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When you think of yourself do not think of that part of yourself that appears on the surface.
In using the power of the mind, the deeper the action of thought, will and desire, the greater the result. It is highly important therefore that we permit nothing to take action in these undercurrents that we do not wish to encourage and promote; and for the same reason, it is equally important that we cause everything to take action in these currents that we do wish to encourage and prornote. In defining the subconscious mind, it is first necessary to state that it is not a sepa¬rate mind. We shall come nearer the truth, however, if we think of the subconscious as a finer mental force, having distinct powers, functions and possibilities, or as a great mental sea of life, energy and power, the force and capacity of which has never been measured.
That the two phases of the mind are related can be well illustrated by comparing the conscious mind with a sponge, and the subconscious with the water permeat¬ing the sponge. In order to understand the subconscious, it is well at the outset to familiarise our¬selves with its natural functions, as this will convince ourselves of the fact that we are not dealing with something that is beyond normal mental action. The subconscious mind controls all the natural functions of the body, such as the circulation, respiration, digestion, assimilation, physical repair, etc. When we examine the nature of the subconscious, we find that it responds to almost anything the conscious mind may desire or direct, though it is usually necessary for the conscious mind to express its desire upon the subconscious for some time before the desired response is secured.
In this connection, it is interesting to learn that there are a number of things in the human system usually looked upon as natural, and inevitable, that are simply the results of misdirected subconscious training in the past.
It can just as readily be trained, however, to produce greater physical strength and greater mental capacity at ninety than we possess at thirty or forty.
The subconscious mind is always ready, willing and competent to make any change for the better in our physical or mental make-up that we may desire, though it does not work in some miraculous manner, nor does it usually produce results instan¬taneously. If you continue to desire a strong physical body, and fully expect the subconscious to build for you a stronger body, you will find that this will gradually or finally be done. Whenever you say that you are tired and permit that feeling to sink into the sub¬conscious, you will almost at once feel more tired. We should never give in to sickness, though that does not mean that we should continue to work as hard as usual when not feeling well, or cause mind and body to continue in their usual activities.
So long as one continues to persist in living, refusing absolutely to give into death, they are throwing the full power of mind, thought and will on the side of life. Concerning the general possibilities of the subconscious, we should remember that every faculty has a subconscious side, and that it becomes larger and more competent as this subconscious side is developed. There is a subconscious side to all the faculties in human nature, and if these were developed, we understand how man could become ideal, even far beyond our present dreams of a new race. In using the subconscious, we should remember that we are not using something that is separated from normal life.
Order now our Vitality Package, which contains all of our products what you may need to retain your fitness. Egely wheel device, with decorated wooden box that you can open, and with a special spinning wheel. Learning to use the great and amazing power of your thoughts to manifest your life’s purpose and fulfill your goals is a primary reason that many people explore the subject of consciousness.
It takes only a minute of sitting quietly and observing what you are thinking to realize that the quicksilver nature of thought is so multidimensional and diverse and scattered that if the principle that “energy follows thought” is true and our thoughts create our reality as the “Law of Attraction” claims, we all have some work we need to do if we want to use our mind effectively and efficiently.
Gaining mastery over the mind, particularly controlling the free flow and often negative input of unbridled thoughts is a challenge. The practice of meditation provides a variety of techniques to help you harness the power of your mind and quiet the mindless chatter of the “monkey mind.” Different ways work differently for different people and at different times. This pesky idea that your thoughts have power, indeed the power to create your reality and can help by working for you, or can unfortunately work against you is a powerful motivator to explore how these subtle principles and laws work. Since that time, there have been a variety of teachers and preachers, business leaders and thought leaders who have both validated and expanded on that powerful wisdom.
A gift of one of my very favorites, Napoleon Hill’s life changing book “Think and Grow Rich.” This is a free Adobe PDF of the full book that you can download and ponder on. Napoleon Hill once stated that “goals are dreams with deadlines.” Manifesting your dreams and fulfilling your life’s purpose is an important reason to use the tools and techniques of meditation to harness the power of your mind and make it work for your benefit in your life. My main purpose in this blog today is to discuss this ancient wisdom within a perspective of what techniques you can use and activate in your life to help you harness this awesome power of your mind to make it a tool to help you achieve your life and your Soul purpose. One technique that I have found valuable in my own practice and in my years of coaching and counseling people is that you begin just by self-observation. This self-observation, edit, correct (with intention) and replace technique is most important and empowering when what crosses your mind is a fear. I refer to this as a meditative state because it is not really meditation, but as you are seeking to consciously align with your Soul and your Soul purpose in life you are in a higher state of consciousness and keener awareness than just thinking.
