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Social iOS apps frequently throw every bell and whistle into the interface, but it can be distracting. The idea of engaging socially, yet anonymously, is liberating, and the Secret iPhone app feeds off this need. Confessiondolls is an iPhone app for all your darkest secrets… Already two years on the Appstore. If you hang out a lot on social media, you probably noticed a lot of hoopla recently about the launch of freelance systems software 17Hats. Luckily, my friend and talented designer Morgan of A Little Creative saved the day and spent a good chunk of time trying out 17Hats. According to recent stats from the Freelancers Union, “nearly one in three working Americans is an independent worker—that’s 53 million people.” And the numbers are growing! Aside from flexible schedules and location-independence, freelancing isn’t all sunshine and roses.
Among them is client and project management, which is often regarded as one of the biggest issues among the self-employed. Keeping all your information organized, be it your own internal activities or those for external clients, is a tall task.
BONUS: Grab the Freelance Process Cheat Sheet to learn the 6 steps in your process you MUST automate and the tools to use to do so. There are a number of different programs out there, some dedicated to specific functions like strictly bookkeeping, or file sharing and commenting, and recently, several that encompass a multitude of functions, allowing freelancers to kill two (or more) birds with one stone and organize their business effectively.
Two of these multi-functional programs are Motiv and 17hats, which you may or may not have heard of as they are both relatively new to the market.
Both offer a wide range of both client and project management functions, are geared specifically toward solo-preneurs and are well suited to those on a shoestring budget. Founded by Dylan Fetus, a freelance web designer, Motiv’s goal is to streamline everyday business tasks and uncomplicate things like lengthy proposals and legal documents. Motiv offers several levels of service with a tiered pricing model to accommodate freelancers at different levels. For the freelancer wanting basic control over their billing and basic project information, Motiv is a great option. The other nice feature of Motiv is the use of templates to generate proposals and contracts, which can be saved for future use. 17Hats is a collaborative effort between a group of international colleagues, and like Motiv, is built specifically for the solopreneur wearing many hats (17 of them to be exact). 17Hats is much more of an all-in-one system than Motiv, however, it too, lacks in program client communication and file sharing. The program is currently in beta, having only been released in the last few weeks by invitation, with full public release coming soon.
17Hats offers a single level of service with a tiered pricing option, depending on how frequently you pay (monthly, annually, or semi-annually). Noting some of the issues I’ve experienced with Motiv, I was lucky enough to get in on 17Hats early and check it out. There are clearly up and downsides to both and depending on your requirements, one might be better suited than the other. If you’ve been trying out a lot of tools to streamline your process, read last week’s post on How To Choose Your Tools as a reminder that no one tool will solve all your problems and when you get stuck in analysis paralysis, do your research, then just choose! Download my FREE Freelance Process Cheat Sheet! It covers a few more of the steps you need to streamline and automate and some online tools to help you do so.
A graphic designer and brand advocate for small businesses committed to improving the lives of others, Morgan wants to live in a world where hugs, not tweets, are the norm, openly speaking your mind is not only accepted, but welcomed, animals can speak for themselves and cheese fries are actually good for you.
Agreed, Janet – the support that 17hats has implemented has been really great and they are receptive and responsive, which is not always the case! Hey Morgan – honestly, my favorite thing about 17Hats at this point is their customer service and interface.
Thanks so much for the thorough review — so helpful to weed through the pros and cons! The one thing that I dislike about both, is that they don’t appear to give you the option to set up scheduled calls (booking) which is the other big missing link that I see here. I checked out 17Hats and the one thing I would say is that the book keeping system seems to be built around US tax systems, so to set it up similar to what is already done automatically in Xero (I’m in Australia) would take me a huge amount of time. More robust and complex than what I need, interfaces with a bunch of other apps, so in one way it’s useful, and in another, it gets more expensive.
Great post – I think we can spend a lot of time searching for that one thing that will transform our business. I would highly advise anyone not to sign up for MotivApp, I should have just paid for 17hats. I’d like to know your thoughts (and others’) on another app called Freshbooks and how you feel it compares to the ones listed here?
