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Recently Lil Wayne was hit with a paternity suit from a 30-year-old woman by the name of Keoitia Brown, from New Orleans.
Brown and her family claim that they have tried to reach out to YMCMB’s CEO for a DNA test, but it was pushed back due to his incarceration.
The chick if its true why wait 12 years, though she did say Wayne been dodging since he got out of jail. This Illuminati is a long-rumored secret society who is said to control governments and countries behind a curtain without the general population knowing. In searching Google, I've read several theories that about Pac being targeted by the Illuminati because of his influence and because he couldn't be controled. Here's an interesting three-part video series on YouTube, which features Tupac exposing the Illuminati, explaining why he named one of his last albums Makaveli: The Don Killuminati and its meaning, and several other conspiracy theories.
And she also did not want to join the Illuminati and was going to expose them and her own family killed her. MAYBE THAT'S WHERE HE WAS A REAL THREAT HE WAS MAKING THE WORLD AWARE OF MANY THINGS THAT EV'ONE KNEW BUT WERE AFRAID TO ADDRESS!!!!!
Tupac was fraternal, his name change to Makaveli has to do with his "rebirth" as such and so does the constant showing of the number thirteen. Watch Blood Sacrafice and then tell me what you think about it all it was have you going crazy!!!! Alot of people are saying what they believe to be true about the illuminati but how many people are willing to stand up and take action against them? F*** illuminati killd pac killd biggie killd micheal jksn jus to run the wrld, thy gt jay z in the system hpe thy al diem the wrld too busy to realise ths bt hpe ppl wke up to reality, u thnk g bush gives orders? That's a lie, plenty of good black men have died because the government didn't like what they were saying? Where do they get a write to kill our loved one are they untouchable or what i mean illuminatis. Everything he speaks is the truth and still relevant today and niggas never ignorant getting goals accomplished colored people still wont open they eyes money aint shit unless we use it to take care of each other.

Every person with a good heart and that actually tries to make a change in this cruel, corrupted world dies. 2 pac is alive some where think about it all his connections with the black panthers that he had the illuminate probably did not like so 2pac would speak out freely about this group because he knew a lot about what this group was up to and almost exposing them I think the black panthers new the illuminate would seek revenge and staged the death of 2pac so he could slip under the sights of these people and get some where safe where he wont be found until he is ready to return and expose every thing not just little hints cuba was a great cover up to say that he was there but Africa would be the best location for avoiding the lime light.
And yes the goverment does care what one black,white,brown,red,orange, whatever color man was saying or is saying. We have to continue his fight, fight against New World Order, the lie of global warming, swine flu vacines and for you all who think that Obama is a good president or something like that, think again, cuz he's just a fucken puppet. Until people actually read history and study occult symbols, and understand mind control, money, and politics they'll never see whats going on. How many people are actually going to die for what they believe in (because if you take them on that will be the end result.) Something has got to be done.
As from what you said "Sit back and pray." To me that's like saying "lets flip a coin and if i guess right everything will miraculously just work itself out." Do you see how untrue your statement is? Let's start a chain letter email and send it to all your contacts and post it on Facebook and Twitter. Illuminati were lodges founded by weishaupt this is correct, but once exposed and outlawed in bulvaria they fell into other already established mystery schools or mystery religions such as freemasons, rosicrucians, jesuits, and other cults and sectarian religions that would keep their secrets, although not secret societies themselves, they kept enough privacy for the cohorts (brehtren) could continue their work. They know that power lies within the people - the Illuminati controls the government which in turn controls the people by means of legislature. I love his music and the realness of the messages that tupac has brought to us and for the outlawz trying to continue to push on. Which went unsuccessful in thier attempts to tarnish his name as rape is against most organized criminal codes of conducts ) and after his split from them he went public with his knowledge of thier power and controll.
Most white people are not as racist as media makes them out to be, and the those that are truly from the heart racist.
If u start talking enough and enough ppl start listing and you seem to be growing with a sense of power of a following that they fear. There are people who only have five people who listen to them, and there are people who have five million.

FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD we can still call them the illuminati, they still use the same signs. Tupac was very knowledgeable I think for his age becaause everytime I see him at the age 25 he looks older then me.
Starting his campaign against them they finally after much failed attempts threw propaganda to have some random street thug assassinate him hired some professional to kill him and paid off local officials to have no further investigation on his murder case. Millions moarned and still more to this day, which all energy the illuminati can use for their benefit. Then u can bet you are gona get a cap in your or ass your wig split or how ever u wana say get killed.
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and degrade all are black leaders who at one point was 1 Black Voice with many positive followers as Tupac had many fans. I believe that we the people should make the change even if its helping people in your neighborhood, volunteering, standing up for something that is right.
However, the schools were founded for the progress of mankind as a whole long before weishaupts lodges (most of the symbols are stolen and re defined so they can be used to enslave, like naming them gave them some power over the symbols, considering the manner in which they are used, remember the symbols are older than them they belong to creation, we give them meaning) only not many were willing to accept the act of questioning authority or reality, or the church as it was seen as both, so they had to make their practices private, not secret, to avoid persecution, however, they did this so well, it obviously allured the psychopath type like weishaupt and the royal bloodlines, princes of the earth, banking families and religous leaders tied to monarchs and governments and establishments as well as other ill fated spirits. Not all freemason are bad, in fact most are normal people, but they have become a part of something that I dont believe is what it used to be, there are now integrated with sects of satanist and zionist and occultist who run rampant within those lodges at their core and are part of the greater grander, more ancient and more mysterious conspiracy that has been around longer than Adam Weishaupts lodges. Don't believe everything you see the truth is there its just "hidden in plain sight." Make your own decisions.
Obama is no different why hasnt he given health care to those that can't afford to pay so much for hospital bills, instead his bail out money goes to banks, and rich people. These are all people that fought for change and they might have open some people's eye and made some changes but they also died in the process.
He was shot on September 7th; and survived on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and"died" the 13th.

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