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One thing social networking has taught us is that the simplest comment can be taken the wrong way when we are not careful about how we define the context of what we’re saying. Do you give thought to word power before posting?In your marketing this one concept could be the difference between a conversation that goes no-where and a conversion resulting in a sale. Whether or not using Testosterone Boost constitutes "Cheating", it doesn't concern the thousands of athletes and fitness buffs using it. Harness word power by thinking about what message you want your audience to get and how you can make sure they get THAT message!
Think about it – how often do you see quotes shared, in fact great quotes are one of the most fractal (viral) things online, quotes begun memes that traverse the whole globe!If you don’t believe me just read these phrases and sentences and tell me how you feel after each one:…she felt the chill of the autumn dawn through her light denim jacket as she stood alone on the edge of the highway and wondered, should she go or should she stay… (what images and sensations did you experience as you read this?)who do you think you are?

Images and video’s will always allow your words to have more power and more punch, as you can see by looking at the image at the top of this post imagery immediately helps to reference your word power and create an impact that is memorable, however we don’t always have that option.

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