I found this post (Oct 2015) in search of a simple solution to send proposals, contracts and invoices. I purchased 17Hats in October of 2015 on the premise that they would offer me a refund if it proved to not meet my needs.
Sometimes there are a few messages in your phone which are too personal to you and at any cost you would not like to share it with anyone in this world, not even your family members.
02 May, 2016 Micromax Canvas Spark 3 has some limitations and drawbacks but isn't that expected from a phone priced at just Rs 4,999? 18 Apr, 2016 Asus ZenFone Zoom has an unibody aluminium frame with a chrome finishing that looks impressive and provides easy gripping.

16 Apr, 2016 Vivo V3 Max could have been priced a bit lower as it has too many good competitors from well-known brands at its current price.
30 Mar, 2016 If you want a phone with really good battery back up, then you should check out Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016). 14 Mar, 2016 LeEco Le Max has all the ingredients to impress phablets lovers that include a big and bright display. The World's 21 Most Important Social Media Sites And Apps - Here's a list of the world's 21 most popular and important social networks and tools you need to be aware of.. Social Media - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia - Social media mining is a process of representing, analyzing, and extracting actionable patterns from social media data.
Facebook, Instagram, And Social - Common Sense Media - Learn about Facebook, Instagram, and Social and let Common Sense Media help you navigate the questions that you or your children may have about Facebook, Instagram .
Buffer - A Smarter Way To Share On Social Media - A better way to share on social media Social media management for marketers and agencies.
You may think that sext you’re sending to HottieFoSho is private, and all that trash talking you make about your boss will never get out, but the Internet is not a well-sealed pipe. Once opened, the sender is provided with a receipt that confirms a message has been viewed. Despite being burdensome, the requirement to wand over text is actually a fairly ingenious means of assuring privacy though it does leave the potential for screen captures to take your words out of context without the rest of the message visible. Rather than take the same approach as an app like Snapchat and pushing into the crowded social networking niche, Confide is trying to be an app for business people and professionals.
Despite being burdensome, the requirement to wand over text is actually a fairly ingenious means of assuring privacy.
Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store. After nearly a year of 17hats being on the market, a lot has changed with the tool (and same with Motiv App).
I personally tried it out quickly, but didn’t have time during the short trial period to go in-depth in my research. Not every program can solve all your systems troubles, but the more steps you can consolidate into one program, the better.
Years of instability in the workplace and an emphasis to find one’s purpose have driven many to pursue entrepreneurship, tossing traditional full-time employment out the window.
Though it comes with many perks, it’s far from perfect and does present its fair share of challenges. Email, payments, expenses, clients, contacts, projects, schedules, quotes, contracts, questionnaires, time tracking … ALL OF THE THINGS!
As a young business myself, the topic of freelance management has been a big struggle for me.
Motiv is a browser based system with a simplified interface, and varying ways to perform the same task, making it very easy and intuitive to use and navigate. In its current state, I would actually call it more of a client management system rather than a project management system as project communication with clients and file sharing is currently not part of the program. An added bonus with the templates is that there are several samples to start from, which you can modify. Again, I’ve been using it and consider it a pretty good system to get you started organizing your information and reduce the number of programs required to do so. Aimed at simplifying the chaos of fulfilling multiple roles, 17Hats is also browser based with a multitude of functions. Both are relatively young, with lots of upgrades frequently installed and additional features planned for the future. Connect with Morgan on her site, a little creative and Twitter; see what she’s loving on Pinterest or get to know her dog on Instagram. I tried 17 Hats and wanted to like it so bad, but the toggling between projects and lack of an overall to-do list was just too short of what I needed. I did a ton of research myself and the guys at 17hats are to helpful and open to updates that I went for it! Because they seem super motivated to continue building it and improving it, I decided to give them a year and re-evaluate at that time.
I like the existing function enough that I am willing to be a loyal follower for the time being, and see how much extra function gets added in. I know it’s planned for the future but no telling what the time frame is for implementation! I am shopping around right now for some software that will help me with project management, and 17Hats definitely caught my eye. However, with 17hats, it does link to your calendar system (I use Google) and there are a number of scheduling systems out there that can also link to your calendar. I absolutely love Teamwork for my project management – I’ve tried numerous platforms but this was the only one I could really get on with!
