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In your dreams you live where you want to be, you can empty the goblet of joys to the bottom, you may draw the income that you believe you honestly deserve, that is, you can live the way you would like to! But this image requires a constant rush, stress, anxiety and worry in our life, as nothing is free, we have to struggle to achieve our goals. But even if we use the master key and implement the idealized image of ourself, the sense of satisfaction does not last very long, as there are so many other goals in life, so we set up another objective, even more ambitious, as there are so many fields of life where we have not been very successful. That is how we pursue our goals until death, when we realize how meaningless the whole thing has been. During our spiritual journey we must recognize this process, and we must realize that we no longer need to become something new, as we are all in possession of all the qualities that we have been pursuing so far in our dreams. That may not even be the right question; the right question is more likely that “Why do we need a gate at all?”  Who created it, and who prevents us from reaching the things that are so important for us, e.
A glance at our rush reveals that there is the intention of becoming something else behind it. That is how in the course of years we become mere imitations instead of independent human beings.
And now, with the master key of the law of attraction, the iron gate is opened, and we may regain our lost freedom.
But this route, as we have seen before, leads us at best to the recognition of the futility of this freedom. Only the realization of the senselessness of the daily struggle in the world of the shapes and forms brings us real freedom, which is the freedom of the termination of identification with shapes and forms.
The glue that lulls that Pure Consciousness and binds it to the shapes and forms is the activity of the mind. If we condemn or like something or someone, we have identified with our opinion and the emotions coming with it. In the state of Witnessing Presence, when we are contemplators, we are free of the desire to identify with thoughts and emotions. How many times have you said to yourself “If only I had more time, I could make more happen with my blog!” I hate to be the one to break the bad news, but there’s only 24 hours a day for each of us, so you won’t be getting an extra hour anytime soon!
So many times, I’m sitting at my desk working and I have like a flood gate of ideas open.
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The Law of Attraction says that you synchronistically attract from the outside what you resonate with on the inside, or that you can bring into your life what you momentarily strongly focus upon. At the same time, however, experience shows that negative possibilities manifest when we least expect them, and that anticipating them is what actually keeps them from happening. So how can focusing on negative possibilities attract them in one case, and prevent them in another? All we have to do is look at some typical cases and find the one rule that accounts for them all. You think in a matter-of-fact way about everything that could go wrong, and find that by doing so things actually turn out surprisingly well. You adopt an optimistic happy-go-lucky attitude and pretty soon positive opportunities come to you synchronistically. You have a gnawing dread that things will go wrong, but ignore this feeling and avoid thinking about it, and sure enough things do go wrong. You have a deep-seated fear, your mind is constantly preoccupied with all the ways this fear can come true, and soon the very thing you feared does indeed manifest. You have an optimistic attitude but ignore thinking about negative possibilities, and eventually something bad happens that you are not prepared to handle. When you expect various negative possibilities, are you merely aware of them, or do you really believe deep down that they are inevitable and therefore dread them in some way?
You can be aware of a negative possibility while having zero emotional investment in it, like casually crossing the street after having looked both ways to avoid getting hit, yet without a single pang of fear as a young child might have when crossing alone for the first time. Positive emotions and an optimistic attitude attract outcomes that reinforce those very feelings, and so these manifest in synchronistic ways. Here you are mentally focusing on the idea of being protected from harm, and emotionally resonating with same. Without being aware of that possibility, you neither blocked its manifestation nor selected an exclusively better alternative to anchor into place through resonance. Even worse, here you do think about the negative possibilities but in a way that actuallyselects them for reinforcement by a negative attitude that resonates and attracts them. Simply resonating with positive ensures that perhaps up to 90% of your experiences end up being positive. In summary, while the Law of Attraction explains how you attract resonant experiences, its counterpart the Law of Awareness explains how you constrict the possible range of experiences. When you become aware of a probable future, you are observing it, but only partially because it is not a certainty. As for how your internal resonance attracts corresponding probable futures, that is more a phenomenon of Realm Dynamics.
