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Alistair Begg served two churches in his native Scotland before answering the call in 1983 to become senior pastor at Parkside Church in suburban Cleveland, OH. This is very much like another tale we reviewed earlier in this series, but I’ve forgotten which tale that was. The whole premise behind alchemy is that you can turn one plenteous metal that was probably easier to mine, into something more valuable and harder to mine. Yes, this spinning straw into gold might have sounded absurd, but, hopefully, you understand the absurdity a little more after that little explanation. I actually read a quote by Benedict Cumberbatch where he said that he couldn’t pronounce his name on Mondays.
This entry was posted in Grimm's Fairy Tales and tagged alchemy, first born child, gold, grimm's fairy tales, guess his name, rumpelstiltskin, rumpelstiltskin grimm's fairy tales, spin straw into gold, tears himself in half, three days. The online business has completely changed over the past 2 years and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yup, you read this right; I made over $100K through what I used to call “private advertising”.
Still, you’ve heard this before, the money is harder to be made online, this was why I needed to come up with a plan.
Even though I don’t manage a multimillion dollar company, our online partnership shows more than 1 segment of business. I’ve made a list of 10 tasks to be completed during the year to make it roughly a monthly marketing plan. Since private advertising has been cut from our blogging network, there is a lot of work to be done to make money from these sites. We are definitely starting the New Year with a new set of goals and a lot of hope for 2014!
I have the same business model, which is to write interesting posts that are helpful and find products I use.
January is always a good month for finance, it’s like gym inscription; everybody gets concerned about their weight and their pockets at the beginning of the year! Seriously, if I had to do it again, I would have left the private advertising before making that much money and go for the long run.
Just for example, you don’t find financial blogs with 10 to 20 paid links in their sidebar. For example, just search Matthew Woodward income report to see the incomes of many largely due to direct advertisement. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. A graduate of the London School of Theology, he has written several books and is heard daily on the national radio program Truth For Life.Sinclair B. He’s also a strangely attractive character, which makes thoughts about Rumpelstiltskin conflicting. The miller sought an audience with the king and told him that his daughter could spin straw into gold.
He asks her what she will give him if he spins all the straw into gold, but she has nothing left.
The servant hasn’t found a single new name, but he does have a better piece of information.
Maybe people figured that since they were alike in that aspect that it would not be that hard to turn lead into gold. This expelled lead from the surrounding rock fairly quickly, but many lead miners died trying to perform this very process.
The girl has three days to spin straw into gold and she has three days to guess the name of Rumpelstiltskin.
He probably hasn’t told anyone what it really is because he only knows they are going to mispronounce it and get it wrong anyway.
Keep in mind that I’m talking about revenues and not profit and that I’m a 50% partner in this journey.
It took us a while to create different segments as only 4 years ago, 90% of our revenue came from private advertising. I’ll come back to this later as I want to bring you a full case study on how we achieved this important diversification in our business. We own a sizeable portfolio of blogs in different niches where we write or pay writers to do the job for us. I’ve discussed this before on this blog as building several niche sites has been tried over the past 2 years.
It’s not just a matter of using our blogs to promote our products, we are already doing that.

I know some bloggers out there are still going strong with the private advertising game but it’s definitely not a long term strategy. I’ve been working darn hard to keep the same level of money over the past two years where I could have been making a lot more if I had done this work in 2010. There are still sponsored posts and in content text links but they don’t pay a monthly fee as sidebar. Ferguson (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is professor of systematic theology at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and the former senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. The king really liked this idea so he went and picked up the daughter and brought her to the castle. Instead of setting the girl free, or whatever, he takes her to an even larger room and tells her to do the same thing. He tells the queen that he went to a high mountain at the end of a forest where the fox and hare bid each other goodnight. In both tales a young girl seemingly has to invoke strange beings to spin three rooms of straw into gold.
I know some of you out there have taken  chemistry and know there would have to be a heck of a lot of chemical manipulation to get even close to making straw into gold. We’ve mentioned several times over the course of this series that gold has always had value to humanity.
It reminds me very much of real-life scenarios I read about in a recently reviewed book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wall. We won’t go into detail about that again, but remember that it is a theme of the tale, easy money.
This change started back in 2012 and it is still the new motto; do you have a business or are you’re simply a blogging slacker? Therefore, this goal translates to make 30K in my pocket and not the trendy term “6 figures”. The goal this year is to keep 10% in private advertising and generate the rest of the money through other means. The blogging business is where the most traffic is but due to its nature, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most profitable segment. My plan is a lot different this year as I’ve listed actions to be taken instead of writing down results such as “increasing my Adsense income with more traffic”.
We need a list of key tasks to achieve in order to increase the money directly generated from blogs.
The same people focused on brokering direct ads are still doing it and making lots of money.
If not, tell me where to look on his blog as he clearly mentions that he is making money from affiliate marketing in this article. He is the author of several books, the most recent being By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me. He placed her in a large room full of straw and told her to spin it all into gold by the morning. She, instead, offers him all the riches of the kingdom, but he insists that he wants something living. Her father puts her in all kinds of situations she never should have been in because of his pride and stubbornness. Teachers would ask me to write my name on my paper and I would look at them with blank stares. Once he makes his name into a guessing game, it’s almost certain that no one is going to guess. Madonna doesn’t need a last name, but she does scare me with her gigantic biceps, not that the fact is relevant in any way to this post. She hopes to one day get paid to sit in a corner and read and draw, but traveling is good too. But we will all agree that 30K net in your pocket is better than a slap in the face, right?
You own both the product and your clients and nobody can take either away from you if you do a good job. On the other hand, what is very interesting is the potential cash flow these sites could generate with only a few more hours of work.
Since I want to reach 200 members by the end of the year, I need to get more than 12 new members each month considering cancellations. We all know there is a lot of money to be made from niche websites but it’s not like we just have to write about it to make it happen. I shoulda aggressively followed your lead and pocketed that money to go to VEGAS and double it!

