughout the meditation.
If at any time you wish to stop receiving it, each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe. For the teenager for the first time in a long time they start to feel happy with a mind that feels less foggy and can think. And, after the sitting meditation taking time to write out your plans in a journal or diary.
Make meditation part of your daily routine and let the Bellaonline meditation articles help you select just what kind of meditation is right for you, whether you are a child, teen, or adult, a beginner, or advanced practitioner.

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