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As Yoga makes its way onward toward becoming an important facet in our culture and lifestyle, it’s reach is creating increasingly bigger waves. The Smithsonian will showcase the the very first visual history of Yoga in October of 2013.
All over the world, millions of people practice yoga to find spiritual insight or better health.

The exhibit has been in the works since 2008, and will be a great addition of knowledge and cultural reference to what is usually a forgotten area in many museums. We do not believe that yoga pants make every posterior look good, however, we do believe it enhances a nice posterior to it's fullest potential. Eighty masterpieces of sculpture and painting, dating from the 3rd century to the 18th century, illuminate yoga’s central tenets as well as its obscured histories.

Some 40 colonial and early modern photographs, books, and films reveal how yoga was despised as superstition during the 19th century and then resurrected in early 20th-century India as a democratic practice open to all.

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