In teaching this technique to my coaching clients, most have observed that a daily 3 minute practice of this technique begins major transformation in their lives. The substitution process of exchanging a negative thought for a positive one can also be used with other meditation techniques such as affirmations or by following a guided meditation.
However, Sleep in Heavenly Peace by Genevieve Gerard stands out from other tapes I've listened to.
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Did you know that your subconscious mind is a powerful tool, and with the right mind power techniques, you can use it to mold you future? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
In this program kids will learn about how they can harness the power of their mind to create a happy, fulfilling life.
By understanding how their mind works, kids will understand why the skills they learn work. The following is an overview of the five skill books included in this program and what your kids will learn! Just like a plane can take us where we want to go on a vacation, our mind takes us where we want to go in life.
These programs are called belief systems and they either support us in creating what we want in life or they limit us at every turn. Understanding and creating supportive belief systems is critical for reaching our full potential, creating a happy life, and achieving our goals. In Power of Possibility, kids learn more about belief systems and how limiting beliefs create their comfort zone. They learn that when they live in their comfort zone, they limit what is possible for themselves.

Kids learn that when they build a belief system based on possibilities, they can overcome any obstacle, move through fear, handle mistakes and failure, learn to successfully manage change, and bust outside of their comfort zone and into their dream zone. In the Neural Pathways skill book, kids learn the secret behind why we get nervous before doing something new. Our RAS, or Reticular Activating System, is the unique part of our brain that enables us to screen out “background noise” so that our brain only pays attention to things that are relevant to us. Kids learn about a powerful tool called “power shifting” which enables them to choose how they experience their lives.
Power shifting enables our kids to shift how they think about events they perceive as negative in such a way that it supports them.
Power shifting is a powerful tool for shifting limiting beliefs, stretching outside of our comfort zone, and moving past failure and disappointments.
Wise in 5 activities are great to keep with you in the car (review at a red light!) or to pull out at snack time. Accordingly, all mental action to be strong and effective, must be subconscious; that is, it must act in the field of the mental undercurrent as it is in this field that things are actually done.
These undercurrents, how¬ever, act only through the subconscious, and are controlled by the subconscious.
The conscious mind is on the surface, and therefore we act through the conscious mind whenever mental action moves through the surface of thought, will or desire, but whenever we enter into deeper mental action and sound the vast depths of this underlying mental life, we touch the subconscious, though we must remember that we do not become oblivious to the conscious eve¬ry time we touch the subconscious, as the two are inseparably united. We know that every fibre of the sponge is in touch with the wa¬ter, and in the same manner, every part of the conscious mind, as well as every atom in the personality, is in touch with the subconscious, and completely filled, through and through, with the life and the force of the subconscious. It also controls all the involuntary actions of the body, and all those actions of mind and body that continue their natural movements without direction from the will.
The subconscious is a most willing servant, and is so competent that thus far we have failed to find a single thing along mental lines that it will not or cannot do. It can also be trained to possess the same virile youth at one hundred as the healthiest man or woman of twenty may possess.
What we inherit from our parents can be elimi¬nated so completely that no one would ever know it had been there. In most instances its actions are gradual, but they invariably produce the results intended if the proper training continues. Whenever an impres¬sion or desire is placed in the subconscious, it has a tendency to become larger and therefore the bad becomes worse when it enters the subconscious, while the good becomes better. Whenever you feel sick and permit that feeling to enter the subconscious, you always feel worse. When we find it necessary, we should give ourselves a complete rest, but we should never give in to the feeling of sickness. It has been stated by those who are in a position to know, that no one dies until they give up; that is, gives in to those adverse conditions that are at work in their system, tending to produce physical death.
