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A new episode of The Mindy Project, airs tonight entitled We’re A Couple Now, Haters! It looks like Ben Affleck will now be an important part of Justice League, both on screen and off! It would seem that recent rivals, Jeremy and Peter, have put their differences aside in order to take part in, what appears to be, an epic game of beer pong. Episode 5 will also mark the first (and probably only) appearance of Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. While season 3 has been amazing so far, it’s nice to see that an episode will see some character development amongst the other cast. THE MINDY PROJECT is produced by 3 Arts Entertainment in association with Universal Television. Fox has released new promotional material from The Mindy Project season 3, episode 10 “What About Peter?” including telling clips and photos!
Funny to think that, just a year ago, we were watching Mindy and Danny kiss in the back of a plane. Now, while it would seem that Mindy should tell Danny as soon as possible about their impending bundle of joy, there are bigger issues at hand tonight. If you’re unable to watch the episode live, Fox offers full episodes of The Mindy Project on its official website.
According to a report by Deadline, Ben Affleck has signed on as the executive producer for Justice League in addition to starring in the film.
The news probably comes as a relief to many fans who were disappointed by Batman v Superman. What do you think about the addition of Affleck as executive producer on ‘Justice League’?
Have you ever stopped to consider who in the Muggle world could actually play Quidditch in the air? Quidditch has actually been played for years in the Muggle world, thanks in large part to the International Quidditch Assocation.
Captain America was not a property that I, a little Danish girl whose closest thing to fandom growing up was Duck Tales, was ever exposed to. After Age of Ultron, there was a lot of talk about Chris Evans’ Steve being too clean, too nice, too noble. And, for all his buffoonery, Salinger’s Captain America actually, albeit possibly by accident, embodies a lot of the traits we look for in a flawed Steve.
But, intentionally or not, this actually leaves us with genuine Sympathy for the Devil, a depth which The First Avenger arguably didn’t allow for (Red Skull was pure, sadistic evil in that version). I mean look, it’s the 90s and lead girl Sharon not-Carter totally gets locked in a cell, Ultron-style. The Erskine character played in the Marvel movies by Stanley Tucci is actually a woman in the movie, named Doctor Maria Vaselli.
She begins working with the American government to improve the serum, and by the time Steve is all ready for his dose, she’s still around. But Sharon, for all that she’s not the awesome, badass Agent 13-version of Sharon we meet in the MCU, is actually a pretty refreshing lead female character.

For one, the movie does absolutely nothing to explain what the serum actually did to Steve, other than cure his limp.
Also, Cap freezes in the ice within the first 30 minutes, and beyond being mildly wary of tape recorders seems completely unperturbed by the world of 1993. There is however a President Kimball, a super sympathetic Al Gore-type environmentalist, who ends up helping out with the whole saving-the-day thing (this is a movie about Captain ‘Murica after all). He also keeps up with his childhood best friend Sam, and their friendship through the film actually feels genuine, amidst all the terrible stunt coordination and one-liners. Sam, who helpfully drops a Human Torch reference (Chris Evans, it was meant to be), continues to believe in Tom’s Captain America, even after Cap leaves him stranded on a highway. Captain America suffers from spectacularly bad production value, and some misguided (and half-assed, to its benefit) attempt to make Captain America a stoic, square-jawed Superman rip-off. But around the epic fail of the hero himself, there’s actually a semblance of an interesting story. As someone whose knowledge of Cap pretty much begins and ends with Chris Evans’ MCU version, I was actually pleasantly surprised by this supposedly-and-actually-awful, but still surprisingly solid, Captain America movie.
And as much as we try to deny it, The Mindy Project season 3 is barreling towards a season finale in the next few months, with no word yet on season 4.
The network canceled The Mindy Project last night, canceling one of the funniest comedies on television after three hilarious seasons. Last night on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 11, a Christmas-themed installment in which Mindy really, really wanted Danny to pop the question.
Last night on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 10, Mindy insisted on helping Peter find a better place to live, which was hilarious because PETER! Tuesday on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 9, the title character tried to set up Danny's mom on a blind date, which ended as you might expect it would.
On The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 7, our heroine thinks twice about taking other people's belongings when she learns of someone else's shoplifting ways. The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 6 took fans on a movie date night with Danny and Mindy, at which point lies were told and myriad twists occurred. Also on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 6, Peter is single again, so Tamra decides to set him up with a friend. In a stunt casting move we never saw coming, The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 5 went all meta on us as Shonda Rhimes guest starred as herself. Last night on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 4, Mindy's project was to impress Danny as their romance continued to move into new, unexplored territory. The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 3 was a reminder that those looking for an uncomplicated romance for Mindy and Danny had best not hold their collective breath. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. So much of the current season has already focused on Mindy and Danny’s new relationship, that characters like Jeremy, Peter, Morgan, Tamra, and even Beverly, have been seriously lacking. Meanwhile, things go haywire for Jeremy and Morgan when they’re left alone watching Lauren’s baby boy, Henry. MINDY LAHIRI (Kaling) is a talented obstetrician with a hectic personal life, who struggles to find the right guy, the right outfit and the right attitude.

This means that Affleck will be working alongside director Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio. I certainly don’t remember seeing this American-Yugoslavian straight-to-VHS production at my local Blockbusters, if it even came out in Europe at all. I sat down to watch this movie in an effort to educate myself on Captain America’s history (and to gain new appreciation for the MCU), and, maybe because I was expecting everything about it to be awful, I was honestly surprised by how much this movie got right. In the movie’s first 20 minutes, he heads straight into battle with Red Skull and falls into a pile of snow before anyone even realizes he exists, then wakes up 50 years later and heads straight back into the same battle. During WW2, Red Skull was working with the Nazis to bomb the White House (don’t worry, Steve rode that rocket all the way from Italy to Washington, and onward to Alaska!), but when that failed, he apparently decided to settle down in Rome and become a low-key Mafioso. She starts out as a Nazi scientist working on the Red Skull serum, but when she sees what they do to the kid she rebels and, when they try to shoot her, escapes.
She follows Steve to Rome in order to confront Red Skull, and learns that Valentina is the one who killed her mother. There’s no Black Widow, or Bucky, or Howard Stark, or any of the other people the MCU have taught me to assume would of course be present in a Captain America movie.
There’s a tragic villain ripped from his family and forced to become a monster, raising his daughter to be a leader in her own right. Yesterday, Mindy Kaling and her team worked for over half the day to write the season finale episode.
Hulu has swooped in and come to the rescue of this outstanding Fox sitcom, ordering 26 new episodes!
Kaling, Howard Klein, Matt Warburton, Michael Spiller and Jack Burditt are executive producers. Mindy, via Peter, found out at the very end of last week’s episode that she is pregnant. Never mind the fact that Dot, Annette’s even more pitbull-ish friend than she is, is also included? A quicker option is to set your DVR or watch the episode OnDemand through your cable provider. Check out this picture Kaling Instagramed, featuring her bare-foot self somewhere in the production office, under a season 2 poster featuring James Franco, reading the season finale script. After a few episodes that left our characters stagnant in their decisions, it seems like tonight will get the ball rolling a little bit.
At the end of the day, there’s a lot to enjoy about the 1990s version of Captain America. JEREMY REED (Ed Weeks) is the walking definition of bad news, and everything comes easy to this suave skinny jean-wearing Brit.

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