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To continue the discussion, tune in for my online presentation next week called “Redefining Beauty: It’s Time for A Change.
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The truth is, many of us are in abusive relationships with our bodies, internally bullying ourselves every time we gain a few extra pounds and externally jeopardizing our health with fad diets. Low self-esteem, sexual promiscuity, smoking, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse and the list goes on, are all factors in how our thought process about ourselves manifests in our day-to-day life. Your internal dialogue is the continuous conversation that you have with yourself about everything that happens to you. With so much attention placed on appearance and the prevalence of photoshoot images in the media, a teenage girl trying to understand what a healthy body looks like can be a massive challenge. The most important goal for a mother should be to help her daughter discover her authentic self, the part of her not defined by her looks or her achievements. Marina Passalaris is the founder and director of Beautiful Minds Australia, a school dedicated to educating girls about self-esteem, etiquette and life skills to help them become confident and dynamic individuals.
Great advice about present day media & the role of parents particularly mothers educating and safeguarding their daughters.
Ask them their Opinions.  Teenagers are full of opinions and love to be heard and treated like grown-ups. Visit us on facebook!Brock's Academy 4 hours ago We love our families and it is our honor to partner with our students' greatest teachers. It’s frightening to think they feel invincible and do stupid things while under the influence; drinking to extremes and getting alcohol poisoning or  ‘experimenting’ with drugs. Yes, they end up having sex with the same condom! Two girls, one condom; who’s being protected here!?
Thankfully, her friends overheard this comment and quickly got the teenage girl out of the room and away from this individual. Any unwanted sexual advances regardless of being DRUNK, HIGH or PASSED OUT are called SEXUAL ASSAULTS or RAPE and is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. I know what I’m talking about because I was date raped while under the influence of alcohol. I’m deeply concerned our teenage girls are graduating and marching off into the world with a suitcase already full of insecurities, low self esteem, warped body image issues, guilt, shame and a total disconnect to who they are as a person.
I’m equally as concerned our teenage boys are also marching off into the world but with an entitlement to cross boundaries with women and disrespect them verbally, mentally, emotionally and physically. Music, television, games, movies and other sources that create a twisted culture of youth buying into being sexy, growing up way too fast and boys disrespecting girls are definitely out there. Ultimately it’s OUR RESPONSIBILITY as adults to have open conversations and lead by example showing our children what DIGNITY, SELF RESPECT and INTEGRITY means.
I know some incredible teenage boys and girls who are awesome examples for other teens to follow; however, THEY NEED OUR HELP.
Please note that I no longer conduct court-ordered Child Custody & Access Assessments or Parenting Capacity Assessments. This article originally appeared on Handbag Mafia and has been republished here with permission.