I have been trying to get help from Motiv for over 2 weeks and have not gotten a single response.
But, by the end of the two weeks Ifound myself back to pen and paper for my to-dos and calendar. I would be happy to pay the current fees or more if there was integration with Quickbooks and Gmail. I actually chose them over 17 hats for functionality and they double charged my account, I had multiple times when I couldn’t access my account (it would tell me my trial was up and I needed to pay, even though I was a paying subscriber). 17Hats looked so promising, but after doing 2 trials, I just can’t reconcile the features with the pricing.

Since the emergence of the first social media networks some two decades ago, social media has continued to evolve and offer consumers . The UK Club in conjunction with the other Thomas Miller managed businesses, have just launched a joint publication app..
Yes, there is some irony in a privacy-centric app asking to access all of your social contacts. If any effort is made to preserve the message with a screenshot, the sender is alerted to this (just like Snapchat), though there’s not much to capture with so few characters actually visible at a time. For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending iPhone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading. You know I like my systems…and especially software that helps streamline my business. So she generously offered to share with the FTF community a thorough review of both programs with us today.
I consider myself a pretty skilled “finder of things” and from what I have found, there isn’t any one system that is going to have it all, and if there is, it is most certainly going to be cost prohibitive.
But even just out the box, they’ll help you automate your business and start to create some solid systems. I appreciate reading your review because there are a couple points there I hadn’t considered yet. I tested it but it wasn’t really enough time to utilize it with actual active clients at the time. My takeaway from this review is that neither of them will work for my needs, which is really good to know. I got excited about the idea of everything streamed-lined, but it looks like it would just add to my confusion. I started a trial for Motiv and was wary even during my initial visit to their website – there were page loading issues.
I am using CloudBooks from the last couple of years and really amazed with the features and pricing. As a brand designer, the inability to customize or add my own branding to any of the templates, proposals, invoices, emails, or lead generation form just won’t fly. The application, once directed, will automatically move the calls and messages from marked contacts in a safe box which is password protected accessible only to the owner of the device.But what if your wife asks for the password?
That can be a problem for those who have things to say that are probably best to not be shared with the masses. If you can get over that, Confide acts a lot like a standard messenger app. Sending a message is similar to writing an email with a line for the recipient(s), subject title, and message. If Snapchat revealed pictures just chunks of pixels at a time, it would likely be long forgotten at this point. Nothing has torn me from Basecamp yet but after reading this, I might have to give Motiv a try. My bank is also not connected to their network but they are upgrading that soon so that may change.
I voted for the suggestion in their forums to get each project color-coded on the calendar but they need gantt charts or just a better calendar that doesn’t delete your previous work off the calendar once it is completed. I also found the lay of the land a bit confusing, and like others have mentioned, 14 days just isn’t enough to get comfortable with it. Developers at Netquin, who developed this app, have worked on this problem as well.The application is also capable of creating a fake secret box that can be used to misguide the adamant few. Confide is an app that understands this, and is offering a Snapchat-like texting app with words that disappear after being read. When it’s received, text is censored at first and revealed one word at a time as the recipient scrolls over the message. Though scrolling over text to read it could be more convenient, it does add confidentiality.
First a page full of error messages and then, after logging in for the first time, a full page of blank white! I tried Bitrix24 briefly and found it overwhelming, but I’m going to give it another try. But for this features users will have to opt for the paid option which is available for Rs 100 per month, which is a small price to be paid for secrecy and privacy. The process is inconvenient and requires you to basically memorize the text as you go, so it’s not great for long messages. The paid version of the app also lifts the SMS capacity which otherwise is just limited to 100 SMSes only and just about a few contacts as well.The overall look and feel of the application is very neat and is inspired form several other Nequin based products.
As others have mentioned, excellent, responsive customer support – within 30 mins on a Sunday afternoon!
The SMSes and call data from marked contacts automatically moved to the vault as soon as they arrived.Both the free and the premium versions of the Secret Box are useful but yes the price for premium features is little on the higher side, but again, as we mentioned earlier as well, it is a small price to be paid for secrecy and peace of mind. I use basecamp in my day job at the moment and it is OK but having a way to proof designs would be AUH-mazing!

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