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With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more prana (energy). It cleanses and nourishes you from within and calms you, whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable, or emotionally shut down. Busy people from all backgrounds are grateful to pause and enjoy a refreshing few minutes of meditation each day.
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It seems there’s a new study every week to showcase some new meditation benefits.  Meditation is the practice of taking time out from our busy lives and daily activity by quieting the mind’s thoughts.
Meditation is increasingly used by overwhelmed parents, stressed out students, employees that are overloaded or anyone that is looking for a greater sense of focus, productivity and calm.
Meditation is all about focus—focusing on your breathing, a sensation in your body or a particular object outside of you.  The more you meditate, the more aware you become of when your mind drifts.

More gray matter in your brain can lead to more heightened focus, positive emotions and emotional stability.  Meditation has been shown to lessen age-related effects on gray matter such as the decline of cognitive functioning.  Studies show that meditation actually rebuilds your brain’s gray matter in a matter of weeks!
Meditation triggers a state of relaxation when it activates your parasympathetic nervous system.  After meditating for even 20 minutes, you can get energy-boosting endorphins that help you spring to life—without needing to rely on that cup of coffee.
When you meditate, it allows you to take charge of your emotions and your own nervous system.  Meditation counteracts stress and helps you get better sleep, increase happiness and boost creativity. Are you a CEU Provider?Contact us today about partnership opportunities for your upcoming continuing education seminars or webinars! Open to all who have completed an Art of Living Course.Find one near youWisdom SeriesCommentaries on ancient sacred texts, by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, presented in a simplified manner which can be applied to daily modern life. Today, this humanitarian, spiritual leader inspires one of the world's largest volunteer-run NGOs. Focused attention is a lot like a muscle that needs to be strengthened with exercise.  In fact, your focus can even improve when you’re not meditating the more you practice. Don’t have 20 minutes a day?  Start with just five!  Here is a simple guide to squeezing some quality meditation into your day. By performing regular and targeted brain exercises, you can increase your brain’s cognitive reserve.  Get ready to boost that brainpower with these 5 memory games to sharpen your mental skills!

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