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Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold is a new fragrance from the Victoria’s Secret Angel collection, launched in autumn 2012.
Top notes: prickly pear, kumquat, pomelo blossom, red berry sorbet, orange creme, sparkling bergamot. Apart from the beautiful scent, the packaging (both the box + the bottle) is really lovely. The fruity notes in Angel Gold is heavenly, it feels fresh and natural like the real juice, not one of those synthetic fruity scents. I was looking for a perfume with an unique personality, minus too much sweetness and I found this perfect gold fragrance that I can't resist! This is right up there in quality with VS's Seduction Dark Orchid, and both would cost much more if packaged under some of the big-time labels. I smell pear right off the top, but almost immediately, the combination of fruits, florals, and cozy warmth kick in to create an elegant scent. I'm not enamored with most of the other VS fragrances I've tried, but this one and Seduction Dark Orchid are treasures.
I smelt this last week at work, I walked into the printer room and I could smell the most heavenly scent! Victoria's Secret Angels Gold is a very light & fresh scent with a fruity and touch of musky twist.
I might get Bombshell Diamond instead, it smelled wonderful, and I just checked out the notes and I understood why I liked it so much lol. It could possibly be the mix of exotic tangy notes mixed with the gang of beautiful, fresh flowers.
It lasts incredibly long on me, when compared to a lot of the other V's Secret scents out there. This is citrus done right, because the florals keep it from smelling like astringent or household cleaner.
I love it, it might be my favorite from victoria secret, and talk about the bottle design i will certainly be keeping it for decoration after im done with the perfume. Normally I don't tend to gravitate towards florals but the citrus combined with the gardenia is heavenly! To me upon spraying I smelled the citrus combined with tart berries, then came the gardenia, followed up by a light musk. I'm wearing this safely on my wrists right now, while calming scent of Jour d'Hermes sits all over the neckline. When I ordered Angel Gold I wanted this kind of scent - beautiful fragrance of nice blended citruses, maybe less crispy than Jour d'Hermes, but still something that I could call feminine and bright. I am surprised that no body has noticed the similarities between this & the one by D&G !
A bright citrusy fragrance leads the way with a fresh (not overly masculine) bergamot, a fantastic introduction for the beautiful floral heart. I am in love with Victoria's Secret Angels, so I try smelling their perfumes every now and then. I was really expecting some step up from Victoria Secret into big perfume world, but its not happening typical VS fragrance very fruity, first spray burst of strong lemon and nothing else really reminds me of air fresher.

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The fragrance invites you to take the stage, steal the spotlight and to make every day runway-worthy. The combination of citrus + floral notes match really well, creating a rich + classy scent. The thing smells expensive but not too royal, it refects the image of cute, socialable and sexy, yet still a smart, young career woman. I hope VS continues to sell this, but they rotate many scents out and continue to create new scents.
I then went to a co-worker who I suspected was wearing this (we both LOVE our perfume) and it was definitely her!! The wings on the bottle are adorable, and a crystal-like cup and golden letters make the bottle nice to look at (mine is 75ml). This isn’t your run of the mill fruity floral that ever teenage girl smells like, Angel Gold offers a touch of class with a sensual vanilla base. The only downside is that the fruity notes fade pretty quick but the dry down is really pretty and soft. It smells expensive, with the plus side of not having the strong chemical smells like many expensive fragrances. It's a lot more complex than most other VS scents (i've had 15 or more) and lasts a lot longer.
I think of all of the perfumes that have been released by VS recently, this one takes the cake.
I am thinking that it is the gardenia that stands out most out of the middle notes, and it really is gorgeous.
I think Angel Gold could be used whenever one is in the mood to feel beautiful, because honestly this scent does it for me. Stays very close to the skin will be good for hot humid days, great as vacation perfume since will never be heavy for hot days. So many feels… For more info on what this is all about, check out the Collective Project. You can download Miranda Kerr Victoria Secret Angel portrait HD Wallpapers in high resolutions to bring beauty to your desktop. It's a bit disappointing, I really wish they'll fix this because I really love the combination.

I wear it more in the fall and winter than summer or spring even though it has a lot of fruit and floral notes. I would wear this to work at Starbucks, and customers would compliment me right and left, which was great seeing as how our bar was quite wide.
This is a big change for me I usually wear HAPPY or BOMBSHELL SUMMER, all in all I do like this perfume.
This wallpaper has been viewed in 5107 times and can be set as backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, ipad wallpaper, iphone wallpaper or other mobile devices. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. At first spray there is some citrus, which I love, but after that it fades, and then I can't detect any florals or much of anything else other than cedar. A touch of pear with a hint of peony to a dry down of warm vanilla and a smooth sandalwood base. On the negative side there is still something missing, i need to give it more time to figure out what (just got it today), and one of the background notes is slightly old-ladyish, luckily it's subtle enough. I suggest giving it a try on the skin - don't rely on what the heated oil used in the display smells like. My friends almost put me in rehab because I couldn't put away the paper with the perfume off of my nose.
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I tend to gravitate towards the fragrances in V.S that have a deeper smells and more sexy but this one really caught my attention. I really like the Victoria Secret Angel Collection of fragrances because each scent they have created has been different from the original.
If this scent gets discontinued, which it most likely will, I will stock up as much as I can afford at the time. The lasting power on this is clearly quite good considering the perfume filled my co-workers office and it lingered in the printer room where she had been just a few minutes before. I love citrus in my perfumes lately, but I don't get much citrus in this, or amber which I also love, or musk. I thought that it's maybe because of my skin but no, I can just smell it directly from the bottle.
Beach Angel and Angel Gold smell nothing like the original Angel which is great because it would be a waste of money to buy the same scent in a different bottle. The gardenia and orange fruits combine so well, and this fragrance is so mature and divine while still being light and refreshing. I will definitely be purchasing this, either online or at the duty free at the airport in the Victoria's Secret shop!

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