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Hidden somewhere, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground seduction lair.
Product DescriptionHidden somewhere, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground seduction lair.
You said Adam got the ball rolling, but when someone’s playing the game of The Game, what’s something that you personally added to the game?
I think a couple of my favorite things are the Neg cards, where, like, whoever has the worst driver’s license picture or the most wrinkled shirt loses points. It definitely seems that you don’t have to be single or on the market, as it were, to enjoy the game.
Having brought up the fact that you have a girlfriend begs a question about the original book: how quickly did you admit to her that you were the guy behind The Game?
I think the initial impetus was being a rock critic at Rolling Stone and The New York Times and going to all these shows, which are carnivals of flesh and sexuality, really.
Well, I’d say the Marilyn Manson book, but all my books were kind of crazy experiences. We had a weird experience with him right when the new Jane’s Addiction album was coming out. Has there been any book that you’ve attempted to write that fell through, either because the person ended up not wanting to give you the go-ahead for all-access that you’d anticipated? There are definitely books where I’ve met with the person and decided not to write the book, for sure. With Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life, the content is a significant jump forward from The Game.
I’m sure there were several moments while writing Emergency that would qualify for this, but…was there a particular revelation you discovered about the financial situation in America and the economic downturn that was just heartstopping?
Just to wrap up, as a TV critic, I have to ask you about The Product, the series that you, Navarro, and Cliff Dorfman (Entourage) were set to do for FX. Yeah, The Product was an actual pilot, it made it over to FX, but they didn’t greenlight it in the end.
Tags: Cliff Dorfman, Dave Navarro, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life, Entourage, FX, HBO, Marilyn Manson, Motley Crue, Neil Strauss, Paul Nelson, Rolling Stone, The Dirt, The Game, The New York Times, The Product, Who's Got Game? Every week Bob Westal whips up a new drink recipe, from the classics we all love to new recipes to try out when you're out or at home. And in these lairs, men trade the most devastatingly effective techniques ever invented to charm women.

Now, with the help of collaborator Adam Kornblum, The Game has been turned into a game itself. In fact, we had a dinner party a few nights ago, it was about 12 people, and I’d say about eight of them were couples in serious relationships. The fact that people aren’t worried about anything in the world until it affects their wallets and their bankbooks.
Is there an article you’ve written about someone perhaps not as immediately notable that you’re particularly proud of? The fun books are when a band is just getting huge and they’re sort of really enjoying the decadence of that. Strauss was a self-described chick repellant--complete with large, bumpy nose, small, beady eyes, glasses, balding head, and, worst of all, painful shyness around women. For example, if you make up something conversationally and someone else in the group believes it’s true, you get two points. This guy Rich Wilkes wrote it, and…I think it’s the first book of mine that was optioned for a movie, and that was, what, 10 years ago now? I thought it’d be fun someday just to put out the excerpts from unpublished autobiographies.
He felt like "half a man." That is, until a book editor asked him to investigate the community of pickup artists.
So all through the game there are these two layers: the game itself, and the social mission.
I think my only recourse is to be as sincere as possible, because everything is tainted with suspicion. Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen behave a certain way and lose their jobs, but rock stars do it and get raises. More than terrorists acts, more than natural disasters, more than all these things that are more likely to happen than a complete economic Armageddon. In the end, it just kind of sucked up a lot of their time and kept them from doing the writing they really should’ve been doing.
And Neil Strauss, the bestselling author, spent two years living among them, using the pseudonym Style to protect his real-life identity. And I probably wrote other people’s book for five, six, seven years before I finally had the balls to write my own book. And he died alone of starvation in his apartment, just completely neglected and with 10 years of writers block.

He spent two years bedding some fine chiquitas and studying with some of the North America''s most suave gents--including the best of them all, the God of the pickup "community," a man named Mystery. He spent two years bedding some fine chiquitas and studying with some of the North America's most suave gents--including the best of them all, the God of the pickup "community," a man named Mystery. The result is one of the most explosive and controversial books of the year -- guaranteed to change the lives of men and transform the way women understand the opposite sex forever. On his journey from AFC (average frustrated chump) to PUA (pick-up artist) to PUG (pick-up guru), Strauss not only shares scores of original seduction techniques but also has unforgettable encounters with the likes of Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss, and Courtney Love. There are games with fun challenges, tests, points giving and taking, but where you’re actually trying to execute a social mission within the group…?
But the good news is that by the time I finally wrote my own book, I had so much writing experience that it held together. You spend all this time, you care about culture and film and music, you sacrifice personal relationships to culture.
And then things really start to get strange -- and passions lead to betrayals lead to violence. If you look at the Great Depression, the people who survived that were, like, “You suffer, and it makes you stronger.
But by using high-powered marketing techniques he''s turned seduction into an effortless craft--even inventing his own vocabulary. His technique sounds like a car salesman''s tip sheet: his main rule is FMAC--find, meet, attract, close. I was surprised and yet not surprised that the big epiphany was that no one takes anything seriously until it hits their own wallet. I mean, you sit there, you write all this copy, and in the end you think, “Well, what am I doing with my life? He employs the "three-second rule"--always approach a woman within three seconds of first seeing her in order to avoid getting shy.
Start with a disarming, innocent remark, like "Do you think magic spells work?" or "Oh my god, did you see those two girls fighting outside?" And finally, the most important characteristic of the pickup artist--smile.

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