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A strange technology was discovered 30 years ago by an Australian called David John Oates, it has been used to treat all number of issues both physical and mental, praised by Doctors, Psychologists and Professors around the world, it saw David invited to work with researchers from the Whitehouse, CIA and Naval Intelligence. Based on his findings that the human voice like many aspects of the human body is bi-functional, for example the eye first see’s things upside down, reversing the image in the retina to provide the image we see and interpret, so too speech can be heard both forwards and in reverse. The reversed element of our speech reflects not what is spoken outwardly but instead communicates our deepest thoughts, our true thoughts, directly from the unconscious mind. During his research David has discovered that any segment of a conversation when recorded and played backwards will reveal perfectly audible forward spoken words and phrases in amongst the gobbledegook you would typically hear.
The words and phrases revealed do based on his research and work with tens of thousands of clients over the last 30 years represent our inner most feelings. By speaking to his clients and comparing the forward and the backward speech plus their feelings about the topic discussed David has discovered that the backward speech does in fact reflect those deep inner thoughts and feelings!
By discussing issues in certain areas of their life David’s clients are able to identify the exact negative programming and destructive patterns, either learned or ancestral (karmic) that are stopping them achieving the outcome they desire. Then through a specific and very unique 7-step process David is able to then identify the solution to that problem, block or negative belief and completely remove it. Genius Awakening was created to lead people to a better understanding of self and others in order to navigate our world at a higher and more awakened level of being.
There’s so much focus these days on the negative programming, triggers and limiting beliefs that live in our unconscious. In my opinion, these assumptions are urban legends, created by yesterday’s psychotherapists, coaches and traditional thinkers. Neuroscience has proven that your Unconscious Mind is eager to serve you, in any way that you need. Whether your Unconscious Mind is expanding your horizons or limiting your future depends entirely on you. When we are thoughtful in our communication with ourselves and others, we guide our UMs in a positive way.
Step into alternative realities of the situation, brainstorm what other options the person might be trying to communicate.
Just as we learn a new sport or language, we create behavioral and thinking habits by repetition. Rebel BrownA masterful agent of change, for over 25 years Rebel has inspired, coached and empowered over 250 global organizations to ultimate performance and profitable market advantage. About the AuthorRebel BrownA masterful agent of change, for over 25 years Rebel has inspired, coached and empowered over 250 global organizations to ultimate performance and profitable market advantage. Sign up HERE and receiveThe Switch and Shift Change Playbook, by Shawn Murphy, as our thanks to you!

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Together we will explore the depths of consciousness in order to evolve beyond our current paradigms into a world of love, joy and peace.
Even traditional therapy focuses on revealing our “bad” unconscious thoughts to heal our souls. When we get stuck repeating negative thoughts and behaviors, we direct our UM in a limiting direction. For example, when I say, “Don’t think about your competitors,” you think about them, don’t you? Practice jumping in front of that knee-jerk response that personalizes life’s every experience. By feeding objective reality back into your UM, you upgrade the personalizing programs and evolve to a more objective perspective. Rebel blends the power of neurosciences with her deep business expertise to guide executive and corporate clients to unleash their ultimate performance potential.
This isn’t a “people first, profits second” movement, but a “profits as a direct result of putting people first” movement. We buy items as close to Mint condition as possible and many will be unplayed and as close to new as you could hope to find. Words, colours, mannerisms and other cues you don't realise are affecting you, change what you think.
He went on to work in the commercial sector, and then returned to Cambridge to complete a PhD in Evolutionary Biology. It is in the context of our direction that we define how we move through this world and create our lives.
When we focus on what we don’t want to happen, we direct our UM to focus on that unwanted thing happening.

We apply our inner perception to the world, projecting our truth to explain everything that occurs in our space.
Simply shifting our thoughts for a day or week most likely isn’t enough to change an unconscious habit or thought, developed over a lifetime. Most unconscious programming can and will shift within 30 days with focus, determination and repetition.
She has been featured in First Business TV, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Business Week.
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The confidence you have in your ability to reason and to consciously choose what to do is caused by a series of illusions that scientists are only just beginning to understand.
Chris Paley shows us how we can understand ourselves and others better, by having a greater understanding of the way that the unconscious mind has an impact of the way we live our lives. With the price not having to be right anymore, what’s stopping us from entering an age ov cooperative equality? The discovery of these illusions will change the way we see ourselves more than the discoveries of Darwin and Copernicus. In 2009 he gave up his job and spent the next two-and-a-half years researching how our minds work. Unthink explores the unconscious decisions we make, and covers a variety of topics, ranging from how we choose politicians and romantic partners to more abstract subjects such as whether we can consciously decide to move our fingers. She is a an NSA and a Vistage International speaker, acting as a keynote speaker and leading workshops globally. The counter-intuitive observations that Chris makes in the book include: * If you want someone to fancy you, wear red and meet them somewhere frightening. Besides speaking and writing, Rebel has vast consulting experience in shifting corporate perspectives to create breakout strategy, positioning for advantage and profitable growth. She also ran a consulting practice in Paris for two years, bringing European firms to the United States. Rebel is also the founder and director of the Unstoppable U Foundation, a non-profit program committed to guiding kids to know that they are born to be Unstoppable. Rebel is also the founder and director of the Unstoppable U Foundation, a non-profit program committed to guiding kids to know that they are born to be Unstoppable.The Optimistic Workplace Is Up for an Award!SubscribeDo you like our posts?

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