When your mind is delocalized, such as when you are coming out of sleep and thoughts are still highly nonlinear (and before you feel yourself “compressed” back into your body), that is when using the Law of Attraction works really well. The Cassiopaeans advised people to always expect attack, that knowledge protects and ignorance endangers, and that having a happy-go-lucky attitude and practicing non-anticipation of positive things opens the flow for their manifestation.
There is the issue of whether simply being aware, being non-anticipatory, and having a higher soul vibration through spiritual devotion is enough to make everything fall into place — whether intentionally engaging in reality creation by visualizing and energizing desired futures is even necessary. This is a fascinating Interview; How The Law of Attraction works vs Law of Action with Lilou Mace and Jack Canfield . If you can expand your corresponding beliefs to accept that what you desire to create is possible you’ll manifest it. There is an invisible all pervading substance in the universe that organizes itself around your desires.
Are you manifesting what you deeply desire and yearn for or are you manifesting what you say you don’t want? While most people today have an awareness of the Law of Attraction (thanks to The Secret) that it is a combination of our thoughts and emotions that create our circumstances they don’t take it seriously. Unfortunately though because we human beings tend to have more negative thoughts running through our minds on a daily basis than positive ones we seem to easily manifest a lot more of our negative stuff than what we truly desire. While you might have manifested a lot of the negative stuff you were unconsciously ruminating upon in your life you should take that as evidence that you are really, really good at manifesting!
The secret of manifesting what you desire rather than what you don’t is to always be sending more positive signals into the field than negative ones.
Many times we get so caught up in focusing on what we don’t want that we forget that we can change our mindset. The truth is we have little control over any circumstances other than our mindset so, to let circumstances keep us focused on the station that reruns the same depressing show over and over is insane.
I guarantee that if you change your channel from your struggles, problems and what you don’t want in your life to the channel that features what you want and makes you feel AMAZING and take action to change your circumstances your life will ultimately become an amazing reflection of the emotions you feel. When  it comes to the Law of Attraction, does it matter if you are grateful, appreciative or thankful when you’re working on manifesting a desired outcome? Most everyone knows that you ought to focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t because what you focus on expands. There was a comment on the Powered by Intuition Fan page recently in response to something I posted. Centering our lives upon this wisdom activates a blueprint within us that has been dormant since our birth. As we live each day, fully connected to our intuitive wisdom, we accomplish more than we could have ever imagined. The truth is you will never see that another reality and way of harmonizing with life exists until you take that leap of faith.
There’s a misconception that in order to attract abundance into your life you ought to prime the pump of the LOA by spending money.
What Shin meant was that if you’re praying for rain you must take action and dig the ditches to hold the water ahead of the rain. You might have misconstrued this advice by first buying the things you wanted as a demonstration that the money to pay for them would then show up. Notice though, Shin did not say to go out and use up all the water you have as an act of faith that it would rain and then the water would be replenished.
When you invest money you take an action that ensures that the money will return a dividend, in other words, pay you back.
The Law of Attraction is an idea in personal growth circles that what you think about becomes your reality. Back when I spent a lot of time thinking about this concept, I theorized that most Law of Attraction proponents had the idea backwards.
I consider that video to be one of the most inspiring and powerful videos I have ever watched. So, let’s pull off the Law of Attraction lens for a moment and look at this from the viewpoint of the Laws of Physics.
The simple fact is, however, that there are fundamental forces, elementary particles, and basic laws that govern how everything interacts within our universe. In a world where we seemingly have conquered our environment and have dominated our surroundings, we like to think that we have some measure of control over our lives. Now that you have a better idea of what I am saying, let’s take a look at the payoff that I promised earlier in the post. According to this, if our thoughts are negative, we will attract bad things, and if our thoughts are positive, we will attract good things. The course offers you a chance; let us open that gate together, and once we have done that, a new world, full of possibilities and promises will open up for you.
