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Drunkables: Mind Eraser drink recipe- safer than drinking paint thinner!Ooh, our young little website here scored a fake ID! Words cannot describe how much I love coffee,Its my favorite drink!I tried many types of coffee but its too different from others,its so tasty!!!!!
Back in the late 1990s, space at the original Elitch Gardens was becoming scarce, so the owners, the Gurtler family, purchased a plot of land near downtown Denver to relocate much of the park.
Under its new ownership, the park continued to see lower figures than expected, so the company rushed in some new additions for their third season, including an Intamin freefall ride called Tower of Doom, a 700-seat theater, and the Mind Eraser roller coaster.
Built by Vekoma, the Mind Eraser is a Suspended Looping Coaster (SLC) model (689 m Standard) clone, seen at many parks throughout the world. Shortly after opening, in 1999, the coaster got caught up in a lawsuit, when a woman filed suit against Six Flags Elitch Gardens over injuries she allegedly received from riding the Mind Eraser. The ride starts off with a 115-foot climb up the rides lift hill, at which point the train banks to the right and swoops down in a curving drop towards the ground. Pulling out of the trench, the train enters its third inversion, the Sidewinder, also called an Immelman Loop.

By this or any other name, it is the same Vekoma SLC clone we deride publicly but enjoy secretly as a guilty pleasure.
People say so many nasty things about Mind Eraser I sometimes wonder if were talking about the same ride. Slowly pour Kahlua, then Vodka, then club soda into the glass, being careful not to mix them. I think it does everything I want an inverted to do AND I prefer two across seating to the sight-limiting 4 across of B&M. I caught someone nosing around in my email and I am not one to point fingers, but Jefferson has been looking guilty lately.
As I drop down that first hill Im always amazed at the G forces compressing me into my seat.
The overhead track, combined with a layout that twists in and out of itself, creates a claustrophobic feeling which increases the fright factor on this ride. I would also like to mention that coffee is an inexplicably disturbing and disruptive drink to the bowels.

My one complaint is after the double in-line twist, I wish there was one more element instead of the turn around back to the brake station. Overall a great inverted coaster, and just as fun as the over hyped Batman the Dark Knight. Although my cats (Redford, Charleston, Betsy, Jefferson, Lucille, and Queen Elizabeth,) did rather enjoy it. I do however disapprove of the consumption of BOTH alcohol and coffee, and in the same drink, twice as bad.

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