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You can't wait to find out what happens and you're learning a little something – now that's an unbeatable combo. Check out three novels that fit the bill for our staffers – and let us know what you're reading.
Jodi Picoult has never been afraid to tackle difficult subjects – which is why she's one of my favorite authors.
Check back every Thursday for another round of staff picks, and see more book reviews each week in PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands now.

Rituale in Familien und Familientherapie - Carl-Auer VerlagEvan Imber-Black, Janine Roberts, Richard A.
That's because the secret, which threatens to upend Tupperware consultant Cecilia Fitzpatrick's life, is a doozy. The idea of a bizarre crime being investigated by a goofy former cop isn't exactly new, but Hiaasen manages to make the premise feel fresh and entertaining.
The rest of the time I was totally wrapped up in the nuanced characters and their everyday, one-of-a-kind happiness and heartbreak.

She hides from the world by working overnight at a bakery and keeps most people in her small New England town at a distance – until she meets Josef Weber, an elderly man whose friendship forces her to fully confront her heritage. The Holocaust is a weighty topic, for sure, but this book reminds us once again why it's something we should never forget.

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