And now here is the master key for us to use, it will eliminate all anxiety, put an end to the restless rush. From the earliest times, they try to shape us to match their expectations and those of the entire society. In order to match us into their molding forms, our parents and teachers created the heavy iron gate, and kept us away from everything that, in our infantile life, did not match their expectations. That is how the liberty of developing our individuality according to our own rules is taken away from us. We take a deep breath and believe that the whole world has opened up for us, we have possibilities that we have only been dreaming of previously. Alas, the general experience is that most Wanderers begin to use that freedom as imitations only, for purposes our parents and teachers used to believe was freedom. The mind judges and categorizes everybody and everything, dividing them into good, bad and neutral categories.

When we find something neutral, we put it in the ”it might come in handy later” box, which is also a way of identification.
We no longer judge things, we no longer categorize, and do not struggle against thought and emotions. You wake up super excited to get to work on your blog – your mind is full of ideas and you’re just raring to go!
You make a lot of changes to your lifestyle – more exercise, no junk food, more veggies.
In fact, try to remember your last meal – I bet you can’t do it without visualizing it! Some of these products are purchased, while some are products I received free in order to review. So by having an optimistic attitude and focusing on success one attracts these, while having a cynical depressed attitude attracts negative experiences.
The difference is between prudence and paranoia, between mental anticipation and emotional investment. And you can be in emotional resonance with something while not even thinking about it consciously, like having deeply suppressed issues gnawing away at your subconscious despite your denying them on the surface.
But because negative outcomes are not acknowledged here, while you are not attracting them, you are not necessarilyblocking them either. Awareness plays the role of selecting that outcome to the exclusion of all others, while emotion attracts and somewhat anchors it into place.
So it was free to manifest, and anything from resonance to random chance to malicious intent by others could nudge it onto your path. Not only do you resonate with and attract the negative possibility through ego insecurity, self-destructive beliefs, paranoia, or fear, but by refusing to even think about them in a strategically preventive manner you give them wide berth to manifest. If you focus on them and fear them obsessively, things will gradually get very weird and very dangerous because you’ve lowered the drawbridge and waved them in.
But whereas observing a quantum wave in the present collapses it into a definite state, observing a wave still in the future merely constricts it a little, reducing its fluidity and therefore interfering with its ability to manifest synchronistically in the present. If a certain future involves you getting sideswiped by negative forces, then that future has a good probability of happening. It is entirely a quantum thing, because the attracted experiences always manifest synchronistically. Also, you may have noticed how when you have a passing thought about something you need, a thought that you quickly forget about, very often those tend to materialize most quickly and magically. I did not grok this stuff until realizing it myself years later after much observation and pondering, afterwards understanding in retrospect why what the Cassiopaeans said was good and self-consistent advice. The latter gets into the sticky territory of black magic if done too often, too selfishly, and too intensely, whereby the higher flow of things is forcefully twisted to serve egotistical ends. If you’re a student of the spiritual laws of success or even just the well publicized law of attraction you know that if you have limiting beliefs deeply embedded within no amount of repeating affirmations or creative visualization is going to work. Why it Matters:The Sherpa Guide to What You are Looking For by Brenda Corbett and Jennifer Chloupek. E2: 9 Do it Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout. The right path in life is the one you are most passionate about and excited about following. This is exactly why we create a lot of what we don’t want in our lives rather than what we do want.
No one is going to be 100 percent positive all the time but if you can change the mix to more positivity in your thinking and emotion and what you talk about than negativity you’ll see immediate evidence of your efforts. When I realize I’ve spent way too much time on a broadcast that depresses me and makes me feel worse I can change the channel. We must choose to change the channel away from the one rebroadcasting the obstacles and challenges in our lives. No amount of wishing or visualizing and repeating affirmations is going to change things until we take action. Feeling great, as if you already have a job you love, while taking action is going to open more doors than going around complaining and whining about your current job. You reply, “Because I love seeing mountains as far as the eye can see and I love seeing water. For example you can be grateful that you averted bankruptcy or that you narrowly avoided foreclosure.
