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Self-harm is often done by teens as a way to cope with an outside source of stress or emotional pain. There are signs and symptoms that parents can watch out for if they suspect their teen or family member is committing acts of self-harm. Unexplainable sharp objects mixed in with their personal belongings, such as razors, glass shards, or needles. However, it may be difficult to find this kind of proof, as many go to great lengths to hide their acts of self-harm.
I also help women learn to love themselves and shift their old beliefs so they can live more connected and authentic lives.
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The ways in which teens self-harm include cutting or severely scratching the skin, burning the skin, hitting themselves or throwing themselves into walls, sticking objects into the skin, swallowing poison or harmful objects, and preventing wounds from healing.
Many teens also use self-harm as a way of dealing with their own negative feelings about themselves, such as self-loathing, and use self-harm as a means to punish themselves or suppress guilt. Although self-harm is a source of temporary relief for many teens, it will not actually solve any of their problems. However, remember that self-harm can be hard to detect, as many teens can hide scars with clothing and hide the emotional state that self-harm has put them in.
Many families are coping with this issue and reaching out and finding something that the teen and parent can talk to is great advice. For some teens, self-harm is the only way they can cope with their emotions or the stressful situations or circumstances in their lives.

Self-harm is usually associated with severe bouts of guilt after the act is done, and is therefore hidden at all costs.
Self-harm is also a way for some teens to feel as though they are in control, as some feel that they cannot control any other aspect of their lives.
The teen may say that the scars such are from their “clumsiness” and may try to explain away their scars by saying that they often trip or fall in order to hide the fact that they are hurting themselves.
The temporary relief felt also allows them to not find a solution to their problems, which often leads to depression and self-destructive behavior related to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and suicide.

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