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The Mindy Project is really getting carried away with this whole move to Hulu — just check out these exclusive Season 4 posters and you’ll see what we mean. The key art below shows series creator and star Mindy Kaling soaring above New York City with a bouquet of green balloons and a tagline befitting the lovably self-centered Dr. Then, in the poster below it, Kaling offers up some prime real estate for her new network’s logo. Scroll down to view both posters (click to zoom), then hit the comments: Are you planning on tuning in to Mindy‘s fourth season? Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour.
I don’t think I realized just how much I like the Mindy Project until I agreed to pay $8 a month to watch commercials.
This show is so hilarious and so touching that I’m literally baffled that Fox cancelled it. Yes, ofcourse I love, love this show and Mindy Kaling is a comedic it girl, and she’s so relatable and just makes you wish you were best friends. What I love about the posters is that they didn’t Photoshop her to look skinny, as Fox did in many of their promos. So, of course I said yes, and then I proceeded to park myself in front of my couch to binge all three seasons of network Mindy plus the first episode of Hulu Mindy.
What has been the most interesting thing you found out about motherhood in the process of playing a pregnant woman and then a new mom? Mindy Kaling: Just how, when the baby is in the room with you, just that, the focus is always on the baby. Like for me the benefit of having people, like Xosha (Roquemore, who plays Tamara), on the show, or having women writers or minority writers or gay writers is one thing which is that no one else is doing it. Xosha, as a character, and we play her as a mid-twenties millennial character who lives in New York City, has modeled and has all these experiences. You’ve directed a few episodes in The Office, would you be open to directing a film, or even a few episodes of The Mindy Project?
Hulu also screened a brief sneak peek of the fourth season, promising a massive culture clash as Danny gets to know Mindy’s family — like when Mr.

They might be holding their drama for suspenseful purposes, but we do get to see Mindy holding a blanket-clad baby in her arms, new guest stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and some more running and dancing scenes for Danny. Watch the trailer and make sure to write about what you’re most excited to see in the comments below.
The midseason finale of The Mindy Project had fans worried for the future of Mindy and Danny.
While the potential breakup of Mindy and Danny can be a tad worrying, fans of the hit rom-com shouldn’t lose hope just yet. And I was so happy that Hulu saved the show, because that’s how I was watching the show anyways!!!
She’s not Kelly Kapoor, nor is she Mindy Lahiri, though, you could see little flickers of each characters in her smile.
I believe that excerpt was from my book, I got into this business because I have the dream of writing and acting. You will have a competitive advantage if you do it because you’re going to be putting something out there that no one else has.
The reason I don’t do it on this show is because one, we have so many talented directors that want to do it, and also, I think that it was easier in The Office cause my part was so much smaller, but here, my responsibilities are so much more in terms of I edit every episode myself and because I literally have so much more lines. Lahiri convinces Danny that he’s going to cut off his hand as punishment for knocking up his daughter. Online addressed this potential breakup brewing for the couple, citing two factors to consider as to why the writers’ opted to go down this route.
Afterall, if they really embody Harry and Sally, destiny will find a way to keep them together. This storyline may find them walking on a crooked path for a while, fans shouldn’t forget the presence and binding force of Leo.
I cried so many happy tears that my husband thought we won the lottery or something (sorry babe). Mindy was kind, direct and thoughtful, and had I not flubbed over myself a few times (but how can you not?), I can assure you, we’d be sipping margaritas by the pool right this second. It’s so fun to be in a place without a lot of the restrictions, as we did when we were on a network.

But do you feel that entitlement also equates responsibility, and to kind of pay it forward to open up more roles for diverse actors? What I didn’t know, and no one tells you, is that after you’re lucky enough to be the kind of person who gets to keep working, and you’re lucky enough to have your own show, that creating opportunities for other people and creating places where people who look different than the average person on television must come from one thing only which is wanting to create really good television. I found Xosha because she was on the movie Precious, I would say probably the least funny movie ever, she was the one funny character in it. It felt like, something would get sacrificed if I directed here cause there’s too many things going on but in terms of directing a feature, I would love to write and direct a movie. Overall I think the biggest feeling is the love that I get from the heads of Hulu for the show–the way they just nurture it and help make it the best show that it can be. And honestly nothing is more becoming on a character than love for a child, and I think especially with Danny. I thought ‘what would she be like in a completely different circumstance?’ The average person casting comedy shows today isn’t looking at Precious going, which is almost a 100% African American cast, and saying ‘who can we discover to be in a comedy show?’ But I did it.
So that is the biggest thing, I want the episodes to breathe and to give characters like Ike, like Xosha, like Ed, their opportunity to score. It’s incredibly appealing to see a character, who two years ago said they weren’t ever going to have a child, have a kid.
In general, the character, and I think this is great, I tend to think that people don’t change.
While I love Xosha and giving her the opportunity, I did it because this is not something people get to see.
Or, in our case, two bloggers who think she is the best thing since ice cream was invented.
Shonda Rhimes is casting people with a diverse cast because she knows that it’s a good business decision.

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