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It’s the individual traits, expertise, and experiences of each member of the team that makes the team great. We have a stroppy Black Widow who Steve Rogers seems to be needling into doing just the right thing at the right time with the right weapon.
And we have Steve Rogers, who were are told so very early on in this comic, can master any weapon in seconds. So we get a variety of Marvel ephemera thrown together to create a very silly comic indeed.
And it, a bunch of people on the Warren Ellis Forum went for a drink after a Warren Ellis signing. We have an over talkative Beast who is clearly getting on his team mates nerves without thm saying a word.

What we are not told is that is fellow Secret Avengers are as much a weapon as anything he can shoot or throw. But then the threat, the danger and the solution are played straight, deadly straight, with the consequences that comes with it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lin is in talks to direct the film from a script by Andrew Hodge. Here is J Scott Campbell’s cover in black-and-white for Civil War II #1, exclusive for Midtown Comics in New York. Most of them anyway, all the lead characters aside from Animal Man, who were married previously, were suddenly no longer married. The first Avengers however, was particularly good in my opinion because it was packed with themes from my other great interest, Libertarianism.

Without further ado, I give you my top 5 Libertarian themes of the original Avengers movie.
We start with the playfulness that may have been expected in Nextwave, but then the book takes a swerve and goes in a very different direction. So he creates a very silly scenario here, using the flotsam and jetsam of Marvel continuity over the decades. With four disparate semi-Avengers finding a secret city buried a mile below the surface on Cincinatti, giving Jamie plenty of perspective points and lines of sight to throw down some mean architecture and car chases throughout it, culminating in a very nasty use of Doctor Doom’s time machine, which has been emitting Von Doom energy.

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