I followed my intuition and left a 16 year finance career and it has proven to be an amazing ride.
When we are aligned with this wisdom, we naturally gravitate toward those activities that honor our authenticity. This blueprint contains our true potential and reveals the route we are to take to remember what our chosen mission is at this time.
We surrender and allow life to flow through us and take us to our next steps easily and effortlessly. Open the way and seed the cloud toward your abundance by investing not spending on yourself.
But before I do that, I want to take some time to talk briefly about the Law of Attraction. It would be impossible to try and go into the depths of what it is in a single blog post, let alone a few paragraphs. Now, a lot of people have a lot of different interpretations of how this plays out in real life, but suffice to say that, if we had to condense it into one simple idea, it would be that your thoughts determine your reality.
Instead of your thoughts and intentions manifesting and bringing things to you, I believed that it was more along the lines that your thoughts and intentions bring you to those things. For anybody who has taken even a basic physics class (or has even a slight interest in science), you know that certain laws (and theories) govern the way things behave in our universe. So, let’s look at that idea from a philosophical point of view by returning to what Alan Watts said in that quote (and expanded upon in the video).
Everything you think, say, and do is determined fundamentally by scientific principles (both basic and complex). The other half is how your genetic code and DNA now interacts within the environments that you have been in.
Whenever someone seems to suggest that choice is an illusion and that you ultimately are not in control of your life, everybody seems to think that that is cynical. I’m suggesting that to break even the strongest thought patterns, you might try doing something you would NEVER do.
Doesn’t that present to you the grandest of purposes — to live your life as a force of nature, growing and evolving by consciously changing your stimuli? The protest is caused by the vary nature of the forms and shapes, as in their world every form and shape is subject to permanent change, birth and death. In this way, we attract to us everything that was previously in short supply to us: money, power and a variety of entertainment. Instead, we observe them as witnesses when they appear, stay there for a while and then finally vanish. Now imagine that you don’t have a scale, tape measure or mirror to see if these changes are having an effect. Being matter-of-fact keeps you nonchalant and prudent (instead of fearful and paranoid) and without emotional investment in those negative possibilities you do not attract them either. So although you are not blocking negative possibilities by thinking specifically of all the ways things could go wrong, and instead are merely selecting one positive outcome where all goes well, the fact that the positive outcome is also attracted through resonance gives it superior priority for manifestation over those negative outcomes that would otherwise manifest as a matter of chance.
However if you become aware of them while staying free of emotional preoccupation and obsession, then you are more protected from their meddling than someone who never became aware of them at all]. When a quantum system is not observed, it stays in a fluid wave state spread across a spectrum of probabilities. That makes it a stronger future, whose feedback effects travel back into the present and attract you toward it.
Whereas conscious awareness decreases quantum fluidity, subconscious resonance increases the pressure behind any quantum fluidity that does exist, thereby heightening synchronistic manifestation.
Because not only were you entirely absorbed in the thought, but you were also in a slight trance state (mental delocalization), and afterwards forgot about it, so that anticipation did not block its outcome. I think that a humble approach that does not trivialize one’s own spiritual sovereignty is a balanced approach, one that recognizes that active reality creation (through visualization and so on) is a supplementary tool to be used only when necessary, and that it is the consistent fundamental modes of awareness, attitude, and action that count most. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! You will also know that your external life is a mirror of the beliefs you hold on the inside.
In addition you meditate and visualize yourself achieving this goal and making this amount of money and feel the corresponding positive emotions that you’d feel if  you were earning it.
If you’re feeling demotivated and underwhelmed about your life and future you need to read this book. If you’re looking for proof that your thoughts create your reality do pick up this book. You need to create a sacred place inside of you that’s calm and centered where you can retreat from our very fear-based world.
The most efficient way to stick with building an attitude of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.
