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Missiles - incoming missiles are indicated by a red exclamation point (!) on the right of the screen.
Scientists - while they cannot harm Barry, they will attempt to flee if he is seen flying a jetpack.
Lil Stomper - a large humanoid machine that shakes the ground every time it lands from a jump. Gravity Suit - A suit that will allow Barry to change gravity from ground to ceiling and vice versa when the sreen is tapped. Crazy Freaking Teleporter - A teleporter shaped like a capsule with beams of electricity coming out of it.
Collect ___ coins (in one game): These missions will require the player to collect a specific amount of coins. Collect ___ full groups of coins (in one game): The player must collect full "groups" of coins, meaning coins touching each other from all directions.
Rub your head on the roof for ___ m (in one game): The player must hold the screen so Barry will stay on the ceiling. Brush past ___ red flashing lights (in one game): The player must be near a red flashing light at the top of the screen to be added to the total. Reach ___ m without harming any scientists: Reach a certain distance without harming any scientists. Have a near miss with ___ zappers (in one game): Get close to a zapper, and an exclamation point (!) will appear if Barry has gone close enough. Zigzag through ___ zappers (in one game): Simply "zigzag" through the zappers by going above or below a zapper. Slide ___ m on your face: When Barry dies, he will either slide on his back, or on his face.

The player must travel as far as possible while avoiding obstacles, completeing certain missions, and collecting vehicles for assistance. The game will slow down for a while and all obstacles on screen will be blown away if a vehicle is obtained. Cuddles - a dragon-like robot that will spew flames and go downward when the screen is tapped.
In the case of doing it in one game, stay on the ceiling, and try to keep track of how many lights were brushed past. In the case of doing it in one game, follow the same procedure as "Rub your head on the ceiling for ___m". It is suggested that the player dies shortly before the minnimum distance so when Barry bounces and lands, he will land between the indicated distances. In the case of doing it in one game, stay on the ground as much as possible, and avoid using vehicles, unless there is an obstacle.
It is suggested that the player dies off of the ground, as Barry automatically slides on his back when he dies running. Interestingly, Goku's head is worth 9,001 coins, which refers to the famous saying, "It's over 9000!".
Within Fort Zancudo there are two mysterious elevators, one being interactive and the other leading to a floor labeled "-1" meaning that there is something underneath Fort Zancudo.
Any damage done to a vehicle will lead to its destruction, and Barry will have to continue without it. To spin, the player must pull the red lever at the right of the screen, and three random pictures will show up. There are only three missions shown at a time, so the player can complete up to a maximum of three missions at a time.

In the case of collecting them in one game, the player must collect that number of cions before dying, however, final spin, small blasts, big blasts, atom blasts, and second chances can be used to collect more coins.
This can also be obtained with a head start or a super head start if the player avoids all coins on the way to the goal distance.
However, scienists will still fear and try to flee Barry, even if the jetpack does them no harm. If spin tokens were collected, cash them in, as you can get a small blast, big blast, or an atom blast.
If the player has difficulty completing these kinds of missions, it is suggested that double coins be obtained from final spin, or vehicle magnets. If the player still has difficulty, purchase the Rainbow Jetpack; it is the only jetpack that the scientists do not fear.
Every fifteen levels, the player can choose to continue on with more missions and obtain a badge, or simply play without missions.
Each level up will require a specific amount of stars, and will increase as the player's levels goes higher.
The number of stars on a mission does not show its level of difficulty, as an easy mission can award theee stars.

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