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This meditation will help you manifest a truly happy and fulfilling soul-mate relationship.
Whether you are currently single and looking for your soul mate, or seeking guidance for the next steps with a partner you have already met, the visualizations in this recording will help you realign yourself with the path of true love. In the first part of this meditation, you will work with the angels and archangels of divine love to heal and release what is keeping you from giving and receiving love freely.
For best results, listen to this meditation once or several times as you feel guided, leaving some space in between sessions to allow your healing and manifestation process to unfold gently. If you must interrupt the meditation for any reason, please make sure you ground yourself well by bringing your awareness fully back into your body, doing some breath work, stretching, going for a walk, petting your cat :) Etc. Should you experience any discomfort while listening to this meditation, stop listening and continue only once the resistance has dissolved.
They write and speak about personal development through the home and believe our homes are connected to all aspects of our well-being and influence all parts of our lives. In the second part, you will connect with your soul mate on a soul level to envision your most joyful possible path together, to receive clarity and guidance, and to prepare for your reunion on Earth.

Should you be suffering from a serious psychological or medical condition, please consider seeking the help of a counselor or medical doctor. Although this meditation has been recorded with love and with best intentions for your healing journey, channeled material can sometimes bring awareness to suppressed emotions and hidden aspects of ourselves associated with painful memories—which naturally causes the ego to resist. Right guiding u to the way to the life that needs to be lived and the moments that need to be spent together.
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