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What are some of the spiritual topics that you would be interested in at Unity Radiant Light? Are you looking for a spiritual center that is uplifting and will help you experience the Presence of God through word, music, prayer, meditation, and community? A place that is inclusive and diverse, and will support you on your spiritual quest to know Spirit and find prosperity, healing, and peace? Unity Radiant Light was founded on the belief that there are many people in the Rhode Island area who seek the truth and haven't been able to find answers in their traditional houses of worship.

We blend a unique perspective of bible teachings, metaphysical interpretations, soul stirring music and sermons that will be found relevant to your spiritual life as well as useful for every day living.
This is a confidential and comforting way to join in prayer with someone who understands your special needs and see things right.
As we enter a new era more people than ever have questions about our true purpose about why we are here.
Our purpose is to express our divine potential and the more we fully awaken to our divine nature, the more fully God will express in and through our lives.

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