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Description:A group of revolutionaries in the backstreets of 19th-century London plot the destruction of the Greenwich Observatory in this 1907 masterpiece of suspense. Free ebooksPDF Books for free lists free books that you can read on your tablet, laptop or ereader. We will update this website regularly with new free books, so be sure to check this site again in the future.
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Presumed dead, a British intelligence agent (Gielgud) reappears and receives a new assignment. Rich in atmosphere and psychological realism, the tale centers on a shopkeeper whose double life encompasses a quiet family circle, active friendships with anarchists, and allegiance to a foreign government.
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Using his faked death to his advantage, he easily journeys to Switzerland where he is to eliminate an enemy agent. Strange Hitchcockian melange of comedy and intrigue; atypical, but worthy offering from the Master.

The Secret Agent is also notable as it is one of Conrad’s later political novels, which move away from his typical tales of seafaring.
It portrays anarchist or revolutionary groups before many of the social uprisings of the twentieth century. However, it also deals with exploitation, particularly with regard to Verloc’s relationship with his brother-in-law Stevie.

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