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Bank heists are extremely difficult to pull off, no matter what Hollywood might have us believe.
Deep below the streets of Manhattan sits a vault so impenetrable that it’s entrusted with more U.S. Security is so tight that men aren’t allowed to enter the vault; pallets are moved around by a team of robots. Dubai, known as the City of Gold, finished building a vault to hold all that metal in 2009. What makes the vault holding Iran’s gold reserve impenetrable is that nobody can say for sure where it is. As the global economy suffers more people are plowing their money into gold to hedge against inflation. This picture captures the aftermath of atomic bomb testing under the codename Priscilla that occurred in June, 1957 in the Nevada desert.
At it’s heyday in 1914, the Dominion Bank Building in Toronto, Canada was considered the most secure bank vault in the entire world. Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for “Instant Karma.” It’s situated below Hard Rock Cafe London in what used to be Coutts Bank. The one vault on this list that throws me off is the #9 the Antwerp diamond center because if folks pulled off a job on it how is it impenetrable???
The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. On the surface, the area around Waterloo station might not seem like such a strange or dark place.

Surrounded by countless teapots and cups, Tim shakes my hand apologising for his paint-stained fingers.
Most of the events in VAULT seem to reinvent genres in this manner, or old works, such as Silent Opera’s silent-disco inspired production of La Boheme, The Kindle Theatre’s re-telling of Clytemnestra through heavy-metal and Rollmop’s digital story-telling event. I ask him about the festival evoking darkness and horror and he replies ‘Being underground in the tunnels does evoke some sort of darkness. Before parting, Tim gives me a tour of the tunnels, leading me through the impressively expansive main space, the cinema where rows of velvet chairs are gathered under a low-arching, brick ceiling and the pink-draped set of the Silent Opera. The VAULT London arts festival takes place from the 9th to the 26th February at Waterloo’s Old Vic Tunnels. We decided to compile a list of songs which certainly exist and almost certainly will gather dust without ever seeing the light of day. To say that Kanye West is a perfectionist is a serious understatement so it’s no surprise that his name appears more than once on this list.
The thieves got past body heat detectors, Doppler radars, magnetic fields, motion detectors and an incredibly advanced locking system. Not sure why but I always gravitate to them, I guess I'm the type of person who likes to see rankings and what not.
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However, upon looking hard enough, a bizarre current is noticeable, pulsating through the streets; the remnants of cardboard-city tucked away in the subways, free-runners prancing about the rooftops and, deep underground, a cavernous space dripping with history, silently gathering dust beneath the relentless tumult of the city.
In these sealed industrial zones, there’s a sense of the walls closing in… It’s a brilliant sort of place to be making anything.

We shuffle through piles of autumn leaves in another space filled with trees and eventually emerge back out onto the streets of London. It’s hardly a secret that artists have vaults packed with old music that we might never hear. An eternity ago in 2012, he tweeted out a tracklist which has been the most promising thing to happen with regards to Act II: Patents Of Nobility. This space, The Old Vic Tunnels, is perhaps Waterloo’s best kept secret, and is currently being transformed by producer Tim Wilson, founder of Heritage Arts Company, and his team to become the venue for VAULT London Arts Festival, a three week festival brimming with exciting events where opera, film, theatre, music, dance, partying and comedy are transformed into unexpected and intriguing new forms. Before saying goodbye, I ask Tim what type of audience he thinks VAULT will appeal to and he cheerfully says ‘If I was going to bracket them, I’d say, um… humans!
Tim’s excitement for the opening of VAULT is clear as we discuss what the audience might expect from it. A few of those tracks are available online, authorised or otherwise but very little details are known of this one. The one thing we do know is if those stories about Young Guru, Mike Dean and others receiving custom Rolexes as incentives to stop music leaking from the LP are true, it probably won’t surface on the internet anytime soon. They have a personality connected with the film you’re watching reading from the source-text at the beginning. It was one of those electrifying coincidences where I thought, I hope that’ll happen for every show!

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