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42, the answer given by the supercomputer Deep Thought in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. For seven and a half million years, this stupendously powerful, office-block of a machine had whirred.
Two physical constants in the universe are the speed of light and the diameter of a proton.
The sum of the ordinal alphabetic positions of the initials (SPG) for Stan (P.) Gibilisco, an oft-published science and technology writer, is equal to 42 (S=19, P=16, G=7). The puzzle is an illustration consisting of 42 multi-coloured balls, in 7 columns and 6 rows. Few of us ever stop to ask one of the most basic questions about the Universe: Where is it? The central concept of Rene Descartes, who brought philosophy forward into its modern era, was the primacy of consciousness; that all knowledge, all truths and principles of being must begin with the individual sensation of self. Much has been written about this sense of self, and entire religions (Buddhism, Zen, and Hinduism, for example) are dedicated to proving that a separate independent self, isolated from the cosmos, is a fundamentally illusory sensation. Language was created to work through symbolism and to divide nature into parts and actions. Indeed, Benjamin Libet found that unconscious brain electrical activity occurred up to ten seconds before there was any conscious sense of decision-making by a subject. Biocentrism shocked the world with a radical rethinking of the nature of reality … but that was just the beginning.
The Biocentric Universe Theory: Stem-cell guru Robert Lanza presents a radical new view of the universe and everything in it. A New Theory of the Universe: Biocentrism builds on quantum physics by adding life to the equation.
A new theory asserts that biology, not physics, will be the key to unlocking the deepest mysteries of the universe. The quest to unify all of physics into a “the theory of everything” has inspired a host of ideas.
Robert Lanza is an American Doctor of Medicine, scientist, Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) and Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest University School of Medicine.
I spent a couple of years rolling pennies and eating canned spinach and pasta while I tried to understand the universe. A long list of scientific experiments suggests our belief in death is based on a false premise. Life is a flowering and adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking, an interlude in a melody so vast and eternal that human ears can’t appreciate the tonal range of the symphony.
Can life really be reduced to the laws of physics, or are we part of something more noble and triumphant? The contemplation of time and the discoveries of modern science suggest that the mind is the ultimate reality, paramount and limitless.
An amazing set of experiments suggest that events in the future may influence things happening in the world now. Why out of all of existence do you get to be, say, just a plumber or a hairdresser — followed by nothingness for the rest of eternity. The mystery of life and death cannot be examined by visiting the Galapagos or looking through a microscope. We suppose ourselves to be a pond; and if there is any justice, it must approach upon these shores.

Both science and religion appear to be honing in on a deeper reality, one totally ignored by most people until now. We take physics as a kind of magic and think everything just popped into existence one day out of nothingness. Evolutionary biology suggests life has progressed from a one dimensional reality, to two dimensions to three dimensions, and there’s no reason to think the evolution of life stops there.
If we could see before the first single-cell organism, and after the last man and woman, only you would remain — you, the Great Face behind, that consciousness whose mode of thinking that contains the world. Did you ever wonder why people like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson didn’t fare any better than you or I despite all their money, fame, and access to people of wisdom?
OK, now times that by The Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe, and divide by the Restaurant At The Edge of the Universe.
When it came to announcing what it had discovered, crowds had quite understandably gathered.
The answer can help us understand the structure of nature and rid the mind of useless things. Of course, it’s possible to over-think the issue and come up with attempted refutations.
First, that we’re truly free to enjoy the unfolding of life, including our own lives, unencumbered by the acquired, often guilt-ridden sense of control, and the obsessive need to avoid messing up.
Now a pioneer in the field of stem cell research has weighed in with an essay that brings biology and consciousness into the mix. We can’t see the laws that uphold the world, and that if they be removed the Universe would collapse to nothing. Life is just one fragment of time, one brushstroke in a picture larger than ourselves, eternal even when we die. According to Biocentrism, consciousness can’t be extinguished in a timeless, spaceless world. But our worldview is catching up with the facts, and the old paradigm is rapidly being replaced with one that can address some of the core questions asked in every religion.
But there are consequences to our actions that transcend our ordinary, classical way of thinking. Relative to the supreme creator, we humans would be much like the microorganisms we scrutinize under the microscope.
By allowing the observer into the equation opens new approaches to understanding everything from the tiny world of the atom to our views of life and death. We’re all ephemeral forms of an individuality greater than ourselves, eternal even when we die.
But like us, plants possess receptors, microtubules and sophisticated intercellular systems that likely facilitate a degree of spatio-temporal consciousness. However, for a machine or computer there’s no other principle but physic, and the chemistry of the atoms that compose it. Many modern astrologers regard it as the most desirable of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when the harvest of all the hard work of the spring is reaped.
Then Sunday my family celebrates my birthday all over again, this time with my mother and brother’s birthdays (which are next week). Actually, since it’s officially past your actual birthday, Happy Birthday WEEK to you!
You know, I've always felt that there was something fundamentally wrong with the Universe.

In addition to Descartes and Kant, there were a great many other philosophers who also argued along these lines. Because the images of the trees, grass, and the computer you’re looking at are real and not imaginary, it must be physically happening in some location. Nothing is perceived except the perceptions themselves, and nothing exists outside of consciousness. In reality, recent experiments show conclusively that the brain makes decisions faster than we’re aware. It was my intention to read the book so I could more effectively refute it like a dedicated physicist was expected to. Lanza presented in this book changed my thinking in ways from which there could never be retreat. Sometime in the future science life will finally figure out how to escape from its corporeal cage. Despite half a century of scanning the sky, astronomers have failed to find any evidence of life.
My sister-in-law Lynn demands much acknowledgment for her entire birthday month, which is also October, the 21st.
Every aspect of that butter, its existence on every level, is not outside of one’s being.
In other words, the mind operates all by itself, without any need for external meddling by our thoughts. I consider myself to be firmly and exclusively entrenched in the cosmology camp embodied by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Lisa Randall, Brain Greene, and Edward Witten.
Although the eye delivers its payloads of electromagnetic energy, these are channeled through cables to the back of the brain, augmented by other locations that are as vast and labyrinthine as the Milky Way. Some are loath to accept this because it destroys the entire house-of cards worldview we’ve embraced all our lives. Lanza’s writings provided me with the pieces of perspective that I had been desperately seeking. Lynn doesn’t allow her husband any pre-bday attention for his special day, which is Nov 2, lest it fall into her birthday month. Rather, it’s as if the seat of consciousness escapes from its nervous isolation cell and takes residence in some other section of the theater, where the lights shine more brightly and where things feel more direct, more real. If that is consciousness in front of us, then it extends indefinitely to all that is cognized-calling into question the nature and reality of space. Everything I had learned and everything I thought I knew just exploded in my mind and, as possibilities first erupted and then settled down, a completely new understanding emerged. So hers builds and builds all month long, and his gets a 1-day build up and then the whole thing is over!
If we still think of the moon and believe that it’s out there orbiting the Earth, or accept that other people are watching it, all such thoughts are still mental constructs. Bottom-line: if no consciousness existed, in what sense would the moon persist, and in what form?

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