They thereby increase the power of life, and may increase that power sufficiently to overcome death. This being true, it is evident that ability and genius might be developed in any mind even to a remarkable degree, as no limit has been found to the subconscious in any of its forces. The difference between the individual who makes scientific use of the subconscious and the one who does not, is simply this; the latter employs only a small part of their mind, while the former employs the whole of their mind.
Its usage is very simple, practical and it fits to your pocket so you can take it with you all the time.
In your 1 minute of observation of the nature of your unfocused and uncontrolled thoughts you probably noticed how much of your thoughts reflect what you fear. In writing this Wisdom Wednesday Blog I realize that I could fill the whole post with books and resources of those who praise the truth and power of your mind. I recommend starting with committing just 3 minutes a day to consciously observe your thoughts.
To do this consciously and with intention is best achieved in a meditative state while aligning with your Higher Self and focusing upon your life’s purpose.
So this exercise of observation from the perspective of the “detached observer” is a bridge between normal uncontrolled and casual thinking and meditation.
The powerful principle that “energy follows thought” and the activation of “The Law of Attraction,” will be incorporated into your thoughts and life on a multidimensional basis, shifting your thoughts and your perspective on a daily basis. Your thoughts are more powerful than you realize and your mind is a co-creator in your life in cooperation with the Divine or Source or however you envision the Creator to be. The time to activate the awesome power of your mind to live the life you have always envisioned is NOW.
Understanding “why” will give them confidence that they too can develop powerful self-confidence and achieve their goals.
Kids learn that our mind has two parts, our conscious mind which acts like our pilot – controlling our “plane” with thoughts…and our subconscious mind which acts like our autopilot – controlling our “plane” based on the “programs” it is running.
They learn how to prepare their brain to minimize this nervousness and how to prepare their brain to achieve new goals – especially goals outside of their comfort zone. When we tell ourselves what we want through affirmations and goal setting, our RAS puts our goals on our radar screen and looks for things that will help us get what we want.
Power shifting is based on the premise that events are neutral and that we assign meaning to those events based on how we think about them. The activities are designed to take about five minutes and provide a review of the skill as well as an opportunity to practice. Think of your larger self, the immense subconscious self that is limit¬less both in power and in possibility. Those forces that play upon the surface of mind may be changed and turned from their course by almost any out¬side influence, and their purpose thus averted. In consequence, it is the subconscious which we must understand and act upon if we want the power of mind to work with full capacity and produce the greatest measure possible of the results desired. The subconscious perpetuates characteristics, traits, and qualities that are peculiar to individuals, species and races. It submits readily to almost any kind of training, and will do practically anything that it is directed to do, whether the thing is to our advantage or not.
In fact, practically every condition that appears in the mind, the character and the personality of the human race, is the result of what the subconscious mind has been directed to do during past generations. In like man¬ner, we can improve so decidedly upon the good qualities that we have inherited from our parents that any similarity between parent and child in those respects would disappear completely.
The subconscious mind will respond to the directions of the conscious mind so long as those directions do not interfere with the absolute laws of nature.
If you continue to desire greater ability along a certain line and expect the subconscious to produce greater mental power along that line, your ability will increase as expected, but it is necessary in this connection to be persistent and persevering.

We have the power, however, to exclude the bad from the subconscious and cause only the good to enter that immense field. The rest that may be taken will help the body to recuperate, and when it does the threatening ailment will disappear.
Again we say that it is a question how many times a person could overcome death by this method, but the fact remains that this method alone can save life repeatedly in the majority of cases; and all will admit after further thought on this subject that the majority will be very large.
Give in to the forces of death, and the subconscious mind will increase the powers of that force. It is what is possible now that we should aim to develop and apply, and present possibilities indicate that improvement along any line, whether it be in working capacity, ability, health, happiness and charac¬ter can be secured without fail if the subconscious is properly directed. And this explains why those who employ the subconscious intelligently have greater working capacity, greater ability and greater endurance. I will, if you like, provide some links to some that I believe are the best at explaining or teaching about this important issue and help you explore these concepts from a variety of teachers and approaches.