And lots of people are still participating and making direct advertising 70%++ of their income. But folks have finally smartened up and are no longer as trump blowing today, which is great and keeps folks oblivious.
There is even more straw and she still doesn’t know any way of spinning straw into gold.
He concedes that even if he marries the daughter of a miller he is still getting a very rich wife.
The little man spins all the straw into gold and the king is so pleased that he marries the miller’s daughter. I think I’d rather get into a fight with Lady Gaga over Madonna, hopefully, I will never have to make that decision. Ashe is a life-long artist and writer with bachelor's degrees in Fine Arts and Information Technology.
Along with our membership websites, we also sell a few eBooks creating a constant flow of income. On the other hand, if we reach our goal of making 100K in revenues, there will be over 50K left after expenses and taxes which is a very good thing! Drawing on Scripture and her own experience, Redman invites us to explore the revolutionary implications of being loved by a God who knows our name.
Sure, I can actually go into my mom’s backyard and pan for gold and I will get gold, but the amount of gold I will get will be quite miniscule.
He shouldn’t have been drunkenly shouting his name while dancing around a fire on a mountain. I didn’t mind too much since I moved my biggest sites away from private advertising mainly because I wanted to avoid penalties and because the money was drying out of this market anyway. And she invites us to call on His name as well—to respond to His heart and love Him as He has loved us from the beginning.Your Father God named you as precious, chosen, and beloved.
People tinkered in tower laboratories and so forth for the longest time, before someone figured out that the process simply wasn’t possible.
For a person to possess any amount of gold at all, they have to mine a vein of  gold, which is, most likely, underground.
Today, you just can’t expect to publish a few articles a week and sell links like crazy and make $1,000 per month with your blog. You may not be named Rocco, but when God calls you, He speaks over you His truth, freedom, and life. The little man, the story calls him a manikan, asks the girl what she will give him if he spins the straw into gold. Google has a close eye on financial blogs and advertisers understood that it was a bad idea to game the devil at its own game. Your part is to make a good choice—to continually believe and live under those things He named you and never to seek to hide behind another name.
Many of us each day live under other labels that the Enemy has given us from past or present experiences—unwanted, failure, doubter, ugly, unlovely, needy, drama queen, mistake, disgrace, shamed, forgotten, and many more lies.Those thoughts and feelings cannot possibly originate from God—for He is the giver of good and perfect gifts, and the God of all comfort. I’m not enough of a mycologist to differentiate between the getting high mushrooms and the kill you mushrooms. Those negative impressions of yourself and the words my own dad wrote in his email to me originate from the Enemy—who we know to be a dirty liar.Perhaps you think your problems and insecurities are too great to overcome.
By the kindness and mercy of God in my own life, I can assure you that this is not the case. I know that ultimately I am defined not by what others think of me when they hear my name, or what my earthly father says about me. Definitely a message through out the ages as I am certain during Biblical times it was potent as well with all the focus on earthly and physical beauty. There are so many times when we can really get caught up in what others think about us whether it is physical or personality and sometimes I catch myself knowing that they are evil ideas placed there for distraction, but sometimes I miss it and dwell. I related to her feelings toward her father and her realistic look at raising multiple children and being a good wife. We’re always looking for valuable resources to send to our residents, and your post is absolutely worth sharing!

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