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Ponce de León may have been searching for the fountain of youth, but we're more interested in getting old. While doctors and nutritionists can offer up suggestions on how to live a long, healthy life, the people who know the most about reaching a ripe age are those who have already done it – namely centenarians. In order to unlock the secrets of living a long life, we've rounded up the tips and tricks that people who have reached 100 years of age have dished out.
Stay Single Jessie Gallan, who turned 109 in 2015, said her secret to a long life was "staying away from men. Get Some Shut EyeKermit Hongo, who died at the age of 116 in 2003, was known for her unique habit of sleeping for two days straight and staying up for two days straight. Get Healthy a€¦ Dan Buettner, who studies "Blue Zones," or areas with a high concentration of people who live to 100, credits the healthy lifestyle of citizens in Sardinia, Italy, with their unusually high rate of centenarians. When the Today show visited a village in Sardinia in 2015, a family who was known for their longevity credited their health to their family's healthy, vegetable-rich minestrone soup, which Buettner pointed out contained a hearty serving of beans. Beryl Netto from New York thought that eating purred prunes and exercising every day were the key to success.
French-born Jeanne Calment lived to be 122 until she passed away in 1997 and reportedly ate more than 2 lbs. The 7 Routines -- Discover Dani's Seven Simple Routines that can Better Your Health and Fitness Level Starting Today. Dear Karla - THANK YOU for letting your readers know about the upcoming Christian Fitness Teleseminar!

A group of centenarians have travelled from across Cuba to Havana to celebrate their longevity. The elderly are all members of the so-called 120 Years Club, a group set up by Fidel Castro in 2003. Cuba's average life expectancy is 77-years-old, only second in Latin America to Puerto Rico and more than 11 years higher than the world average. A group of centenarians have travelled from across Cuba to Havanato celebrate their longevity. Many islanders ascribe their longevity to free medical care, mild climate, and a low-stress Caribbean lifestyle. Rosa Maria Artiaga, 104-year-old, said, "Young people don't like to work much, nor do they like a tranquil life.
Arcadio Radillo, 103-year-old, said, "I cannot tell you the secret, because all of us are born with a loan of life. A group of centenarians have travelled from across Cubato Havana to celebrate their longevity.
A group of centenarians have travelled from acrossCuba to Havana to celebrate their longevity. Across the UK the hunt is on for James Foleya€™s killer, who authorities believe is a British national.
Their advice can sometimes be contradictory (some say to eat healthy, another says to drink three sodas a day) while other tips can be more general, like loving one another, but every response proves that there's a lot more living than just reaching a certain number.

She even continued to do light exercise for a half-hour before going to bed when she was 99.
Instead, she loves to indulge in rare hamburgers, chocolate, cocktails and enjoying the nightlife. She said she drinks three beers and has a shot of Jonnie Walker Blue Label scotch every day after a doctor told her to stick to drinking regime when she developed a benign tumor in the 1930s. No matter what your age or physical condition, you can make a positive change for the better and "Make the Rest of Your Life the BEST of Your Life!" starting right now. One in 7,000 Cubans is over the age of 100 and Cuba also claims to have the oldest woman on earth - at a 126-years-old. The centenarians hope to live to 120 years old or beyond through a healthy diet, exercise and a positive outlook on life. As Richard Bestic reports from London, Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his summer break to lead his governmenta€™s response.
However, she did have some more traditional healthy habits like riding a bicycle until she was 100.

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