The sooner we accept this and find a way to navigate challenges without letting them dictate our state of mind the happier we will be overall. There is a point however that we have to pick ourselves up and deal with what life has dealt us. Put your attention on the beautiful way you feel in your new mountain home overlooking a river. Now with this feeling in the forefront of your mind take the actions you need to take to change the circumstances of your life.
This is the transformation your life goes through when you rely on your intuition to guide you. The world comes to you. Doors have opened and paths appeared before me that were not on my radar when I was living fearfully and holding back from listening to my inner wisdom.
As we focus our lives on this mission, and on this guidance, we find the obstacles that held us back in the past begin to fall away.
Unfortunately, while Byrne did a huge service for the world the depth of the information wasn’t there to accurately convey how to bring more abundance to your life. Over time with good investment strategies this investment will grow and be part of the money you live on in retirement.

When you learn something useful it contributes to your ability to apply it in a way that the actions taken based on knowledge you received pays you back over time.
Buying something the goes up in value and returns a profit when you sell it is an investment. You probably want to learn how to be more successful at life which is to be happier, peaceful, self confident, more capable, loving and a better human being I would imagine. Invest in a course that will help you learn what actions you need to take to create a better life.
You’ve got to be specific in order to come up with the action steps to seed your cloud.
Find a coach or take a course on how to find your life purpose, read a book on this topic or have a thorough astrological reading of your purpose done. What personal growth blog would be complete without sprinkling in the Law of Attraction at some point, right? Now, my whole view has changed, and I want to share some of the philosophy behind that view.
From the largest galaxies right down to the smallest particles, there are consistent observations and discoveries that science has made about how things interact with each other. To put it simply, you were born with your genetics, and each day of your life your experiences have shaped those genetics in very specific ways.
The freaky part of that thought is that things like choice and free will, when viewed within that context, are actually illusions created within the construct of our minds. I’m saying that your thoughts determine your reality, but your thoughts are ultimately determined by the stimuli you receive.
It seems, however, that one day the gate will open up, and when it happens, you may experience freedom that you have so far been able to read only. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we would like to be better, more beautiful, richer than we are at present. Whatever we attract to us with the master key, we are going to lose it, as everybody departs from this world empty-handed, all those who pursue their goals, live in the spell of past and future.
They do the dance of the forms and shapes in the space of Consciousness that is in fact we are ourselves. By pondering what they all have in common and how they all differ, it is possible to piece together the principle.
Therefore, naive positivity that comes with total ignorance of anything negative or unpleasant is not smart at all. But when one observes or tries to measure it, the wave collapses into a single tangible state. For instance, you might feel a mental tug to do something, to forget something, commit an error, etc… that results in getting unexpectedly ambushed. It is no surprise then that consciousness constricts while the subconscious attracts; the conscious mind to the subconscious is what the particle is to its wave. And from a higher perspective, it is a pure and unselfish act when you ask for something from the depths of your heart this way without being self-conscious or commanding. This is why the first step to achieving greater success is to expand your beliefs of what’s possible for you to be, do or have in your life. In The Bond, McTaggert sets out to show that we are all connected – and does a great job of it.
Creating is innate to your being and like it or not the field acts upon your thoughts and emotions. You didn’t sit around visualizing, creating vision boards or repeating any affirmations, did you?
Doing this every day helps neutralize negativity so you feel renewed and restored and more positive. A job you love, a home in a place you love, a healthy strong slim body, having more than enough money to have and do everything you desire?
Conventional thinking no longer sways us; rather, we are moved to share out true talents and gifts with the world in loving service. Questions we have had are answered, and all the uncertainty we might have experienced about living within this new paradigm disappears.
And, this life force energy carries us over the bumps int he road and headlong to the next steps on our quest. We surrender the emotional burdens that had us in knots—those that hindered us from living life fully. If people have been doing things one way for eons they just cannot fathom that there is another way.
Examples of some good investments that will improve your life are education, coursework and coaching. This will prime the pump of the LOA in your life much more than a one shot purchase such as a pair of boots.
