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Pour through our tables of KFC nutrition info to get the facts behind your favorite entree, side, dessert or beverage. Burger King is one of the cheapest fast food restaurants around, but just like any restaurant, some items are a better deal than others.
If you are looking for low calories foods at Burger King, get something from the list below.
Use spices you like make it super hot or mild, Change the spices on separate pieces of the chicken. I used a whole chicken but legs work well and legs with the back attached would also be good.
The only chicken Don ever liked was rotisserie so that is what I made for him but that changed when I tried this method.
I hope you try it and more important I hope your diabetic family member enjoys it as much as Don and I do. If you wonder how KFC chicken is made, look at these behind the scenes GIF’s to understand exactly the entire process.
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Here is a behind the scenes look at how they really make this delicious fried chicken from start to finish.
Understanding User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) is far more efficiently accomplished by exposure rather than by explanation. The internet relies on human experience, capitalizing on ease of use and intuitiveness in order to communicate information.
Everything is about the engagement and interaction of the user, making it as easy and pleasurable as possible. There is a fine line between turning users on with innovation and turning them off with a high learning curve. Unless you intentionally look at our benchmark sites on several different devices, you might not notice this one.
The lesson: Bold design backed by video is captivating for users, leaving them with an insatiable desire to stick around and explore.
The lesson: Good storytelling draws users in, especially when ita€™s followed by clear and concise information.

Taking interactive design to the next level, Fleximize Squad utilizes SVG animation to increase engagement. The lesson: Stretching a concept can be rewarding, as long as the information is relevant and valuable to target users. Crop Trusta€™s 2014 annual report page uses animation perfectly, drawing the eye without being distracting. Regardless of content, youa€™ll find that clever, instinctual design gets the point across.
Take It uses a marvelous hook to pull the user right in, followed by animation and storytelling that keeps that interest level high. This post was written byA Michael Georgiou, the CMO and Co-founder of Imaginovation, a full service, turn-key digital solutions company serving Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC. The most popular topics on SpyreStudios are: Minimalism, Typography, Tutorials, Inspirational, CSS, jQuery, Usability, UX, Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Resources, Tools. Here at Secret Menus we compile the nutrition information behind every single item on the menu (and in some cases even separate ingredients) so that you can count up exactly how many calories, carbs, sugars or proteins are in your favorite meal.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. You can read a thousand pages about these methods and not a€?get ita€? until surfing through a few sites that exemplify the goal. Those are the aspects of an excellent website that keep people coming back again and again. The internet has a lot in common with window shopping, people love to wander around when theya€™re having a good time.
Keep in mind that this is about user experience and ease of use, which means that visitors to your site are able to have a seamless interaction no matter what device theya€™re viewing on.
Imaginovation tells its story through a headline animation that lets the user know immediately what this company is about. The key here is the use of the familiar tropes of a video game to interact with users, who become participants in the process rather than remaining passive.
Safestyle gives us a simple, masterfully intuitive interface calls forth natural human curiosity.
With vibrant images on showcase and familiar coloration, therea€™s no doubt about whata€™s for sale. He’s a dynamic business professional with proven success in creative strategy, online branding, project management and communication projects.

You can grab the main RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and even get new articles delivered by email. You could coat the pieces with spices or a bbq sauce then brown it for different flavours with the same meat. Ita€™s important for you to respect those conventions on your website while still offering fresh content. You want your site to not only look fantastic and be easy to interact with not only on a computer, but also on a tablet or a phone. Users are then given an immediate lead out button choice as well as a scroll down option for more information.
Ita€™s arguably more impressive on a smartphone or tablet, where the user actually gets to push the door open. This is one unfortunate case where responsiveness is sacrificed a bit in service to engagement on desktop devices, but the site manages to retain the feel and bold styling on mobile even if some of the animation is lost.
Notice that all of the action is above the fold, with easy access to a wide variety of information and entertainment related to the company. Have some dipping sauces for people who like to dip their foods, or like to put it on the chicken itself. UI and UX seek to keep users engaged and move comfortably through your website, creating a positive experience that connects to them effectively while sharing your message. What is clear from looking at site after site is that the pages with the strongest visual experience are the most successful. Make it as uncomplicated as possible, using consistent design elements across pages and dropdowns when you can to create an uncluttered space. We wona€™t spoil the secret behind it – youa€™ll have to explore to find out for yourself. KFC does a spot on job of knowing its users and highlighting the information that it knows theya€™re looking for.

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