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October 23, 2013 by Mary Sometimes I find myself dwelling on the negative aspects of life more than I should.
It’s hard not to do this at times since negative situations can become consuming as you try to navigate your way out of the negativity.
As a small example, after a great first conversation with someone new for hours after I’ll remember the one thing I said wrong. Last night I went to a new Bible study and the main takeaway I had from the night was simply something someone else said when talking about the main information. It’s hard to see the bright side in big situations like that because at the time they seem all-consuming and negative.
By dwelling on the positive aspect you can change your perspective on the situation and make it a better experience. As I continue to work on this in my own life I plan to read books about positive thinking and cultivating positivity in my life.
WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. Author Aaron Kennard exposes in frank and emotional detail how this secret revitalized his own life overnight.
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Once you do this a lot it simply becomes a habit – you seek out the more negative aspect and run the thoughts over and over in your mind. Instead of dwelling on the positive aspects of the conversation I remember the one thing I could have expressed better.
I always find reading a few books on a topic helps cement it in my mind and make it easier to make part of my daily life. I have had trouble journaling in the past because it ended up that the negative stuff was always the stuff I wrote down and it never made me feel better.
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It sustained him with the peace, hope, and faith required to navigate torturous unimaginable pain and disease while feeling immense gratitude for it all.

My criticism is purely the lack of the 'heads up' that the review gives no indication that there is a religious basis behind the book. I use them to get me out of my negative head space temporarily but I let my mind drift back to the negative as if I could fix them by re-thinking them. Often it’s just a lesson that you needed to learn but that in itself is positive because it means you are alive and growing.
In the long run though it’s worse for me to dwell in my sorrows, life is so much brighter if you remember all the good things in it.
Even stayed up past midnight one night listening, which is rare for me since I'm such an early bird. It is a helping hand for the broken or downtrodden spirit though it is possible this secret may aid in physical healing.

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