I must warn you that, from a certain point of view, this might seem like a dismal outlook on life. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, for example, suggests that every particle in the universe is attracted to every other particle by some gravitational force. In the most basic sense, we are exposed to certain stimuli, which creates a particular sensation without our nervous system, which ultimately is sent to our brain for processing.
But now we are given the master key, with which we achieve all our goals, because we will be able to open the iron gate. This simply implies that instead of coming to you synchronistically, you would have to go toward it causally. But if you become aware of the attack ahead of time, then that prepares you to successfully handle it and utterly demolishes the future where you were hit out of the blue. The science she explains so well clearly shows that while we may look separate everything in our waking reality is actually a part of and woven together in a huge interconnected tapestry. Even if you were to do just the first two experiments in the book you will have proven that your thoughts are instrumental in creating what happens to you.
I would recommend not only reading “The Mastery Club” but buying a copy for your kids!
The joyous feeling you get from doing something that your soul craves is the mechanism that attracts more opportunity into your life along this path. Some days you might have to          s-t-r-e-t-c-h to come up with things or repeat the things from the day before but do it anyway. Send out those resumes, call up old colleagues and see if they know of any openings and go to networking meetings while you’re feeling all pumped up and excited about already having this awesome new job. The flow of  joy we receive by reconnecting to our authentic selves inspires us to live up to our full potential and greatness; we, in turn, inspire others to reconnect to their intuitive wisdom. As a result we stop worrying so much and become more playful and open to this divine inspiration.
To invest in yourself is to dig a ditch and build a reservoir of resources that will pay you back handsomely over time. As soon as you are clear on where you want to go the result of every action step taken will yield much more dramatic results toward your ultimate success. It dismisses many of the things that we tend to hold as core values in our current paradigms. If you have ever taken a physics course, you actually learned how to calculate that gravitational force.
Our brains process the sensation and it delivers an output that we then either translate into language, images, communication, or feelings. Or is what we perceive as choice just the sum total of external stimuli, perception, sensation, and output from our brains? When you release your need for control over the outcomes of your life, you free up your mental resources to be used and applied to other areas of your life. And that by changing your thoughts, you guide yourself to new experiences and these experiences ultimately shape who you really are. By the masterful use of the law of attraction we will be able to achieve everything that we have been longing for so far, everything we desire will be lying at our feet. Well on the macroscopic scale, where we are the observers and a quantum system is our entire bubble of personal reality, the rules are fuzzier and more complex. For instance, synchronicity could unexpectedly bring you a hundred dollars if given freedom to flow toward you, or you could work for several hours to earn it as expected. This cuts off the feedback loop from that future, which then frees you mentally and emotionally from its pressure in the present.
Once you know why what you’re doing matters you become much more focused and effective. So, stick with me to the end because there is a great payoff to shifting your view to this sort of outlook. If you have delved deeper into the subject, you learned from Albert Einstein suggested that an object’s gravity actually bends (or warps) the space through which it travels. Anything that alters your course, alters your thinking, or changes your momentum is a stimulus. It’s like waiting at the end of a river to intercept a raft versus freezing the river and walking towards the raft. That is why if you are under hyper-dimensional attack, very often the moment you become aware of the real reason for what is happening, and especially if you realize what the negative forces have planned, suddenly all the negative psychic pressure lifts and the threat evaporates. You will be inspired and motivated to take a good hard look at your feelings and how they’re shaping your life. It’s an utterly fascinating concept that has a lot of super difficult math and theory behind it. We are jaded to the fact that our lives are the sum total of all the sensations and electrical outputs from our brains. We have bent things to our will, and, as such, we have become very arrogant to the fact that, at the end of the day, we are just evolution happening in real time.
Our brains then try to make sense of our environment, reacting specifically from the genetic code we get from our parents and how we have evolved since our birth. That is good if you want to freeze out negative futures, but not good if eager anticipation shuts out positive futures.

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