When you observe a negative or fear based thought flash through your mind, edit it, correct it and replace it with a conscious thought of what you want and are striving to manifest in your life. That may seem very short but if you really consider and catch most of your negative thoughts to edit, and revise and replace the thought, you will have made a huge step forward in your ability to harness the power of your mind and learn to quiet the chattering mind. We may define the conscious as the upper side of the mentality, and the subconscious as the under side. Whether the subconscious occupies the Fourth Dimension or some other dimension of space will make no difference as to its practical value. It is never natural to go wrong, but it is natural to go right, and the reason why is simple.
It is therefore evident that as the subconscious is directed to produce different condi¬tions in mind, character, and personality - conditions that are in perfect harmo-ny with the natural law of human development, such conditions will invariably appear in the race. The subconscious never moves against natural law, but it has the power to so use natural law that improvement along any line can be secured.
When you feel tired or depressed, do not admit it, but turn your attention at once upon something that is extremely inter¬esting -- something that will completely turn your mind towards the pleasing, the more desirable or the ideal. How long a person could refuse to give in even under the most adverse circumstances is a question, but one thing is certain, that thousands and thousands of deaths could be prevented every year if the patient in each case refused to give in. Give in to the forces of life, and the subconscious mind will increase the power of your life and you will continue to live.
To direct the subconscious along any line, it is only necessary to desire what you want and to make those desires so deep and so persistent that they become positive forces in the subconscious field. In consequence they sometimes do the work of two or three people, and do excel¬lent work in addition. This simple (although sometimes not easy) step is important in learning to meditate and to empower your life. Her pauses are perfectly placed and the listener has time to actually repeat, reflect, refresh. Give constant recognition to all that is in you, and, in that all have full faith and confidence.
Anything that gets into the mental undercurrents will be seen through to a finish, regardless of external circumstances or conditions; and it is with dif-ficulty that the course of these currents is changed when once they have been placed in full positive action.
The subcon¬scious may also be defined as a vast mental field permeating the entire objective personality, thereby filling every atom of the personality through and through. Every right action is in harmony with natural law, while every wrong action is a violation of natural law. It will reproduce in mind and body any condition that is thoroughly impressed and deeply felt by the conscious mind. It is when we apply these laws persist¬ently for weeks, months and years that we find the results to be, not only what we expected, but frequently far greater.
On the other hand, when we feel happy, strong, persistent and determined, and permit those feelings to enter the subconscious, we always feel better. Persist in feeling the way you want to feel, and per¬mit only wholesome feelings to enter the subconscious. When you feel that you want a certain thing, give in to that feeling and also make that feeling positive. Whenever anything has been repeated a sufficient number of times to have become habitual, it becomes second nature, or rather a subconscious action. It has also been stated that the aging process is natural, but modern science has demonstrated that it is not natural for a person to age at sixty, seventy, or eighty years.
It will bring forth undesirable conditions when directed to produce such conditions, and it will bring forth health, strength, youth and added power when so directed.
It is therefore highly important that we positively refuse to give in to any undesirable feeling. Thus wholesome feelings will live and grow, and after awhile your power to feel good at all times will have become so strong that you can put out of the way any adverse feeling that may threaten at any time. Give in to your ambitions in the same manner, and also to every desire that you wish to realize. It is a matter of refusing to cultivate only a small corner of your mental field when you can cultivate the entire field. It frequently happens, however, that a conscious action may become a subconscious action without rep¬etition, and thus becomes second nature almost at once. The fact that the average person does manifest nearly all the conditions of old age at those periods of time, or earlier, simply proves that the subconscious mind has been trained through many generations to produce old age at sixty, seventy, eighty or ninety, as the case may be, and the subconscious always does what it has been trained to do. Whenever we give in to any feeling, it becomes subconscious, and if that feeling is bad, it becomes worse; but so long as we keep undesirable feelings on the outside, so to speak, we will hold them at bay, until nature can readjust itself or gather reserve force and thus put them out of the way altogether. If he or she gives over the mind and will to the side of the forces of life, those forces are most likely to win, but if they permit the mind to act with death, the forces of death are most certain to win. Let your thought of all those things that you wish to increase in any line get into your system, be¬cause whatever gets into your system, the subconscious will proceed to develop, work out and express. Know that you have something within you that is greater than any obstacle, circumstance or difficulty that you can possibly meet.

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