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Christopher Doyle, author of book 'The Mahabharata Quest: Alexander's secret', at cafe UNO in Shangri La in New Delhi. Call it focussed thinking, creative itch, following the herd or sheer talent, the result of each has led to a firm drift.
As we talk, succulent chicken tikkas arrive at the table, as if to celebrate the impressive numbers, in Delhi style! He drew a lot of research for the second book from the work done for the first one which included reading the Mahabharata plus a host of other books. The conversation swerves to his books but not before he talks about his music band Midlife Crisis. About his books, before Doyle gets up yet again — this time for dessert, he has some interesting bit to add.
Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. Email SubscribersGet Free Email Updates!Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. One is referring to the corporate world which, since some years, has been spawning authors in the cauldron of multiple genres and compound factors that the Indian publishing industry has become.

Doyle waits for the mutton variety though, candidly admitting, he is more of a non-vegetarian. The first book, “began as a story for my seven-year-old daughter who had a natural liking for stories based on fantasy and history. A confirmed non-vegetarian that he is, he soon returns with a plate filled with prawns, ham salad, a slice of chicken pizza, some mutton fry, some fried rice on the side.
For instance, the theory behind the MH17 plane crash is something I wrote about in my first book. Both of Doyle’s books come across as products of extensive research and full-blown imagination. The BBC reported in September that a magnificent tomb was excavated in Greece recently.” Well, we better leave it at that! It takes time and study to put in between the covers a cohesive and convincing panorama of Indian mythology, linking it to that of the Greek, peppering the pages with secrets and conspiracies, and then sewing them seamlessly to science and a modern-day world.
Being a trained Executive Coach who runs his firm that trains CEOs and CXOs, his is a demanding job. So one strong thread for me was, what if these mythologies have a historical basis and supported by science,” relates Doyle, moving on to his cream of chicken soup by now.

One is a Naga restaurant in Hauz Khas, the other is an Assamese one in Amar Colony,” he says.
Some of them are being missed for they were never returned back but still, I think that’s a good amount. Some of these I read before I started reviewing books so haven’t got any review links for them ?? But if you want me to review any of the books mentioned here, do let me know.
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