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The brain is the center of our nervous system and like a muscle that needs daily physical exercises our brain needs mental exercises and various challenges to be able to grow at its full potential. In the past few years, scientists discovered and proved that regular exercises for our brain can improve different parts of it, such as memory or concentration. These kinds of applications that train our brain are designed to improve and strengthen memory with daily exercises.
Memory Trainer is an application for Android devices that will improve your memory and concentration skills. Right from the start, users can choose the type of workout they want: either a program with 20 different sessions or individual targeted exercises.
These mind games test your spatial and visual memory, concentration and other elements by asking you to remember numbers, colors and names. Furthermore, it offers a nice graph which shows progress until that particular moment of time.
This application has over 80 questions and developers are saying that others will come soon with even more updates. Brain Workout is an application which will keep your brain alert, by testing it in various ways. If you are one of those people keen to show everybody how good they are or you just want to see your position between your friends, just share your scores on the worldwide leaderboard and enjoy. Brain Games 2 puzzles and riddles is an iOS application which is designed to strengthen your mind. Coming with a nice interface, a friendly and clean design, the game lets users enjoy its unique features by making only basic and intuitive actions.
Visual Memory is an application for Android devices meant to test and improve users’ memory.
Basically, the application shows some circles on the screen and you have three seconds to touch the new one that just showed on your screen.
Charge Your Brain HD represents an assembly of little games that allows improving different sections of your brain.
The application has three different difficulties, easy for beginners and kids, normal for average people and hard for people who are accustomed with big challenges.
Charge Your Brain HD also has an interactive guide which will present users all the things that are needed to be known before starting to play the game. All in all, it’s an application that if it’s daily played it will stimulate and develop different areas of the brain.
Brainscape is another type of application that helps to improve your memory, but instead of a series of games, it’s a service that helps users to study and learn specific subjects and to optimize their time.
It represents a simple method to learn for your exam, it has two different ways of helping users study and improve their memory: the first way, where they have to create their own flashcards and the second one, where they can choose to study expert content from the application. This educational platform permits to create flashcards on desktop computers and iOS devices. Word Breaker Full is a combination of different applications related to words which enriches the users’ vocabulary. With this application users can interact and learn complicated words that they usually don’t use in common conversations, assignments or other daily situations.

Word Breaker Full offers a suite of beautifully word games and it’s available to download from Google Play Store for only $1.99.
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If we don’t task it, it will become sluggish and with time, we will start forgetting things. That’s why in the following lines we will present the most efficient applications for your Android and iOS devices which will improve memory with the help of mental exercises.
A proven benefit  is that the applications can work out concentration, memory skills, spatial memory or focus. Even more, developers say that their application can even lower the risk of getting the Alzheimer disease.
If you want to take a break when you are in the middle of a game, it’s not a problem because Memory Trainer lets you pause and pick up from where you left it. There are four little games that test and develop four areas of our brain: Memory, Focus, Reaction and Accuracy.
Every time you launch the application, choose the area of the brain that you would like to work out and have fun.
Good to know is that the application is free and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It includes five different games: The Last One, Crazy Star, Hyper Lines, Dim Stars and One Way Ticket, which will grow you IQ according with the developers’ statement. All progress is tracked and shown in a performance chart so that you will always know if you are on the right track or not. Basically, it’s composed of dots that are connected to each other with lines and your objective is to move them with care so that they will not cross each other.
At every level, another circle appears on the screen and you have to tap on it, racing to come under the default time.
Every game was especially created to test your image recognition, logic, comparison of objects, mathematic skills, memory and speed of response. There are four games which can be played in this application: Find a Pair, Flash-Memory, Blocks and Math Problems. Moreover, it has beautiful graphics and an easy interface making it suitable even for little children. It’s available for iPads and it’s free for download, but the game packs and additional games have to be bought and their prices start from $0.99.
It’s an education platform that was specifically designed by its developers on base of solid cognitive science. Moreover, the service allows  sharing flashcards with friends or colleagues, working in a team. It contains a lot of games, such as the well-known Scrabble, UpWords, Angry Words, Wordfeud, Crossword Puzzles and more.

If you come across a word that you don’t know don’t despond, because this application has its very own built-in dictionary which gives results in just seconds.
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In addition, developers created more games that are available for download through the main menu of the application. After they are created and you start using the app, a random flashcard will appear and you’ll have to rate it, from one star to five, depending onhow good you know that concept.
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