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Want to be a Blockhead for 2016 or is this casting for something different as there's no mention of The Block? The Block is calling for auditions, shooting towards the end of the year. Kara & Kyle were the winners of The Block this week by a single point giving the Fans their first win. I also think they’re judging on preconceived expectations of the favourites rather than judging all teams on the same basis. Maybe it’s time to change the judges, or at least bring the viewer vote into the mix. That 5-foot cactus was an understated feature and if you’d like tips on how to grow your own, check out our Growing cactus article. Neale Whitaker said “This room is a very strong indication that this couple is thinking of that young, urban, professional, inner city dweller”. Max and Karstan kept all other elements in their guest room simple (and just right!) to let their windows SHINE. We love it when people celebrate the original features of a room and that’s exactly what Chris and Jenna did when they painted the trusses in their guest room to create a suspended sculptural artwork. Our mailing address is: PO Box 569, Fyshwick, ACT 2609 Or see the Contact us page for more ways to get in touch.
Thanks Kaitlyn, I'm really enjoying this time even though adjusting to less sleep has been a challenge.
One team ends up very disappointed but the first The Block Fans v Faves are done and we’re ready to see if the Fans dominate the start of the actual competition.

After a huge week of renovating and a race to finish the contestants deliver their main bathrooms on The Block Glasshouse . The winners of the Main Bathroom areas are Jenna and Chris taking away the perfect score!!! I agree about the judges but the boys should have not put lights around the bottom of the benches that spoiled it. The wheel of misfortune looks a little waited to me, once you put the magnetic choices on the wait will fall to the bottom of the wheel. Is it possible to get the paint color of the kitchen) of Lysandra and Alisa’s kitchen. Seriously – that slanted roof (genius!), wooden feature wall (always a TICK), and pops of yellow were just the right amount to put a smile on our faces.
They made great styling and decor choices, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that next week things fall into place so they can present a finished room. Linen, velvet and quilting were just some of the textures layered on the guest bed to create a truly warm and welcoming room – can we come over and stay?! Founded by Gina Ciancio, a social media adviser turned blogger, we share our favourite home products, tours of designer homes, interviews with artists and experts in the design industry and other stylish news.
Being who they are and what they do clouds their ability to see a room for what it really is. Although the twin’s room was pretty cool, it lacked storage and had a poxy little desk at the top of some useless stairs.

I understand they wanted the island bench to see seem floating with the bottom illumination,however, with the brick feature wall it needs to have a softer aesthetic.
Always gets me how they can walk into a room be positive and then start picking little things – particularly Ms selling houses who only seems to come up with a negative after the others have said something.
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Steve and Chantelle’s room is the best, it symbolises NY loft style living, the foldaway bed is a real winner, the room is a study and then becomes a bedroom when visitors arrive.
Take away the rope lighting from the other parts of the cabinetry, leave the island bench as is, add warmer looking pendant lights and add a huge vase of flowers and that should do the trick.
Oh, and along the way you can read all about my journey of building and styling my dream home. I love the block for the stress it puts people under and the construction aspects, but I can see I will dissagree with the judges, and the attitude of the ex-cops will really grate.

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