When I was 15 or so, I had a boyfriend who must have been sick to death of hearing about how fat I apparently was. To give you some perspective, this photo was literally taken a few weeks after that conversation:I was a size 10-12 and 176 cm tall (that’s a smidge over 5 ft 9 inches in the old money) and weighed less than 70kg. As a parent, I am trying to make sure our kids grow up with far better self esteem than I did. This is making time to talk about crazy fads like the so-called “bellybutton challenge” (where you are supposed to put an arm behind your back and reach around your side to touch your navel to show how thin you are) or “Kylie Jenner challenge” (sucking a shot glass over your lips to get a full, pouty mouth – often resulting in bruising, blisters and torn mouths) as they come up and about how unrealistic or unnecessary they are as well as other appearance fads as they emerge. It also means discussing the expectations, particularly on women, to look and dress in certain ways and to behave in certain ways and how the media they consume plays a big role in this. As far as traditional media and social media go, I think the best thing you can do is to give your kids a critical eye to view it all with.
Youth can feel awkward, self-conscious and isolated and need all the support from their family. Its vital that young women have positive body images as this will directly impact on young girls self esteem, confidence and overall feelings about herself and her place in society.
Empowering young people with skills and knowledge that enable them to challenge what they see and the underlaying messages and straegies used by media, can help them to avoid taking on board these images so literally. Being a good role model and encouraging children to engage in activities is so important for good self esteem and body image.
Miss not quite ten told me yesterday that she thinks she has fat legs she doesn’t, of course, but some of her classmates are extremely slender.
Self medicating due to difficult issues such as anxiety, depression, divorce, grief etc is extremely serious and needs attention. The girlfriend was not told the truth so made a decision to have sex with her boyfriend based on lies. I think it was the first year of high school when I really started to be pretty certain that I was, in fact, terribly overweight.
I remember a time when I was moaning, yet again, about my fat belly when he suggested I could try crunches or sit-ups if I wanted a flatter tummy. I was right in the healthy weight range and I look at this picture now and wonder what the hell I was thinking, because that kid had nothing to worry about. I’ve had two children, I’ve lived through times of enormous stress, times where I didn’t have a lot and the occasional times where I’ve had too much. They’ve seen the stretch marks and wobbly bits and I’ve done my best to make it clear to them that I’m not overly bothered because this is what having children does to a body; it changes it.
Say you are going out to a wedding or party; telling your child they look great is perfectly fine. It’s a great vehicle for talking about the double standards we often see within our society and it’s not only girls that need to be aware of these things.
My presentation will examine the unattainable standards of beauty that are currently  set by the media.
I wanted to escape my problems, gain acceptance by my peers and feel ‘pretty’ so partying became my method to cope with these teenage issues.
He finds out that his girlfriend has now arrived at the party so he gets girl #1 to leave the room. They may do well in school, have jobs and be involved in other activities like adults but they are CHILDREN and we need to keep them SAFE. I’d had an inkling that this was the case in primary school, but it seemed less important then.

He probably thought he was telling me what I wanted to hear, since all attempts to reassure me that my body was fine were falling on deaf ears.
The best thing I ever did in this regard was to stop beating myself up over my size, because it’s really hard to teach your kids to have good self esteem if your own is dragging in the gutter. It’s not a huge deal, just the result of having a baby and a body that clings to every calorie while breastfeeding. I want them to have good self esteem, to value themselves regardless of size or weight or appearance.
It will focus on the consequences of such impossible standards on the development of girls’ self esteem, body image, and confidence. What a cruel world where such young girl’s are already questioning their value based on shape! By the time I’d figured out where to get the bus from, I’d also learned that I was at least 2 clothing sizes too big. I remember being utterly crushed and trying desperately not to show it, changing the subject and saving the tears and further self-loathing for a more private moment. Focus instead on their efforts, their achievements, their skills, their good qualities and interests.
Watching on YouTube? Unless you are aware of their influences, you won’t be able to discuss it with them. It means that we are creating a generation of girls, whose self confidence peaks before they even reach double digits.
As adults we need to be aware of the impact our words have and the messages we are sending out to young people.
I think it’s important to be healthy and happy in your own skin, no matter what your age. It means that from that point on, their confidence starts to fade, slipping away as insecurities, doubts, and body image issues begin to take hold.
I have served as an Oral Examiner with the College of Psychologists for many years, assisting to ensure that potential new psychologists meet the registration requirements. This was something I obsessed about quietly in my head for years, though it occasionally spilled out of my mouth here and there. It will not only bring you closer together but will show your daughter that believing in yourself is okay. How can we create a generation of girls whose confidence and self esteem continues to rise throughout their teenage years, past the age of nine, propelling them into leadership roles and successful careers? Recognizing and modifying negative thoughts about herself, making a positive contribution (such as volunteering), exercising regularly, and adjusting unrealistic expectations that she has set for herself are just a few strategies that may boost your daughter’s self-esteem. We would all moan about how fat we were, make half-arsed attempts at reassuring each other and then the cycle would start on some other perceived flaw.
But being larger doesn’t necessarily mean being unhealthy and when it comes to other people, we have no way of knowing the status of their health and shouldn’t make assumptions.

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